Destwin Fuel Dealer Solution


Destwin Fuel Dealer Solution
Using e-commerce web
tools to optimize your
energy business
Presented By Gary L. Sippin
Data Integrated E-Commerce System
Destwin Customer Portal
General Description
Destwin Energy Systems is a software company that
provides advanced Customer Web Portals as well as
on-line price protection solutions for heating oil and
propane marketers. Our award winning customer web
portal (called the Destwin Fuel Dealer Solution)
interfaces with your existing back office computer
system and your website, and provides a convenient
way for your customers to securely logon and manage
their accounts, pay bills and enroll in programs.
Some benefits of a Customer
Web Portal
24 Hour customer access
Reduced staff load through
customer self service
Increased value of all
websites due to interactive
Process Automation
Interface with your back
office system
Eliminate manual data
Eliminate data entry errors
Free up your staff for more
important things!
Customer data portal
Delivery History
Transaction History
Service History
On Line Fuel Ordering
Customer Retention
Loyalty / Rewards
On-line Bill pay
A secure payment
Credit cards
Payment Processing
Smart Marketing
Automated intelligent marketing
Automated Contact E-Mail
o The Destwin fuel petroleum
marketer solution also
includes an integrated
customer e-mail system.
The system can be used to
periodically contact your
customer base with
company information,
promotions, digital
newsletters, and
reminders. It is quick,
easy, and will save you a
lot of money in postage.
Attract New Customers
Search & Land (filtered Landing Page)
Automatic budget calculator
The Destwin system includes
a budget calculator that
takes into effect the
following information:
• Contracted fuel value
• Non-contract fuel value
• Any service agreement
already on the account
• Any debit or credit balance
With this information a very
accurate budget calculation
can be made to be displayed
in concert with the oil price
protection contract.
On-line tune-up scheduler
o Destwin fuel dealer
solution also includes an
optional online tune-up
scheduler. The system
provides an easy way your
customers to visit your
website 24 hours a day,
365 days a year and book
a tune up slot without
tying up a customer
service agent.
On-line Contracts
Online contracts are the
most powerful, and
easy to use
Provide immediate
Give your customers
tremendous flexibility
Are compliant with
Federal Electronic
Signature Laws
Incremental hedging
Destwin can handle contract programs
that begin and end on specified dates
and can also accommodate incremental
In an incremental hedging plan, the
dealers customer contract sales volume
“rolls forward” as additional customer
contracts are sold. Customer contracts
can begin at any time of the year, and
can expire on gallons, or expiration
Balances workload
Limits exposure of customer base to
predatory competition
Provides customer flexibility
Advanced Risk management
Destwin Contact Information
887 Suite D Main St. Monroe, CT 06468
Phone: 877-DESTWIN (877-337-8946)
General Mail: [email protected]
Thank you for viewing this presentation, we look forward to
serving your e-commerce needs