„SHIMANO Speedmaster III/IV rebuild“



„SHIMANO Speedmaster III/IV rebuild“
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„SHIMANO Speedmaster III/IV rebuild“
here's a link to the schematic.
and here is a speedmaster III.
it should hold an easy 300 yards of 100 pound spectra.
don't let the high speed 6:1 gears scare you. once you get used to these
high speed reels, you will never want to go back.
we're going to start by servicing the bearings. for routine service, these
next few steps are all that is required. that's right. once you change out
the drag washers, the only service that should every be required for this
reel is routine bearing service.
remove the left side plate screws (key #114).
remove the left side plate assembly (key #113).
remove the left side plate bearing (key #484). this bearing measures
4x11x4 mm. it is my preference to remove the shields, clean out the old
grease, lube it with corrosion x and reinstall the bearing open.
remove the spool (key #118). the spool for the speedmaster III is what i
would call "boxed out," or as wide as it is tall. i've always preferred reels
of this size, rather than wide spool reelsn like the speedmaster IV.
here's the right spool bearing (key #482). it measures 6x12x4 mm and it
looks like we got to it just in time. see the corrosion?
pull the right spool bearing (key #482), remove the shields, clean out the
excess grease and lube it with corrosion x.
this bearing will be reinstalled open and lubed as well.
this reel came without a clamp. adding one is a very simple matter.
install the spool (key #118).
install the left side plate assembly (key #113).
install the left side plate screws (key #114).
check the freespool time. this old reel had only 20 seconds. the bearings
were perfect, so that meant that the spool shaft had to be rubbing against
the pinion gear. to improve freespool beyond this, you would have to lube
and or polish the spool shaft in the inside of the pinion gear.
now we are going to change out the drag washers. let's start by removing
the handle nut plate screw (key #128), the handle nut plate (key #2), the
handle nut (key #129), and the handle assembly (key #414).
remove the handle washer (key #78) and star drag (key #79).
shake out the drag spring washer (key #91), the drive shaft bearing (key
#483) and the brass star drag washer (key #80). the bearing measures
remove the four right side plate screw A's (key #81).
remove the two right side plate screw B's (key #109).
push the freespool lever forward and remove the right side plate assembly
(key #83).
now, take a moment to pause and admire what i think is some of
shimano's best work. note the size of these hardened stainless steel
gears. they are a bit noisy as stainless steel tends to be. it is a trade off i
will admit, but imagine being pinned to the rail by an 80 pound bluefin
tuna. which gears would you trust more, hardened stainless steel or a
pretty gold-colored maganese bronze alloy? give me stainless steel any
remove the drag spring washers (key #92).
the main gear (key #99) and drag stack are pretty badly gummed up and
comes off as unit.
here's an exploded view of the drag stack, cleaned up a little. the canvas
drive shaft drag washer (key #100) at the top of the photo goes
underneath the main gear and measures 11x25x0.7 mm. in the
foreground of this photo, from left to right, are the canvas eared drag

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