Flat Five Reporting from the WWPL


Flat Five Reporting from the WWPL
Flat Five Reporting from the WWPL
Westfield Washington Public Library
Westy, Mr. Will’s Baby Love Program assistant, welcomes me to WWPL.
Kids at the Westfield Library are Dreaming BIG this summer.
A summer reading program volunteer shows me how to sign up.
Chasing trains on the train
table was almost as fun as
chasing mousies.
The fish in this book look delicious.
That reminds me…it’s time to
investigate the real fish.
The fish are very frisky and bright orange. They swim fast!
The children love visiting them
I wonder if I can get a
little closer look?
Oops…I‘m loosing my balance…SPLAS
Don’t swim away my little
yummy…I mean, fish friends.
After drying off, I visited a pottery making class.
For a final bit of fun, I made a new friend.
He reminds me of spaghetti.

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