booklet - Plano ISD



booklet - Plano ISD
Shenai Cha; 7th Grade; Self Portrait from Robinson Middle School
was selected as one of only 13 pieces from the YAM state exhibit
to be shown in Governor Abbott’s office.
Spring 2015
Kathy Hackett with Jeff Rice and Billy
Talley receiving Texas Choral Director
Assoc. Award for Choral Excellence
Studio Art
Taylor Nix 3rd Place - Plano West
Sara Beitelspacher Honorable Mention- Plano Senior
Jose Rodriguez Honorable Mention- Plano East
Celia Shaheen Honorable MentionPlano West
Gene Azad- Plano East
Melissa Chen- Plano Senior
Odelia Cheng-Plano Senior
Ruoyi Gan- Plano West
Breauna Henderson- Plano West
Sydney Landers- Plano Senior
Hyeon Lee- Plano West
Tiffany Li -Plano West
Rachel Mathys-Plano East
Lauren Muskara- Plano Senior
Allison Smith – Plano Senior
Ashley Smith Plano West
Nirali Thakor Plano West
Isabella Thorpe-Plano East
Sara Wong-Plano East
Christina Zhao Plano West
Taylor Nix & teacher Ted Kincaid —
These Fine Arts Teachers were selected by their peers as Teacher of the
year for their campus .
Art History
Celia Shaheen 2nd Place-Plano West
Amy Ong 3rd Place– Plano West
Rebecca Bailey, Christine Miller, & Colin
McGrane receiving Texas Art Educator
Assoc. Awards for Outstanding Accomplishments
Jose Rodriguez & teacher Colin McGrane
PISD Schools took top state rankings the number of Fine Arts AP Exams
taken and passed by students in 2014
Comprehensive AP Fine Arts Program:
Art History, Music Theory, and Studio Art
#1 Plano West Senior High School: 306 qualifying exams
#2 Plano Senior High School: 186 qualifying exams
#4 Plano East Senior High School: 102 qualifying exams
Douglas Darracott—Plano West SHS; AP Studio & Art
History Teacher
Beth Carter– Skaggs ES; Art Specialist
Jenelle Eberhard– Renner MS; Theatre & Speech
Wynita Harris– Huffman ES; Art Specialist
Tiffany Newsome– Sigler ES; Art Specialist
Ben Porter– Beverly ES; Music Specialist
A teacher is a
compass that
activates the magnets
of curiosity,
knowledge, and
wisdom in the pupils.
- Ever Garrison
Rebecca Bailey
working with Rasor ES
students at the TASA/
TASB Conference
Brenda Keen—Hightower Music Specialist, is serving as President Elect of the Southern Division of the Organization of
American Kodály Educators
Kristin Moore—Brinker Music Specialist,. Is serving as Secretary of the Kodály Educators of Texas
Jeff Turner—former Plano ISD Instrumental Music Coordinator,
serving as Orchestra VP for the Texas Music Adjudicators
Kathy Kuddes—Plano ISD Director of Fine Arts, serving as
Vice President/President Elect of the Texas Music Administrators Conference
Gregory Arp—Plano ISD Speech & Theatre Coordinator,
serving as Texas Educational Theatre Association Convention
Programming Chair, Texas Theatre Administrators Conference
Founding Member
Plano Fine Arts Teachers continue to receive recognition from in their
field through a variety of awards. Here are some of their outstanding
Kathy Hackett—Plano West SHS Choir Director, received the
2014 Choral Excellence Award from the Texas Choral Directors Association
Rebecca Bailey– Rasor ES Art Specialist, received the
2014 Outstanding Elementary Art Educator Award from
the Texas Art Education Association
Christine Miller– Williams HS Art Teacher, received the
2014 Outstanding High School Art Educator Award from
the Texas Art Education Association
Colin McGrane– Plano East SHS Art Teacher, received the
2014 Outstanding National Art Honor Society Sponsor
from the Texas Art Education Association
Plano Art Leaders, Lead by Tracy Evans– Mitchell ES Art
Specialist was awarded the Texas Education Association
Award of Excellence for their 2014 YAM Scrapbook
PISD YAM Awardees
Shenai Chan Grade 7– Robinson MS
Susie Chang Grade 5– Skaggs ES
Rachael Connell Grade 3– Rasor ES
Faith Edge Grade 5– Haun ES
Ruth Kwan Grade 12– PSHS
Hyean Doh Lee Grade 12– PWSH
Danna Shrem Grade 3– Mitchell ES
Chole Vogt Grade 12– PWSH
Chole Vogt—PWSH
YAM State Capitol Exhibit
Shenai Chan Grade 7– Robinson MS
Susie Chang Grade 5– Skaggs ES
Faith Edge Grade 5– Haun ES
Ruth Kwan Grade 12– PSHS
Hyean Doh Lee Grade 12– PWSH
Danna Shrem Grade 3– Mitchell ES
Chole Vogt Grade 12– PWSH
Visual Arts Scholastic Event
On Feb. 21st VASE Region 10 N
was held at Williams High School
the total number of artworks entered from the region were 1656
and 750 of those were from PISD
High School and Senior High students. At the end of the day 113
pieces were selected to advance
to State VASE on April 25 in Dallas, 63 of the 113 belong to PISD
students. We are so proud and
wish them well with the upcoming
State VASE event.
Faith Edge & teacher
Tamra Alami - Haun ES
All-State Band: Cristian Cave, Charlotte
Collins, Elise Hawkes, Connor Walker, Ashleigh Yan – Plano; Jairo Cabrera, Sarah
Farley, Taylor Francis, Alan GipsonAlexander, Michael Herrington, Jack
Kartsotis, Zac Reynolds, Nipun Tamakrishnan – Plano East; Minh Chang, Iyad Chishtie, Steven Lee, Benjamin Lin, Irene Lin, Jason Lin, William Lu, Zhiyu "Iyan" Wang,
Karen Zhou – Plano West; Brennen Darrah
– Clark; Omar Barradas, Karan Coimbatore, Kelly Dong, Sooyong Lee – Japser;
Manuel Saeb Rodriguez - Vines
All-State Jazz Band: Grant Fannin – Plano
West, Matt Frerck – Plano & Austin Zhang
– Shepton
All-State Choir: Trey Cinclair, Megan Du,
Sneha Kurada, Bridgette Pineau – Plano;
Emma Allred, Fahad Islam, Vinay Thomas –
Plano East; Michael Angel, Sarah Bronchetti, Emily Delkus, Melody Gill, Jarrett
Hatcher, Chad Heatley, Kendall Kadleck,
Hayley Leavell – Plano West; Samuel
Loeffler – Clark; Arta Fan – Jasper; Eric
Feldman – Shepton
All-State Orchestra: Johnathan Chang, Eric
Chen, Conan Juan, Bryan Leung, Sarah
Park, Bill Yang, Hanson Yong – Plano;
Brent He, Lindia Tjuatja – Plano East;
Vanessa Chang, David Danjul, Simon Lee,
Theo Lee-Gannon, Kausthub Poondi, EdwardSa, Justine Shih, Phil Son, Bill Tian,
Derek Yan, Justin Yan, Karen Yang – Plano
West; Johnathan Wu – Plano Academy;
Navin Ahire, Kevin Bai, Raymond Chen,
Serena Cheng, Samantha Choo, Gahwon
Lee, Nisha Rajesh, Jarod Stone, Angel Yi,
Daniel Zhong – Jasper; Alan Bouda, Kevin
Lin, Mikey McNamara, Alice Zhao - Shepton
Co Moderated by Kathy Kuddes
Director of Fine Arts &
Kelly Parrish– McCall Music
Moderated by Laura Grundler
Visual Arts Coordinator
Moderated by Rebecca Bailey
–Rasor ES Art Specialist
Just a few of the numerous links to fine arts press releases. Plano Best Music Ed Community HS One Act Play State Speech Awards Dallas Summer Musicals Awards Cardboard Challenge Young Masters YAM Rice Band Wins Sousa Sudler Cup Choir Students Perform at Myerson MLK Tribute ALL STATE Holiday Greeting Card Contest Grad’s AP Studio Work Selected
Nine Wolf Battalion Cadets were
selected to participate in Texas
Boy’s State.
Plano SHS JROTC Teams participated in 34 military skills competitions in marksmanship, inspection,
drill, color guards, academic, leadership, and physical fitness.
Plano West Procession Rifle Team
earned 26 Trophies and 21 Individual awards at local & national
Panther Battalion Orienteering
Team qualified to represent Plano
East at the national tournament
West Chester, PA
Plano ISD Cadets provided 5,400
hours in support of school and community events
Wildcat Battalion Cadets donated
more than $5,000 in gifts and
food to four adopted families.
TMEA High School Honor Full Orchestra –
1st - Plano Senior High School Full Orchestra, Brian Coatney,
Tara Cesario & Jeremy Kondrat - directors
TMEA High School Honor String Orchestra –
2nd - Jasper High School Chamber Orchestra, Ryan Ross – director
3rd - Plano West Senior High School Chamber Orchestra, Jo
Wallace-Abbie – director
TMEA Middle School Honor Full Orchestra –
2nd - Rice Middle School Full Orchestra , Barbara Fox and Jason
Tucker – directors
TMEA Middle School Honor String Orchestra –
5th - Rice Middle School Full Orchestra , Barbara Fox - director
Rice Middle School Band, Jason Tucker, Amber Garduno and
David Lipe, directors - recipient of the 2015 Sudler Cup to
"identify, recognize and honor the most selective junior high and
middle school concert band programs for demonstrating significantly high standards of excellence in concert activities over a
period of several years" from the John Philip Sousa Foundation.
Music Theory
Dara Li 1st place– Plano West
Austin Ali 2nd place- Plano West
Karen Yang Honorable Mention– Plano West
Texas Forensics Association State
Speech & Debate Tournament
Jasper HS Nikhil Ramaswamy, 5th, Impromptu Speaking
Jasper HS- Marghi Jani, 3rd Impromptu Speaking
PSHS- Preston White, 3rd, Prose Interpretation
Jasper HS- Katherine Hu, 6th, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
PWSHS- Greg Fantin, 4th, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
PWSHS- Neil Patel, 2nd, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
PWSHS- Matthew Feng, 2nd, Foreign Extemp. Extemporaneous
PSHS- Abhinav Sridharan, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
PSHS- Shivan Chokshi, Outstanding Speaker Public Forum Debate
Jasper HS- Katherine Hu, Outstanding Speaker Public Forum Debate.
PSHS Kishan Srikanth, 2nd, Congressional Debate
PSHS- Abhinav Sridharan, State Champion, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
PSHS- Abhinav Sridharan, State Outstanding Speaker Award
PWSHS- 3rd Place Sweepstakes Award, Coached by Rhonda
Smith and Kattie Leito
PSHS– 1st Place Sweepstakes Award, Coached by Cheryl Potts
and Sara Zinck, (fifteenth time in the last twenty years and has
never received a ranking below third)
Musical Theatre
Dallas Summer Musicals
High School Musical Theatre Award Nominations
PWSHS: Best Direction, Best Crew/Technical Execution, Best Lighting Design, Best Scenic Design, Best Actor-Chris Clark, Best ActressMeg Gerinde, Best Show- Jesus Christ Superstar (Dir. by Grant
Goble, Norv Sykes)
PSHS: Best Choreography, Best Crew/Technical Execution, Best Ensemble/Chorus, Best Lighting Design, Best Actor-Tanner Dillon, Best
Show-Hello Dolly (Dir. Lance Morse, Cassidy McQuiston, Danny
Lozano, Rachel Franklin)
Technical Theatre
UIL Theatrical Design Competition
State Qualifiers
Costuming, Nayeli Leal
Hair & Makeup, Breanne Finneburgh
Set, Althea Randolph
Marketing, Marvin Alvarenga
Dir. By Zach Elms
PISD Middle School One Act Play
3rd Place-Bowman Middle Schools production of Skinflints and Scoundrels:
Moliere’s Miser, Dir. by Vickie Harper
2nd Place-Haggard Middle School,
Middletown, Dir. by Eric Feldman
1st Place-Robinson Middle Schools production of Number the Stars, Dir. by
Robin Casella
PISD High School One Act Play
1st Place - McMillen High School for
their production of The 11th, , Dir. by
Sherika Gaines
2nd Place – Clark High School for their
production of The Balkan Women, Dir.
by Rebecca Turney and Darren Causey
3rd Place – Plano East IB World School
– The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Dir.
by Gavin Mundy and Zach Elms
UIL One Act Play
PESHS– All’s Well that Ends Well,
Zone A Advancing Play, Dir. By Gavin
Mundy and Zach Elms
PWSHS– The Crucible, Zone A Advancing Play, Dir. Grant Goble and Norv