Fighter Raffle Descriptions


Fighter Raffle Descriptions
At a glance this may seem like a basket of randomness, but I assure you, what you are in for is a mere taste of the awesome-ness that is
VIGNESH JAYAKRISHNAN! Every item in this basket represents a piece in the puzzle of my life. Travel Book – Discover the various wonders
our world has to offer. Travelling is a big passion of mine and since I couldn’t get you a ticket around the world, here’s a guide instead.
Listed are my favorite places/recommendations/places that are on my bucket list. Mantown – Back in my youth (couple years ago) I took
improv classe. I immediately fell in love with the art and it really taught me a lot, on and off the stage. So in this basket I include two tickets
to an amazing improv show. Monopoly Deal – Growing up with board games and a very competitive family, this item illustrates my nerdy yet
competitive side. As an adult, this phase has reintroduced itself into my life. This game has a good balance between simplicity and strategy
and is a great companion at the cottage. Netflix – I’m a huge movie buff. And in this digital age, I figured the best way to share that with you is
with a Netflix gift card. Already have an account? No worries! Just add this and get a few free months! Burrito Boyz – Food from the heavens.
This spot has been one of my favorites since they opened up. Enjoy $100 worth of burritos courtesy of Burrito Boyz! Advil – Life is all about
balance and to offset my awesome-ness the universe has cursed me with migraines. That, coupled with muscle soreness from boxing, Advil
becomes my best friend. Sour Patch Kids – No explanation required. This is really the central part of this gift basket, in which everything
else revolves around. If you don’t like this, you have no business trying to win this basket. Hope you enjoy this basket of (who am I kidding)
randomness! May it bring you happiness and good fortune in this and all of your future lives!
I’ve always believed that the ones who colour outside the lines, think outside the boxes, and stand out in their own way
can leave an impact on the world around them. But standing that way, and staying that way, requires a lot of fuel. So
I’ve put together some words, thoughts, lessons, and little trinkets that have motivated and inspired me along my way. I
hope they can give you a spark of motivation and inspiration when you need them, and help you do well whether you’re
at work, play, or just living life. Now go colour outside some lines, and tear up some boxes. Go stand out. And thank you
for being here, and for your support. PS. I’m also an Art Director / Designer that has worked with brands like Oreo and
Fairmont Hotels and have designed pieces that have been featured in media like The New Yorker magazine, the Wall
Street Journal site, and ads that have been used on an international scale. So let’s make a deal - win my basket, and I’ll
be happy to design something for you, whether it’s for business or personal use. Want a new business card design? Need
to spread word about an event? Or maybe you just want me to design 5 more motivational posters for you. I’m game let’s colour outside the lines together.
Shampoo conditioner, is a must to keep the top knot on lock. But sometimes to hide that a good snapback is always
at hand, and what’s better then wearing the city that were from. My best nights are date nights, so a night with a great
dinner at my favorite restaurant Hunters Landing and my favorite movies of the last year. Coupled with the movies
popcorn with m&ms mixed perfectly and Jameson and ginger.
My basket is all about my free time and what I enjoy to do away from a screen. In my basket you will find:
Hounded - A comedy urban fantasy book, since I love to read
Innis & Gunn - The world’s best beer period
Sweet & Salty popcorn - My favourite snack
Telestrations, After dark - A hilarious game to play with friends
Boxing Decal - Just because
Map of Ireland - Ireland is a very special place of me and my family,
from our heritage and awesome three week honeymoon. We love the place and cannot wait to return
(don’t believe everything they tell you about the rain).
My basket theme is based on my neighbourhood, the place I call home and started my business. This ever growing
pocket of Toronto has a little something for everyone. Great restaurants like The Hole in the Wall, plenty of unique little
coffee shops, micro breweries, bakeries, and even a chocolatier! I love my neighbourhood, and I’m sure you will too!
Working in sales for Coca-Cola, I get asked numerous times daily for donations... it was finally my turn! Lucky for me,
two of my favorites did not hesitate... or hold back! In my basket, you will find swag from Monster Energy, which helped
me through those week night training sessions, and Coca-Cola, which is what I would enjoy as a reward after those hard
work outs! Also thrown in for good measure-a Fitbit, and some Beats by Dre headphones-both of which I use daily. Enjoy
representing two of the world’s best brands while wearing the swag from this basket.
“Health and Wellness” is a concept that I have implemented into my life on a daily basis. Growing up I have recognized
how it is important to take care of yourself in every aspect. It is crucial to take some time out of your everyday hectic
schedules to do things that you love and enjoy. My previous background was in Karate, but I have now found my new
passion in boxing. I have realized that preparing for this fight means that I have to be ready both physically and mentally. I
have included incredible materials that can help you experience your own journey of getting fit and relaxing in many ways,
shapes and forms. Maybe you will love boxing as much as I do... Now you can give it a try! A gift certificate from Team
Theraputix - massage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy session ($300 in value). Everything you need to “bring out the best
in you” is right here in front of your eyes.
My life cannot be summed up in few words; however this basket will give you a taste of some of the things I like to enjoy during my down time.
Even prior to studying in France, I have always enjoyed sipping on champagne. Veuve Clicquot is one of my favourite brands of champagne,
and if you are like me you will not wait to drink it until a special occasion, for in life every minute is special. Next I have several gifts certificates
to some fun places that I like to go to albeit for inspiration, a wonderful meal or a little shopping. In this basket you will find a $50 gift card to
Indigo, a $50 gift card to Simons (a Quebec department store that has finally made it to Ontario; there is a location at Square One so you can
go to the store or shop online), and last but not least a $100 gift card to Colette Grand Cafe. My boyfriend treated me to a fabulous dinner
there for our last anniversary, so I hope you enjoy the gourmet food and beautiful ambiance. If you thought this gift basket could not get any
better, think again. When I am not doing any of the above, I love to cheer on our boys in Red; I am talking about no other than Toronto FC.
Included are a pair of tickets to the July 9, 2016 match against Chicago Fire at 7:30 p.m. at BMO field. Last but certainly not least, I love and
appreciate art in its many forms. One of my favourite photographers is Nick Wons. Not only is Nick a dear friend of mine but he was also a
close friend of my sister Adrianna. I admire how he not only finds the beauty in everyday life, but has the ability to make the city look even
more vibrant and alive with every click of his camera. I hope you enjoy this stunning picture of the Toronto skyline.
Things I love! Family, wine and sports. Whilst my family is not on the auction block, though a “day with the Raymond’s”
can be arranged; included in my personal basket is 18 holes for a foursome (with the boys?) at my favorite golf club
Greystone and 4 Blue Jays tickets for date night because you brought the boys golfing (Unless you continue the soiree
with the boys). Then top date night off with a bottle of red & white wine I guarantee you’ll enjoy! I do enjoy a glass of Red,
I love trying to play golf (especially now watching my children in lessons) and well, the Blue Jays are doing awesome, it’s
a great family venue, hockey is over... everyone “on board”.
My basket represents all the things that I love. Since I couldn’t fit my greatest love Erica “Luscious Beast” McMaster
(Last Year’s Co-Main Eventer) in the basket, nor would I want to auction her off, here is what you do get. Dinner for 2 at
the Peller Estates award winning restaurant in Niagara On The Lake the view is fantastic and chef Jason Parsons food
is even better, a Boxing themed hoodie, ball cap and 3 T-shirts from my favourite clothing line Ironhead, 2 tickets to my
other favourite sports event Rugby Canada v Italia match at BMO field on June 26th. Music from my favourite band you
heard them as my entry music tonight A Tribe Called Red. These things make me very happy. I hope you enjoy!