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Great furniture pieces serve double duty during the holidays
Special to Gift Shop
The vintage reproduction carriage seat makes
a useful spot for merchandise or guests.
Photos courtesy of Creative Co-Op.
166 Summer 2015 •
Left, the red three-tiered shelf lends itself to interesting groupings on different levels, both during the holidays and throughout
the year. Right, the metal ornament tree features a minimal look but can be packed with many small ornaments or draped with
tinsel and garland. Both from Creative Co-Op. Circle 655.
ou know when you go
shopping for Christmas
gifts and you end up buying
yourself, say, a beautiful new serving
platter? You don’t feel guilty about
the purchase because you know you
will use the platter to serve perfectly
cooked ham to those nice people
you were supposed to be shopping
for gifts for. Well, Creative Co-Op’s
holiday merchandising style is sort
of like that.
If you look through the Creative
Co-Op Traditions catalog, you will
find many surprising products that
second as fantastic display pieces. In
recent years, the company’s product
development team has gotten more
and more creative with furniture, wall
art and other décor that can easily be
used to highlight other merchandise
while making a statement of its own.
Bringing in fresh products as display
pieces is a fantastic way to keep your
store looking fresh and current. It’s
a win-win.
Creative Co-Op’s vintage
reproduction carriage seat is a
great way to enhance the holiday
feeling of an indoor or outdoor
space. It can be stacked with mini
trees, plush toys or used as a
resting spot for weary customers.
Similarly, the company’s red
distressed metal bench is an easy
way to add a big pop of color
while adding an additional display
surface. These furniture pieces do
not have to be hidden away after
the holidays either. Both benches
would look fantastic year-round in
a garden, porch or patio.
The Creative Co-Op team has
expanded on the idea of the
Christmas tree going beyond
that prickly green cone, as the
designers are exploring creative
colors, materials, sizes and shapes
to represent the familiar icon. From
a solid red faux Christmas tree to
a wall-mounted wooden tree, to a
minimal metal tree with clean lines,
there are endless ways to interpret
the tree and even more ways to use
them for merchandising.
Many Creative Co-Op customers
have small stores and need creative
ways to display ornaments and
holiday décor without taking up
the real estate that a Christmas tree
demands — our company’s painted
wood wall tree with hooks is ideal
for showing off a huge selection of • Summer 2015 167
ornaments or holiday jewelry using very little
space. Our metal ornament tree can be packed
with many small ornaments or draped with
tinsel and garland.
No matter how much Creative Co-Op
“branches out,” we still love a big bushy
Christmas tree to show off ornaments,
picks and garland. We put a spin on the
classic by offering a Rudolph-nose-red
tree. This bold color looks amazing with
a monochromatic theme of ruby, rouge
and raspberry. An arrangement of
white and silver also looks striking on
this playful pine.
Another favorite for the holiday
season and beyond is Creative
Co-Op’s antique white metal
planters. The team likes to fill
these with our birch branches
for a white Christmas look.
They can also be filled with
bushels of greenery, which
not only look great but
smell wonderful as well.
You can use the vertically
beneficial three-tiered
Left, the lush red faux Christmas tree
from Creative Co-Op provides an
unexpected pop of color. Above, the
painted wood wall tree with hooks works
well in a small space. Circle 334.
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Circle 516
168 Summer 2015 •
Language Art
Circle 517
shelf to create interesting groupings on different levels.
This, again, is an item that could just as easily live yearround in a kitchen stacked with canned goods as it would
display Nativity scenes over the holidays.
When scanning the showrooms this year, feel free
to splurge on that great statement piece as long as it
also happens to be great for serving up your holiday
merchandise. GS
Kristen Flemington is the marketing manager for Creative
Co-Op. For more display and design ideas and inspiration
Left, the red distressed metal bench from Creative Co-Op is an
easy way to add a big pop of color while adding an additional
display surface. Above, Creative Co-Op's antique white metal
planters look great with birch branches or bushels of greenery.
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