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9 December 2015 Vol 13 Newsletter 38 (Wk A)
God never blinks
Foundation Headmaster Dr Stuart Quarmby
God is watching
There were 40 boys in my class in Year 7 and one of our favourite classes was Agriculture. I enjoyed
getting outside and growing things in an area we all called the Plots. It was on one such occasion that we
were breaking up the soil with pitchforks ready for planting when a rather large clod hit me in the leg. I
turned to find Wilberforce sniggering behind his hand.
It would have been sensible to ignore him or call him a dimwit but I went for the more stupid option and
decided to return fire. I waited patiently until the teacher looked in the opposite direction and threw a clod
at Wilberforce. I was pleased with the effort – it got him in the back.
“Quarmby. Get your backside outside my office!” The voice came from nowhere – but I knew it wasn’t God
because there was a profanity included and I was certain that God did not use profanities.
It was Mr Rogers – the most feared caner at the school. He chose the worst possible moment to be
walking past the Ag Plot fence behind my back and to be looking in my general direction. I put on my most
mournful face and reassured him that it was a one-off incident and that I would never throw anything again
in my entire life, but Mr Rogers smiled and reached for “old faithful” from the rack on the wall. Thirty painful
seconds later, after 4 “conversations” with old faithful and a joke from Mr Rogers about how it would now
be impossible for me to throw anything for a few hours, I left his office to a sea of requests from my mates
to “show us your hands.”
God seemed a bit like Mr Rogers to me in those days. A fairly nice bloke but cross him and you’ll be toast.
I remember hearing the song – “God is watching us – from a distance”. Mr Rogers was also watching me
from a distance – outside the Ag plot fence in fact. I couldn’t see him. I was doing the wrong thing. He
punished me. I figured that Mr Rogers was like God and God was like Mr Rogers.
But, the author of the song is wrong. God did not create us to be his precious children and then stand back
and watch us from a distance. What loving parent would do that? This is just a convenient lens through
which to view the world. We dismiss God to the sidelines and reinvent a more convenient God in His place.
The daughter of Billy Graham, was on a TV chat show, discussing the horror and trauma of the twin towers
terrorist attack in New York and was confronted by the host of the panel and asked – where was God
when this all happened? Why didn’t he protect us? Ann replied –
“For years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get
out of our lives. And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we
expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?”
God does not choose to watch us from a distance. We choose that God watches us from a distance. We
just cannot choose that He will not watch us at all. No loving parent would accept that. His love does not
need to be tested. It has already been tested 2000 years ago on a cross on a hill outside Jerusalem. We
asked God to leave and He left – but never out of eyesight. God is not like the Agriculture teacher. God
never turns away. In fact …
God never blinks.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Christmas.
Our College Office hours will be as follows:
Business days until Wednesday, 23 December 2015: 8.30 am - 4.00 pm
CLOSED Thursday, 24 December until Friday, 1 January 2016
Reopening: Monday, 4 January 2016: 8.30 am - 4.00 pm
Tuesday, 26 January 2016: CLOSED for Australia Day
Wednesday, 27 January: Business as usual
St Judes Anglican Church Bowral
Christmas Eve 6.00 pm, Children’s Christmas Musical “Three Wise Men and a Baby”
11.00 pm, Holy Communion
Christmas Day 8.00 am, Holy Communion. 9.00 am, Contemporary Family Service.
10.00 am, Holy Communion .
Boxing Day 8.00 am, Holy Communion. 10.00 am, Service of Word and Prayer .
Burrawang (St David's)
Sunday 20 December - 7.00 pm (Carols Service)
Camden Uniting Church
(Cnr John and Mitchelle Street, Camden)
Christmas Eve Service 11.00 pm. Christmas Morning Celebration 8.30 am.
Robertson (St John's)
Thursday, 24 December - 5.00 pm. Christmas Eve family service
Friday, 25 December - 8.00 am and 9:30 am. Christmas Day services
Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Church
Sunday, 13 December at 5.00 pm - Christmas Carols at Rosemeadow Anglican Church
Thursday, 24 December at 6.00 pm - Family Christmas Eve service at Rosemeadow Anglican Church
Friday 25 of December at 8:30 am - Christmas Day service at St Mark's Anglican Church, Appin.
Picton Uniting Church Services
Sunday, 20 December - 9.30 am service at Queen Victoria Hospital
Christmas Day - 8.00 am at Picton Uniting Church
Sunday 27 December - 9.00 am Picton Uniting Church.
Tahmoor Baptist Church
9.00 am 25 December and 10.00 am 27 December. No evening services that weekend
Parents’ & Friends’ Association
From The President
The President, Executive Committee,
Coordinators & Members wish all Wollondilly families
A Very Merry Christmas
A Blessed New Year
Meet Your P&F Evening, Monday 8 February 2016
7.00 pm, Alfred Deakin Administration Centre
Come along for an evening of friendraising and an opportunity to Meet Your
P&F. Our current President, Paul Flower, will be available to give an insight into being a member, as well as our current Executive and other members.
Hear first hand what its all about and how you can get involved.
We look forward to meeting you!
Mark Your Diaries!
P&F Calendar 2016
Now available at www.wac.nsw.edu.au/pf-events
…because our kids are worth it!
Locker instructions for the end of year
All lockers are to be cleaned out and locked in the open position by Thursday,
10 December 2015. Anything found in them after this date will be taken out by Mr Schroder.
The $20.00 deposit that was paid this year will carry over to next year if the padlock and locker is
in excellent condition and still required for 2016.
Continuing locker renters will have same padlock, but you may have a different locker depending
where your Roll Class is.
Continuing locker renters will need to pay the Office a further $20.00 only for next year’s rental
which can be paid at the beginning of the first term next year.
If your locker is not required next year, you must clean out your locker and return the padlock to
the office by recess on Tuesday, 8 December 2015 in good condition. Your locker will then be
inspected before you receive your $20.00 deposit back.
New locker renters next year will need to pick up a form from the office at the beginning of first
term 2016 read the attached conditions and hand in the signed agreement with money before
Mr Schroder will allocate you a new locker and padlock.
New locker renters for 2016 will need to read the conditions on the application form (available from the
Office) and hand in the signed note and money to the Office as soon as possible. Mr Schroder will
allocate you a new locker and padlock during the week starting
1 February 2016.
For further enquiries, please contact
Mr Schroder at the College office.
Mr Frederick Schroder
Property Mananger
As the festive season approaches, the “Wollondilly Cares” Ministry is seeking to spread some joy to
less fortunate families in our community. Christmas Hampers will be distributed to families who are
suffering due to critical illness, personal loss or financial hardship.
They are seeking donations of Christmas Treats to supplement their store cupboard hampers and
would welcome items such as Christmas puddings, Christmas cake, fruit mince pies, custard,
chocolates, biscuits, lollies, Christmas bonbons - anything that would bring some Christmas cheer to a
deserving family. Please note that all items should have a best before date of no earlier than the end
of December 2015.
A collection box will be placed in Student Reception from Monday of next
Thank you in anticipation for your generous support of this worthy cause.
Mrs Lorna Harper
Acting Development Manager
Year 11 Interviews
In recent weeks I have been conducting interviews with each Year 11 student regarding their
academic progress. This process is to enable students to take some ownership of their
learning, reflect on their progress and to consider strategies that they can adopt to improve their
I am pleased to report that on the whole Year 11 students are developing stronger work habits and
study patterns.
The students completed a Senior Student Reflection Plan and in the interview some
recommendations/strategies were discussed with them. A copy of these documents have been given
to the Year 11 students and posted home to parents.
I congratulate those students who have demonstrated commitment and persistence in working
towards their personal goals. Those students who continue to experience difficulties with time management and academic progress are encouraged to follow the recommendations discussed in our
interview and to seek assistance if needed.
Parents, please take the time to discuss these issues with your son or daughter. My experience is that
they are surprisingly honest in their assessment of their performance and the strategies they need to
undertake to improve their results. The difficulty for many of them is putting them in to action.
I intend to repeat the interview process with them in 2016 after their Mid-Course Examinations.
New App for Smart Phones for Child Safety
A new mobile phone app which enables children and other users to send emergency alerts and
broadcast their GPS location to trusted contacts has been launched in Adelaide.
The app, called Thread, gives parents discreet contact with their children when they are not in a
supervised environment while also teaching children about personal safety.
The app had been in the making for a number of years and was developed by the Carly Ryan
Foundation with funding from the South Australian Government and Google.
It has been released recently with significant media interest (see news stories on link below).
Mr Ian Croger
Deputy Headmaster
Preparation for 2016
To ensure that students are best prepared for the transition back to the College in 2016 all
students and parents are advised to ensure that all aspects of the uniform are purchased
during the break and are both in line with our guidelines in all areas:
Students will return in full Summer Uniform.
Students should return with appropriate hair cuts and without hair that has been altered in colour
from our guidelines. Please ensure that the cut is no lower than a No 3. No under cuts are
permitted and the College is asking that students return with hair styles that are not excessive or
extreme. The less noticeable the style, the more likely it is to be complying with the guidelines.
Please familiarise yourself with these.
Skirt length of Girls K-10 and 11-12 may need to be checked prior to return to ensure that it is
below the knee for both variations of the skirt. In preparation for Term 2 2016 the Winter variations
of the skirt need to be purchased and ready to go, in correct length starting in Term 2 2016
A small number of students have had to be spoken to about the type of school shoe that is
acceptable at the College. Black jogger style shoes or skate black flat shoes with clear soles are
not acceptable. Shoes need to be Black, Polishable, Leather, Flat Heeled, Lace-up School shoes.
This translates to what most would say is a standard school shoe. Please ask for clarification if
unsure prior to purchase
Sport Shoes need to be predominantly white joggers (running shoes), appropriate for physical
activity in PDHPE and Sport. Students have been spoken to about plain white canvas or skater
type shoes, these are not appropriate.
Please check the condition of your child’s College hat during the break as it may need to be
replaced if it is in poor condition. Hats that have holes or are in poor condition beyond repair will
need to be replaced.
For boys a plain black leather belt is necessary and must be worn daily.
Holiday periods are also a time where students can make poor decisions about piercings. The
College has very clear guidelines students are encouraged to make decisions that ensure that
they remain compliant in this area.
Girls currently in Year 10 need to make sure that they have the Senior Girls Socks when they
return from the holidays. These are the ones with the Black stripe and are available from the Front
Office or from Mr Toland.
All College students (T-12) Mufti Day Term 4
It has become a tradition at the College that on the last day of Term 4 we allow students to dress in
Mufti and for students in Years 5-9 to attend Wollondilly Leisure Centre for part of the day. We do this
as part of an SRC initiative to support the charities that have been identified by the SRC.
This year WAC students are supporting Books for Africa. This is an initiative aimed at assisting to
resource African school libraries with books. In many African schools libraries exist but the shelves are
empty, this makes learning even more difficult than some of the already obvious challenges that exist in
African education. The books will be collected and shipped to Africa specifically targeting very poor slum
areas near the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The books will help provide learning resources that can
empower the students in these schools and develop essential literacy skills to provide an opportunity for
these students to learn, fulfil their potential and have greater life opportunities.
Dress Standards for Mufti Day
 The normal College expectations apply to hair and jewellery.
 Students must wear enclosed shoes – no thongs or sandals
 Singlet tops or tops showing exposed mid riffs are also excluded
 Clothing worn should not have slogans with inappropriate language or messages.
 Shorts - leg length should be at least to mid – thigh.
One piece swimming costumes must be worn whilst at Wollondilly Leisure Centre.
Students have been warned that if they don’t comply with these rules, they may be sent home or
withdrawn from the day’s activities, as has happened in the past.
Student Address - Responsibility
What is it?
Responsibility is being accountable for who you are and what you do. Responsibility is being
dependable and trustworthy. Someone who is responsible does their best and doesn't blame others for
their mistakes. A responsible person makes sure a job is done correctly and on time. A person who is
responsible has a moral duty to follow through and complete assigned tasks that shows you are
responsible. Responsibility means being accountable, dependable and trustworthy.
Why is it important?
Parts of maturity include being sensitive to other's needs, anger management and selflessness as
opposed to selfishness. When someone is an infant, he or she is truly are the centre of the universe. As
a person grows, matures and becomes responsible, he is no longer the centre of the universe and must
be accountable and responsible for his own actions. A person is generally responsible for their own
actions, attitudes, choices and behaviours. Personal responsibility extends to the corporate level in good
business practice, as well.
How can it be demonstrated better?
Find out what needs to be done and do
Complete a task without being asked.
Accept the consequences of your actions.
Understand what you have done wrong
Think before you act
Do your best
Take care of your belongings
Clean up after yourself even if no one is
Always try to do the right thing
Follow through and don't give up.
Responsibility is an important attribute to learn in this College and we should strive to be the most
responsible and mature student to represent the College.
Kindergarten to Year 4 College Reports will be mailed this week. Years 5 to Year 10 Reports will be handed out at both Middle Presentation and the College Presentation Showcase Nights.
If you do not collect the reports on the evenings they are available at the College Office for collection. If
not collected, they will be mailed at a later date.
Mrs Deborah Cook
Deputy Headmaster's Secretary
Middle Christmas Chapel
Years 5-8 students had a fantastic and memorable time at Christmas Chapel. Amongst the music,
games, glow sticks and prizes, the message that "Jesus is the ultimate and best gift" was spoken and
considered. A special THANKYOU to Mrs Ferris for giving of her time to organise Christmas Chapel.
This was also Year 8's last chapel as Middle students as they will progress to Senior Chapel in 2016.
They were farewelled with a traditional honour guard formed by Year 7.
Mrs Emily Madden
Secondary Teacher
It was a pleasure to attend Maddy Hallop's Nova Transition
graduation ceremony last Thursday. Here she was awarded
the Certificate I Work Education. Maddie is currently
employed at Aquafit Campbelltown working predominantly in
the coffee shop. We wish her every success in her future endeavours.
Mrs Lucy Gregory
K-12 Learning Support Teacher
Thank you to everyone who has helped make our College Canteen a successful operation
in 2015.
We would like to wish you all a Christ centered Christmas season and safe and rejuvenating
Please be aware of the following
Canteen will be open on Thursday. Recess will be as normal. Lunch 12.30 pm with the following limited
items available
350ml focus water, lime juice bombs, chocolate or honeycomb nippys milk
Up & go chocolate or vanilla
Chicken wedges, party pies
Chicken burgers and wolly burgers
Spinach and ricotta rolls, pizza rounda
Frozen treats (not everything will be available)
Jumpys. Sea salt chips, popcorn (all .50 ), giant snakes
Depending on quantity of orders some substitutions may have to be made
Think healthy, Eat healthy, Live healthy!
Mrs Carolyn Richards
Canteen Supervisor
The students we have here at Wollondilly amaze me. They have as a group displayed a
fantastic attitude towards their learning. They have been reflective and open to new experiences. They have been excited and participated well. I feel blessed to work in such an environment.
One where staff are dedicated to the children they teach and where parents support us in our
Thank you for a great year. I look forward to seeing everyone and some new faces next year. Have a
lovely break.
Ms Jacqui Huxtable
Director of Teaching and Learning T-6
The Headmaster has now commenced his review of applications for 2017. All prospective
applicants for this year group are encouraged to make an early application.
We also continue to welcome applications for 2016.
Application forms are available from the College Office or for download from the College website.
Mrs Lorna Harper
Acting Development Manager
The Wollondilly Anglican College Scholarship Program is now open for academic, music and dance
scholarships commencing in 2017.
Comprehensive information packs and application forms are available for download from the College
website, where there are also direct links to register your child online with ACER. Alternatively, all
information and forms are available from myself at the College Office.
Applications will close on Friday, 5 February 2016. The closing date is final and late applications
cannot be accepted.
Should you have any further general queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on (02) 4684 2577
or at [email protected] Any queries regarding Creative Arts scholarships should be
addressed to Mr Simon Denley, Creative Arts and LOTE Coordinator.
Mrs Lorna Harper
Acting Development Manager
Monday, 7 December saw another WAC student, Nicholas Gregory, departing for Germany and our
sister school, First Evangelical Forest High
Nicholas will spend 4 weeks with Hannnah
Robertz and her family in Hechingen.
We're sure David and Murray will enjoy seeing
familiar face.
Auf wiedersehen Nicholas.
Year 3 and 4 Soccer Finals Competition
Last Monday we played our finals series. In the play off for 3rd place, California Girls
defeated Girl Power in a countback and Soccer Rockers defeated Goal Smashers 3-1. In the
grand final, Mighty Mice defeated Grumpy Cats 2-0 and Hoolie Doolies defeated Grumpasaurs 2-0.
After a challenge by our top girl’s team, Mighty Mice, they played the boy’s team of Hoolie Doolies for
the title of top team of Stage 2. The boys defeated the gallant girls 1-0.
Boys’ competition winners: Hoolie Doolies: Nait Benson, Jye Bashford, Harrison Forbes,
Jack Fiatarone with Tane McDonald and Joshua Summerson helping out.
Girls’ competition winners: Mighty Mice: Brielle Bellia, Sophie Waites, Maddison Archer and Mia
3rd place Girls winners: California Girls: Bree Watson, Caitlyn Pearsall, Mia Ely and Ella Channell.
3rd place Boys winners: Soccer Rockers: Cooper MacBeth, Luke Webber , Hayden Brown and Max
In Term 1 next year we will start again with the Athletics program, featuring some coaching from our
secondary stars. Soccer and other sports will be in later Terms.
Mr Darren Wayne
Primary Sports Coordinator
WW Week 10
As the 2015 College year comes to a close I would like to thank all the staff, students and
parents who have in some way contributed to the sporting environment at Wollondilly.
Without their involvement, enthusiasm and participation many of the events would not go ahead. I am
excited for 2016. Many changes will be occurring to ensure the students are given the best sporting
opportunities possible. This includes new Tuesday sports, more MISA teams and more involvement in
NASSA events. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a restful holiday.
End of Year Pool/Mufti-Day – 10 December
A reminder for all students in Years 5-9 attending the Pool on Thursday that normal College rules apply in regards to mobile phones and other electronic devices. Girls are reminded that bikinis are not
permitted. One piece costumes must be worn. Students are also encouraged to bring sunscreen on
the day, however, some will be provided at the pool.
Mr Mark Goldsbrough
Secondary Sports Coordinator
From time to time, families undergo trauma such as severe or terminal illness. There are short term
support structures in place at the College to assist families during these times. Please continue
to contact Mrs Hay at the College or Mrs Buick, to assist. Confidentiality will be respected when
Little Elves Childcare Centre
Vacation Care is offered at Bargo Public School during the Christmas holidays. All school age
children welcomed. During the Christmas holidays we are going to see a Wildlife Show and Putt
Putt Golf. The service is registered with the Government so rebates are claimed. If you are
working or studying you are entitled to receive 50% up to $7,500 per child. You can leave your
child for the whole day, half a day or a couple of hours. Enquiries please contact
Miss Jennifer on 0418 814 031 or email [email protected]
Carols by Streetlight
Come All Ye Faithful and sing you Joy to the World! Carols by Streetlight is a movement within
Christian churches across Australia, singing the Christmas story into the heart of the community.
Organise one or more groups to take the Christmas story from the seats of your church to the
streets of your suburb anytime between 18 December - 24 December, anywhere around
Australia. Visit www.carolsbystreetlight.org for more information.
Wollondilly Shire Council
Youth Week 2016 Partnership Grants – Closing date for submissions Friday, 11 December
The Macarthur Youth Week funding program is now open. This is a great opportunity to engage
with and support young people to develop and facilitate Youth Week projects in their local
community. Projects can provide opportunities for young people to express their views, raise
issues if concern, act on issues that affect their lives or create/enjoy entertainment.
Local Band Night for 12 to 24yrs – “Gig Night In the Cage” – Friday, 11 December –
5.00 pm to 9.00 pm – Bridge Street Indoor Sports Centre
An event for young people, organised by young people featuring local bands, DJ’s and
competitive games. Entry is a gold coin donation and this is an alcohol and drug free event
Wollondilly Beach Bus – every Friday in January, except New Year’s Day
Free for the whole community and proudly sponsored by Tahmoor Underground Glencore. The
beach bus is a hop on, hop off bus service for all ages running every Friday in January, except
New Year’s Day. Running from Warragamba to Wilton to Wollongong North Beach and now
includes Appin. For more info contact Fran P: 4677 9643, E: [email protected]
Picton Ranger Football Club Registration dates for 2016 Season
Picton Rangers football club (soccer) is holding it's registration days on Saturday, 6 February
and Saturday, 13 February for boys and girls of all ages from under 6's. We are also seeking
U12 girls in order to create an U12 girls team. 10.00 am - 12.00 noon at Hume Oval, Downing
Street, Picton. Or email [email protected]
Walk through the Bethlehem of the first Christmas
A free interactive Christmas experience for all ages. Friday, 18 December and Saturday,
19 December. 4.00 pm-7.00 pm (Please leave at least 30 minutes to walk through). Free Entry
and refreshments. Come and experience what the very first Christmas may have been like at our
interactive recreation of 1st century Bethlehem. Spot the shepherds, wander with wise men,
glance at the goats, call on craftspeople, move through the marketplace and see the stable with
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus! At St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Main Street Mittagong. More
information: visit www.mittang.com.au/bethlehem or call 02 4871 1947.
Please Note that this page is a service to the Community and items advertised do not necessarily carry the endorsement of the College. The College tries to be selective with what is advertised but cannot take responsibility. Please
look into events advertised carefully.
Thursday, 10
Student Enrolment Interviews 2017
Junior Chapel
Final Day for Students
Senior Staff meeting
Friday, 11
Final Day for Staff / Staff Professional Development / Planning for 2016
Saturday, 12
Mr Grant marries Miss Humble
December / January
Site meetings / Student interviews / Preparation for 2016
Mark your Diary!
Wednesday, 9 December
Thursday, 10 December
College Presentation and Showcase Evening
Final Day for Students
Wollondilly Anglican Community Church (WACC) meets in the Clifford Warne Auditorium
every Sunday at 9.00 am. Contact: Rev Rob Meischke 0437 533 106.
“Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in
her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,
because He will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:20-21
Another year gone. We give thanks to God for the ability to teach and the capacity to learn. We also
give thanks for this time in each year when we can stop to think about that moment in history when
the Creator of this universe responded to our rejection of Him, not by destroying us, but by becoming
one of us in order to forgive us and set us free. Have a wonderful Christmas!
Pretend Headmasters Francis Meischke, Logan O’Neill and Ben Pearsall (KS) bring a touch of
glitter to the big chair in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2016
Thank God
That He watches over us like any loving parent would
For a wonderful year in 2015
For His persistence with us and His love for us
Ask God
That we may better learn to think, speak and act as if He were present (because He is)
For safety during the Christmas break
That the true meaning of Christmas, grey and brown – Christ in a stable will battle through the commercial images
of red white and green
Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.
Excellence, Endurance, Eternity.

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