US Summer Reading List 2015


US Summer Reading List 2015
All the Light We Cannot See.
Doerr, Anthony.
Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
about a blind French girl and a
German boy whose paths
collide in occupied France as
both try to survive the
devastation of World War II.
Saint Anything.
Dessen, Sarah.
Popular Chapel Hill-based
author “delves deeper than ever
into the complex dynamics of
families suffering loss and
confronting changes that upend
everything.” (Publishers Weekly)
I Was Here.
Forman, Gayle.
In an attempt to understand
why her best friend committed
suicide, 18-year-old Cody
Reynolds retraces her dead
friend's footsteps and makes
some startling discoveries.
None of the Above.
Gregorio, I.W.
A thought-provoking, important
story about an athletic, popular
teenage girl who discovers
she's intersex — and what
happens when her secret is
revealed to the entire school.
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.
Han, Jenny.
Lara Jean writes love letters to
all the boys she has a crush on,
then hides them in a hatbox. One
day the letters are accidentally
sent — yikes. Also look for the
sequel, P.S. I Still Love You.
Skink No Surrender.
Hiassen, Carl.
With the help of an eccentric
ex-governor, a teenaged boy
searches for his missing cousin
in the swampy Florida wilds. An
adventurous, action-packed
The Art of Secrets.
Klise, James.
A clever art mystery made up of
journal entries, interviews, text
messages and more. What’s the
real truth behind the mysterious
fire that destroyed Saba Khan
and her family’s apartment?
Everything Leads to You.
LaCour, Nina.
While interning as a film
production designer in LA, Emi
finds a mysterious letter from a
film legend, which leads Emi to
Ava and a “summer love for the
ages.” (Booklist)
The Young Elites.
Lu, Marie.
Author of the Legend trilogy is
back! In this exciting medieval
fantasy, Adeline must learn how
to use her powers of illusion —
and to what end. “Prepare to be
captivated.” (Booklist)
How It Went Down.
Magoon, Kekla.
When 16-year-old Tariq is shot
and killed by a white man, his
community is thrown into turmoil.
Everyone has something to say
about what happened, but no
two accounts line up.
I’ll Give You the Sun.
Nelson, Jandy.
A bold, beautiful, breathtaking
story of once inseparable twins
Jude and Noah, who haven’t
spoken in three years. Winner,
Michael L. Printz Award;
Stonewall Honor Book.
Gabi, a Girl in PIeces.
Quintero, Isabel.
Gabi Hernandez chronicles her
senior year in her diary: Cindy's
pregnancy, Sebastian's coming
out, food, boys, her father's meth
habit, the college search, & the
poetry that helps her find herself.
Snow Like Ashes.
Raasch, Sara.
In this striking fantasy, orphaned
Meira, a fierce chakram-wielding
warrior must struggle to free her
people from the tyranny of an
opposing kingdom while also
protecting her own destiny.
Ritter, William.
Meet R.F. Jackaby, an investigator
of the unexplained with the
ability to see supernatural
beings. “A supernatural riff on
the typical Sherlockian murder
mystery.” (Booklist)
Bone Gap.
Ruby, Laura.
A girl goes missing and a teenage
boy wrestles with forces real and
imagined in this powerful modern
fable, set in the rural town of
Bone Gap, that combines
folklore, mythology, and feminism.
All the Rage.
Summers, Courtney.
The sheriff's son is not the golden
boy everyone thinks he is. Romy
knows it for a fact, even if nobody
believed her. An unflinching yet
sensitive story of rape culture,
class prejudice, and bullying.
A Time to Dance.
Venkatraman, Padma.
Set in contemporary India, a
teenage girl who excels at
Bharatanatyam dance refuses
to stop dancing after losing a
leg in an accident.
Whaley, John Corey.
Travis has lost his head—literally.
Dying of leukemia, he had his
noggin surgically removed and
cryogenically frozen. But when
he’s revived just five years later,
all is not the same as it once was.
Dr. Mütter’s Marvels: A True
Tale of Intrigue and Innovation
at the Dawn of Modern Medicine.
Aptowicz, Cristin O’Keefe.
Mesmerizing tale of the brilliant
eccentric who revolutionized
American surgery & founded a
museum of medical oddities.
Stonewall: Breaking Out in
the Fight for Gay Rights.
Bausum, Ann.
Well-researched examination of
the 1969 catalyst for the
national gay rights movement
and the growth of LGBTQ
activism to the present.
Eyes Wide Open: Going
Beyond the Environmental
Headlines. Fleischman, Paul.
“Describes, without gloom or
doom, how we have gotten into
this situation and how we may
be able to get out of
it.” (Washington Post)
Rethinking Normal: A Memoir
in Transition.
Hill, Katie Rain.
At age 19, Katie reflects on her
difficult childhood & the events
leading up to the life-changing
decision to undergo gender
reassignment as a teenager.
Dead Wake: The Last
Crossing of the Lusitania.
Larson, Erik.
Gripping, suspenseful historical
narrative that recounts the
luxury ocean liner’s final voyage
and sinking by a German U-boat
during World War I.
The Green Teen Cookbook:
Recipes for All Seasons.
Marchive, L. & McElroy, P., eds.
Shows how to shop smarter,
cook more consciously, and eat
a healthier diet. Plus 70+
delicious recipes created by
teens for teens.
Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki.
Hosoda, Mamoru & Yu.
When Hana is left to raise her
two children alone after their
werewolf father dies tragically.
she finds the rules of parenting
are rather meaningless when
your children are part wolf.
Strange Fruit, Volume 1:
Uncelebrated Narratives from
Black History
Gill, Joel Christian.
Unique graphic anthology offers
historical & cultural commentary
on nine heroes whose stories
are often overlooked.
Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir.
Prince, Liz
“The heroine of this charming,
gently subversive graphic
memoir loves Little League and
hates dresses, so what does
she grow up to be? Gloriously
herself." — People Magazine
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 (No Normal)
& 2 (Generation Why).
Wilson, Wyatt, & Alphona.
Kamala Khan is a geeky New
Jersey teenager navigating her
Muslim identity and parents’
expectations when she gains
bizarre and inexplicable powers.
The Shadow Hero.
Yang, Gene Luen, & Liew, Sonny.
Hank Chu helps around his
family's grocery store, and his
mother urges him to become a
caped crusader. Pays homage to
Green Turtle of the 1940s, first
Asian-American superhero.
This One Summer.
Tamaki, Mariko and Jillian.
Longtime summer friends get
tangled up in teen love and a
family crisis. Winner of a
Caldecott Honor Award for its
gorgeous illustrations (written
for teens).
Middle/Upper School librarians Justine and Mig
encourage you to keep reading all summer long and
tell us about your favorite books when school opens in August!
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