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Dec 2013 - GalcomUSA
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Dear Friends of Galcom:
December 2013
Devastating Typhoon Slams Into The Philippines
Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been
poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit… given to us
(Romans 5:5 NKJV)
Super-typhoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) recently took deadly aim at
the Philippines, striking the island of Leyte on November 8th. This typhoon is
possibly the most powerful storm ever recorded at landfall with sustained wind
speeds of 195 mph and gusts up to 235 mph. The situation on the ground is
grim as more than 5,200 people are confirmed dead and that figure is almost
certain to rise. According to UN figures, at least 660,000 people have been
made homeless and an estimated 9 million more have been adversely
affected in some way.
A huge international relief effort is now under way, but rescue workers have
struggled to reach areas cut off since the storm. Thousands of survivors are
still desperately waiting for the aid effort to reach them. The slow pace of the
response has drawn criticism, since damage to transport links and bad
weather are hindering distribution of relief supplies. Tacloban City’s 220,000
people bore the brunt of the savage winds and massive 20’ storm surge.
Destruction there was so overwhelming that it resembled a war zone.
With all 15 of Tacloban’s radio stations knocked off the air, Far East
Broadcasting Company (FEBC)’s First Response radio team was a godsend
when they began broadcasting within 72 hours from a suitcase-sized
emergency radio station. Initially housed under a tarp and using generator
power, First Response 98.7 FM immediately began giving critical information
and directing people where to find clean water, shelter, food, medicine,
emergency services, and even how to locate lost loved ones. They are also
sharing the message of comfort and hope in Christ during this time of great
tragedy. By God’s grace, 200 Galcom solar-powered fix-tuned radios were
already in the Philippines, pre-tuned to 98.7 FM, and ready for distribution in
the areas hardest hit by the storm.*
The on-site team in Tacloban reported:
We’ve come to a place that is indescribable. The situation is really bad. It’s a
picture of desperation and desolation. There’s no power and the stench (from
rotting corpses) is overpowering. The city looks like a ghost town… People
are clueless about where to find services of any kind. They’re walking for
hours to find information. By providing radios, they will hear where to go and
what services they can find. Local volunteers are slowly becoming a part of
our broadcast team. Pray for us!
“There's no communication lines, no power lines… so we bring with us solarpowered radios. The recipients do not need to worry about charging this in
electricity. They just put it outside and it's good to go once again. So, what the
government did is that they're going to give one (radio) for every... local
community, and they're going to put up a big speaker so that everybody can
hear.” (empasis added)
Galcom is rushing an additional 1,000 solar-powered emergency radios tuned
to First Response 98.7 FM for distribution throughout Tacloban and other
devastated areas of Cebu and Bohol. Additional radios are being requested in
order to give many, many more people the ability to survive the crisis, and to
hear inspiring messages from God’s Word to aid them in their spiritual,
emotional and physical recovery.
Thank you, Galcom partners for your continued support, which has
enabled us to begin sending radios into devastated areas throughout
the Philippines. Please consider making an extra generous gift to help
us provide more critical assistance to suffering Filipinos. US donations
may be made by check to Galcom and sent to the above address.
Canadian gifts should be sent to 115 Nebo Road, Hamilton, ON L8W
2E1. Visit and follow the prompts to make
a donation online.
For the Unreached,
Tom Blackstone
Exec. Director
Hefziba Alonso
Administrative Intern
Super-typhoon Haiyan with sustained winds of 195
mph took deadly aim at the Philippine Archipelago
Tacloban, on the central island of Leyte, bore the
brunt of the greatest winds & highest storm surge
“Just like a war zone” became the most commonly
used phrase to describe the intensity of destruction
Survivors were left battered, bruised, disoriented
and wandering aimlessly near their former homes
FEBC began using this “radio station in a suitcase”
to send crisis FM radio messages to Tacloban City
More Galcom solar radios fix-tuned to emergency
First Response 98.7 FM are needed there now