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Frozen Ropes McKinney 972.548.8940 6161 CR 124 (Fax) 972.548
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This Performance Course is specifically
designed for baseball & softball players to
train the muscles and explosive movements
needed to perform at a high level in this
sport. Four days a week for two hours,
players will be introduced to an entire new
level of body movement, power, and speed.
Train your body to perform fast-twitch
movements to help you steal bases, have
more range on defense, and decrease
your time from home to first. Also, work
towards the perfection of your running
Use Frozen Ropes’ “under-load/overload” velocity training program to
generate faster arm speed, stronger
scapula loads, and an increased
consistent velocity on every throw you
Core-strength, bat speed, leg stability are
all keys to performing a stronger swing.
If you want to hit the ball further than
you ever have before, this performance
course is designed to help you reach your
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