The Knight Owl


The Knight Owl
ACP Junior High-Oakland
14, 2010
May 25,2015
The Knight Owl
Knight Owl
1st Year
ACP Captures Its Memories
This issue is a look back at an AMAZING year of great memories. Open a time
capsule 50 years from now and here are some incredible things they might find.
We want to dedicate this issue to all of the outgoing 8th graders who have helped
make this a great year. We will miss them next year. Here are a few of the great
times that made ACP special.
Hard work, School Spirit, Athletic Championships, Community Service, Fun
School Dances
Fog Machine
the Amazing Race
ACP Has Talent!
Relay for Life
This has been a
great start for the
Knight Owl, ACP
Oakland’s 1st
newspaper. Next
year, we have
plans to make this
even better! Bring
your stories to us;
we want to put
YOUR ideas in the
paper. We cover
personal stories,
athletics, and all
around ACP spirit!
Help us grow and
make 2015 a great
Written by: Stormy Light
Stormy and Tori
Quote of the Day
8th Graders
If you can imagine it, you can
We know you will do great
things. Good luck in High
achieve it. If you can dream
it, you can become it.
By: William Arthur Ward
ACP Junior High-Oakland
May 22, 2015
Summer Fun!
By: Tori Lawrence
Everybody loves summer! What’s better than a break from school, a
sweet vacation, and most importantly relaxing! But, sometimes it is hard to
think of things to do that would make this summer memorable. Don’t we all
want to have the best summer ever! So, I gathered some fun ideas that will help
you knights out with your summer plans. Write down the ones you definitely
want to do and make it happen! Some of these will include your besties or bros,
so be sure to make them aware of your outrageous ideas for this break.
Have a photo shoot with your friends! There are a ton of cute ideas on
Go camping, set up a tent, and have a camp fire with some delicious
Have a movie night, invite your family or friends and vote on a movie
Have a water balloon fight all around the neighborhood, park, the
beach, any place that’s not indoors
Block party! Get more connected to your neighbors and have some fun
Have a sleepover! This is a great chance to spend time with your friends
and even do some of these things on the list
Gather your family or friends and have a cooking challenge. A fun idea
is to play Chopped, a show on food network, it is fun and competitive. Once
you’re done cooking, have a picnic and try everyone’s food while enjoying the
beautiful scenery
Don’t forget to do some CHARITY work, it is great to give back to the
community, and this is a perfect time to do it! Once you try it, you’ll have fun
and want to do it again. Volunteering gives you a good feeling inside.
I hope you all enjoyed these ideas and have a wonderful, fun-filled
Summer Sports
By: Rohan Patel
This summer there are many sport
events going on. The first thing
going on is the UEFA champion’s
league where the best teams
compete for a trophy to prove that
they are the best of all. For
example, Barcelona, Manchester
city and United, Real Madrid, and
many others will compete. The
next summer event going on is the
NBA championship in the
conference finals. For the west
conference it is Golden State
Warriors vs. the Houston Rockets
with the Golden state Warriors up
in the series 3-0. In the eastern
conference finals, the Cleveland
Cavaliers vs. the Atlanta Hawks.
The Cavaliers are up in the series
2-0. The next is the Stanley cup
finals with New York Rangers vs.
the Tampa Bay Lightning. Then, it
is the Anaheim Ducks vs. The
Chicago Blackhawks. That
should keep you sports fans
busy for a while.
Have a Great Summer!
ACP Junior High-Oakland
May 25, 2015
The Evolution of the Car
By: Celyn Bluth
For anyone interested in
Sci-fi movies with a
futuristic twist, check
out the new movie
Tomorrowland, playing
in theatres this summer!
As you can see, there have been some slight adjustments to the
world of transportation. From the rickety old car of Fred
Flintstone to the EO Smart connecting vehicle, technology has
shown us that anything is possible. This sleek new electric
car can drive sideways and even shrink into the most
unimaginable places.
You MUST check out this awesome video link!
Check out Mysteries of
the Unseen World at the
Science Center IMAX
theatre. I saw it and it
was amazing.
By: Stormy
If you have any recommendations for
new science or technology events, please
contact Stormy.
The Arizona Science
Center keeps you
involved while having
ACP Junior High-Oakland
Mayor’s Teen
Town Hall
Get your Good
May 25, 2015
Community News
ACP Takes on Teen Town Hall
Written by: Stormy Light
A few ACP students had the opportunity to attend
discussions at Chandler City Hall. They were able to
engage in conversations with students from other
schools and voice their opinions on important topics.
The issues included STEM education, teen racism,
domestic violence, and under-age drinking. Between
fun conference meetings and “ice breaker” activities,
speakers discussed community involvement.
Students finished up by presenting their ideas and
the council members will consider them. In the fall,
some of these may be put into action. Nice job ACP
Learn about YOUR City
Hall. Check Out this cool
1. The City Hall was
awarded the American
Crown Community
2. Top Green Projects
Award from the
American Institute of
By: Stormy Light
Vision Gallery
For those of you who want to learn
more about the arts, there is
gallery connected to City hall that
features weekly art classes and
displays local art!