Live Streaming


Live Streaming
 Live Streaming
Expand the audience of your conference beyond geographical borders, have participants
follow more conference tracks without changing places, keep account of great
presentations, discussions, and good questions and answers, capture the authenticity of
the speaker, complete your conference programme with recording of the presentations.
Live Streaming puts an extra dimension to conferences.
Live streaming is available to all organizations and projects within the Nordic NREN
A basic streaming set-up consists of one unmanned camera in each room, however,
cameras can be manned and more cameras can be set up for more angles to the
Each organization and project can get a number RTMP URL mount-points to stream to.
However, NORDUnet can also provide a micro website for you to host the video play out,
where you can choose to change the skin of the micro website in terms of color and logo
and to have live twitter feeds and comments displayed on your micro website.
The Live Steaming Service allows streaming from Wirecast, Flash Media Encoder etcetera
in all HD and SD formats. Play out for both Flash, Android and iOS devices is supported.
Get started
Contact us in order to request the service and get started with live steaming of your next
conference. This service offers an unlimited range of possibilities and the solution
depends on your requirements in relation to features and functions.
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