PDF of all 100 sent postcards and transcriptions.



PDF of all 100 sent postcards and transcriptions.
001 Sent from Burton, OH, date unknown
Hoping this will find you all well. I am wondering how Dan got along hope
he spent most of his spare minutes with you.
Good bye, Your Loving Aunt
kisses from V. A. S. H. Hewalt
002 Sent from Rigi-Kulm, Switzerland, on the 19th July 1904
Dear Mona:
[illegible] and looking for that justly [illegible] itinerary you [illegible] to send
us at [illegible] village from the home of [illegible]
[illegible] [illegible] [illegible]
003 Sent from Cleveland, OH on the 3rd September 1907
Having a fine time
004 Sent from Chagrin Falls, OH on the 31st December 1907
I am having the time of my life. How can I leave this charming place?
Lid! Happy New Year.
With Love F. R.F.D.
005 Sent from Romeo, Michigan on the 26th August 1908
This little place reminds me of [illegible] Considerable. That’s why, that’s why.
[illegible] B.
Hello Helen. How are you? I got your P.S. ok. Intended to ans. sooner; forgiven?
[illegible] Am very very busy & not quite so happy. Am always sick Ans. soon
006 Sent from New York, NY on the 11th March 1909
Saw your name in Browning’s Magazine and should like to hear from you.
Sincerely yours
Nat Kirkland
550W.161 St. N.Y.
007 Sent from Cleveland, OH on the 18th May 1909
Dear Madeline
Most certainly I will be at home Thursday and will be very anxious to see you
again. I didn’t think I would ever see you again for I’ve been sick all winter.
Please come early for I’ve a lot to tell you since we met last.
Elenor Schreiner
008 Sent from Wilmington, NC on the 20th July 1909
Our Brother’s there. My Baby Boy is a fine one and he is named Newil Moore.
He is the largest I saw
We call him Buster. he is sure fat
Yours truly
J.D. Moore
009 Sent from Springfield, MS, date unknown
My Dear Mr. Lyon,
I am sorry that I did such an unforgivable act to you on that rainy night. Believe
me it was done innocently on my part. Always your friend from “Way Down
Letitia Moore
010 Sent from Akron, OH on the 19th April 1910
do not forget to take my part in this party. And have a good time yourself. Save
one kiss for me from Edna. Your Limburger Cheese
011 Sent from Meadville, PA on the 14th April 1910
Dear Sister and Brother
Henry arrived home yesterday, expected to move to Akron the 1st of May all is
well. No news this time. With Love Yosie and Henry
hope Elmer you are well.
012 Sent from Tile, OH on the 13th August 1910
Hello Helen Guess this will find– You if not will direct the next in care of
Police. Well how’s – thay – commin? Things are booming on the Hill Mr. Mrs.+
Miss S. + another Englishman! Married (you don’t say) with his family (Gee
whiz) Hurry up girls. Mrs. H. is writing you same time next week.
With love from Wife. Baby x!!!!!!
013 Sent from Detroit, MI on the 20th August 1910
Arrived home safe and sound
from O. Justus
014 Sent from Alnwick, UK on the 26th July, year unknown
Having a [illegible]
will write soon
all well
015 Sent from Pittsburg, PA on the 24th July 1911
Hello Bill:
I’m having a great time. This is a dandy place.
Lyda Evans
016 Sent from Detroit, MI on the 25th June 1912
Dear cousin,
I really didn’t have time to write to you sooner. I am very busy this
week. I got 4 dresses to make Please answer.
017 Sent from Cleveland, OH on the 26th September 1912
if you can come this Sunday as the [illegible] coming [illegible] of next. If you
can’t why come the next. Call up + let me know.
018 Sent from Harrington, ME on the 31st September 1912
Don’t do anything rash till I get back, one week to day and I’ll be able to give
you some sisterly advise on a certain subject.
019 Sent from Conneaut, OH on the 18th October 1912
I take an occasional swipe at the misty shadows of Steiners + Maden They’re
020 Sent from Zanesville, OH, date unknown
Dear Miss Campbell: I must acknowledge receipt of your very kind letter of
recent date after the election is over I will write more. And will hope to be able
to say “Hurrah for Wilroys!!” Mrs. Russel was in a while this P.M. O Dear! It
did me good to hear her laugh [illegible] more. I feel so badly that she is out
of a good position. But she is happy – waiting for Baily. We at last heard from
Laura, she seems to be happy in her present situation. Now don’t work so hard!
021 Sent from Ebenezer, NY on the 17th December 1913
Dear Aunt,
I am sending you a picture of my baby by mail to-morrow
will send address in it let me know if you receive it merry x mas to all
your niece Bessie
022 Sent from Akron & Delphos, OH on the 25th December 1913
I wonder if you have forgotten me I often think of you both and think of the
nice time we had at the cottage I did not get to Cleveland yet I did not come
home from the Lake until the 2 week of Oct. I have been quite busy at home
ever since I want to come and see you when I come to Cleveland which will
be something after the holidays. Mother is at Cleveland now and of my house[illegible] Wish you a Merry Christmas [illegible]
023 Sent from Chagrin Park, OH on the 25th March 1914
Dear aunt,
I hope you will have a pleasant birthday, more so than we. Ma is very sick with
Her temperature was 102 ½ lastnight, her pulse 6 beats better than the night
before. Come out when you can.
With love Ladie
024 Sent from Port Dover, Ontario, Canada on the 6th August, year unknown
Dear Cousin
I suppose you think I haven’t received your card but I did. I am very lazy where
writing is concerned.
025 Sent from Chicago, IL on the 2nd March 1915
Now we are ready to leave here. This is the station where we arrived this
morning. We looked around a good deal and are dead tired.
026 Sent from East Aurora, NY on the 16th September 1915
Regards from east aurora we are on our way to N.Y. and stopped here for a day
This is a great place we are sorry we did not bid you good bye as you we’re not
in when we left.
Mr & Mrs Cahert Cohen
027 Sent from Detroit, MI on the 10th November 1915
Arrival at Detroit at 3:30 P.M. Tuesday. Will be home Sunday evening or
Monday morning, but will try hard to come Sunday. They won’t let me go home
any sooner.
028 Sent from Wooster, OH on the 21st April 1916
Dear Charlie,
Please accept these late “compliments of the season” from
an old schoolmate, now John G. Hacher
Wooster, ‘19
029 Sent from Cleveland, OH on the 20th October 1917
A happy Birthday + many more happier ones. Just think 18.
(Please write).
030 Sent from Washington D.C. on the 14th July 1918
Dear Brother
We marched again in N.E. near Cajah’s and passed Richmond Virginia at 3:30
Sat morning
Your brother John
031 Sent from Metz, MI on the 26th February 1918
Your best brother E.V.
Hello Dear sister
how are you we are all well hoping you are the same wishing to see you soon
Mr. Tom Merdith said Saturday morning ten o’clock will write later
032 Sent from Abisko, Turstistation, Sweden on the 8th June 1921
Abiskojokk Sweden.
Dear Nuna, these are three of the Laps we see every day way up here beyond
the Arctic Circle. We are surrounded by snow patched mountains. A large lake
is nearby + our hotel is the only house for a long distance. Swedish mountain
Climbers are at our little [illegible]. Last night B. & J walked from 9 P.M ‘til
12:30 in the lovely gray light.
Love from C.B. [illegible]
033 Sent from Richmond, VA on the 15th April, 1921
Isn’t this adorable? Nothing [illegible] in the room, Richmond.
Dear Luna: You just must come here sometime. I have missed [illegible] you
every minute during my historic pilgrimage Greetings from Caroline Bee.
034 Sent from Columbus, OH on the 2nd March 1922
Hello Sonny
035 Sent from St. Louis, MO on the 19th December 1922
Everything O.K in 42 both working hard, he in daytime, I at night. Weather
cold, snow on ground. How’s skating? Hope you’re enjoying yourself
Merry Xmas, Happy New Year.
036 Sent from unknown location in 1924
Dear Cecilia
Just a few lines to let you know I am well and hope you are the same when this
will reach you.
Joe Messo
037 Sent from Frostburg, MD on the 7th January 1941
Don’t think I’ll be staying in this burg very long – plenty dead
Regards –
038 Sent from Washington D.C. on the 26th April 1934
We went to Mt. Vernon on a warm sunny day this time. We are having perfect
weather and a fine time. This morning we are going to see the N.R.A. at cook.
Greetings from the home of George Washington.
039 Sent from Washington D.C. on the 6th December 1935
Hello Ann,
How is everything We have wonderful weather
How is Theodor Ampapy
How is war [illegible]
040 Sent from Washington D.C. on the 9th December 1935
Mr: Lincoln just told me you are a American citizen.
041 Sent from Washington D.C. on the 16th December 1935
[illegible] Hope your O.K. Today is Sunday. Just came home from work at 6:30.
I here [illegible] Don’t sell stamp.
042 Sent from Tupper Lake, NY on the 3rd July 1936
Hello Ray
Are you taken care of the girls alright. Feeling fine but [illegible] then hell.
043 Sent from Atlantic City, NJ on the 31st May 1939
Dear Matthew:
Aren’t we the sports? Look where we landed at Atlantic City. We even had a ride
in the wheel chains. Hope to see you Sunday. Kiss mom and dad for us. Love
and xxxx kisses to you from us.
Grandpa & Grandma Gape
044 Sent from College Camp, WI on the 26th June 1939
Dear Jack –
I’m more sure than ever now that some of us should do all we can to start a
YM. on our own campus. Wish you could have the opportunity of a conference
like this. It really makes life seem worth living. How do you like the looks of
these sail boats? This is beautiful country in all ways –
As always Betty
045 Sent from World Fair, NY on the 1st July 1939
Some rat race, Jack – haven’t picked up very many ideas for our book here.
There are some good looking girls here in the Y Bldg; Guess I’ll stay awhile.
Best Wishes!
Arthur [illegible]
046 Sent from Crestline, OH on the 1st August 1939
324 W. Main Crestline July 31 – 39
Hello Folks – We are planning on coming to Cleveland for the Turners
Convention Aug 7-8-9 + would like to stay with you Sunday night and maybe
Monday. If you haven’t had your piano tuned I will take care of same. If Viola
isn’t busy this summer maybe she will go along back with us. If you are not
going to be at home or not [illegible]– write us.
Eden Bletz
047 Sent from Lake George, NY on the 2nd August 1939
Dear Jack: We’re staying near Lake George tonight. We went through Saratoga
Springs today. We got a glimpse of the racetrack but we couldn’t see it very
well. We had a drink of spring water here. It tasted awful. The picture on the
other side is just publicity. How are you getting along with the major? Has he
fired you yet? I hope you had a swell time on your vacation. I’m having one.
048 Sent from Brooklyn, NY on the 15th August 1946
Hello – Little Girl
Having lots of fun in New York. Went swimming today at Coney Island
049 Sent from Lakeside, OH on the 17th August 1939
Dear Andrew alias “Andy”
I enjoyed your card – an unknown admirer, n’est-ce pas? I’m having a perfectly
swell time. Of course I appreciate all your romantic thoughts about me but
somehow they don’t ring true.
Guess who?
050 Sent from Paw Paw, MI on the 25th August 1939
Plenty of minnows but no whales.
Your girlfriend John Pute Mahlalide 5th + 2 = 7th
P.S. Send me a kiss
051 Sent from Noelville, Ontario, Canada on the 16th of unknown month 1939
Hi Ralph
052 Sent from Fond du Lac, WI on the 2nd June 1940
Dear Eleanor,
How is my girl to-day. I get lonesome to see you all when I am so far away. I am
going over and have dinner with your other grandma to-day.
Lots of love from Grandma.
053 Sent from Saint Augustine, FL on the 21st September 1941
Plenty of rain but not while we are seeing things.
054 Sent from Franconia, NH on the 22nd July 1942
Hello –
This is a beauty shot
Aunt Emma xx
055 Sent from Newark, OH on the 19th August 1942
At home Aug 19th
Dear Ema we got your letter today it found us all well & sent you a card Monday
& one yesterday we will go to town tomorrow Mrs. Mix went home Thursday Nat
went to Cathrin Pic but Bess worked we was over to Whitford’s and Pando bit
Paul Denman the [illegible] is as dull sale. Will [illegible]
from P & [illegible]
056 Sent from Tacoma, WA on the 18th March 1943
Dear Gene:
No news, hence this card to let you know I am O.K. I have been back but nine
days, and yet it seems like months. This is a great life. Regards to all.
Cousin, Joe.
057 Sent from Los Angeles, CA on the 14th August 1943
I have just gotten back from Mexico and I am having the time of my life,
N. Wilson
058 Sent from Denver, CO on the 10th March 1944
Hello Dear
Hope you and all the family are well I am having a very good time my dear.
Hope to be in Cleveland soon When I can be with you
Smile you darling.
RC Williams
059 Sent from Sandusky, OH on the 23rd June 1944
Hello Marie, Here is where I am today (Thurs. is June 22) If I stay [illegible]
long and keep sending you cards they will have to find another mail carrier
060 Sent from San Francisco, CA on the 17th November 1944
Darling, This is KauKau or chicken corners. There is a drive in eating place
right behind this sign. That is Diamond Head in the background. It is just over
a mile from Harv’s house. It is at the junction of KalaKaua Ave. & Kapiolani
Blvd. I’m going to take you out that place around the bend in Lake Shore Blvd
when I get back.
Love and kisses, Les
061 Sent from Correo, Guatemala in 1945
Dear Margie,
This is my country how do you like it? Boy, I’m having a wonderful time. As a
matter of fact I’m a hero, just imagine me a hero. Well, sweetheart hope I can
see you
Love always, Charlie
062 Sent from Orange, CA on the 15th April 1946
Hi – ya:
This is where Paul goes to church!
Paul Lawrence
063 Sent from Ocean City, MD on the 10th August 1946
Well I wish you were here so we could have a god laugh. This is a grand place.
Never [illegible] so much in my life. Remember [illegible] all will be home
soon. Love to all
064 Sent from Detroit, MI on the 13th June 1947
Ted + I are spending a few days here sight seeing. We like it but it was hard to
get a room all the hotels were filled up. But we managed to get one by luck.
Best wishes Sis
Mary + Ted.
065 Sent from Bad Axe, MI on the 15th July 1947
And how?
066 Sent from Andover, VT in 1947
The lake and surr-oundings are more attractive than this. Is sure hot up here
too – so can imagine how it is at home. Love
067 Sent from unknown location on the 8th of unknown month, 1951
Aunt Floddy,
As soon as I get home I’ll send you a picture of myself with the pro at our golf
course. Love,
P.S. – Please give this to Edith for her collection.
068 Sent from New York, NY on the 25th February 1952
Dear Helen:
What a darling church. A christening going on while we were there.
See you Tues.
069 Sent from Nashville, TN on the 22nd June 1952
1705 – 22 ave No
Dear Mary
Hello to you and family very hot here having time of my life tell all hello
Nm Burns
070 Sent from Miami Beach, FL on the 31st July 1953
Hi Alice
we’re really living it up down here. Why does it ever have to end. Darn it. Hope
you’re taking it easy, Al. Give my regards to Ronnie, the little boys and Mom +
Dad. Be seeing ya.
Love Vi
071 Sent from Cheraw, SC on the 16th March 1954
Dear Bill + Eva.
It has been cold all the way but we have warm place at night had good meals
so far. How are things Hope they are coming your way, best wishes
Les + Jennie
072 Sent from Boston, MA on the 28th June 1955
Dear Bruce
Thanks for your card Remember our last meal at Chin?
Love Daddy
073 Sent from Salisbury, MD on the 21st July 1955
Hi Sanyi! Hier gehen wir baden, es gefällt uns ganz gut müssen aber bald
zurück. Viele Grüsse Mary
Hello from Liesel
Translation: Hi Sanyi! This is where we swim, we like it but have to leave soon.
Best Wishes, Mary
074 Sent from Traverse City, MI on the 8thJuly 1956
Dear Folk
We are having a nice vacation. Jim is just swell, no trouble at all. He is enjoying
his eats and the lake.
Vi + Len
075 Sent from Chicago, Il on the 29th June 1856
Hello to all. Will see you soon.
J.H. Carter
076 Sent From Pocono Manor, PA on the 27th December 1957
We’re keeping our heads down low – taking belly whoppers in the snow.
Ward + Pat
077 Sent from Venice, Italy, date unknown
Dear Jacks,
Here I am in front of St. Mark’s – couldn’t resist! I’ve enjoyed Venice so much.
To Florence tomorrow.
Love, Jerry
078 Sent from New York, NY on the 31st August 1959
It’s an old saying, but “it’s a great life”.Say hello to everybody from us.
Rudy and Leona
079 Sent from Booneville, MS on the 11th September 1960
Hello there + hope your well. Leave’s us okay + having fun.
The – Oakley’s
080 Sent from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada on the 24th June 1960
How is everything by you? Hope everyone is well. Haven’t heard from De-De in
over a week but I guess she is busy. I do hope she has good luck with her real
estate. Well give the kido my love. How’s George? Write when you can. Dad is
about the same, said thanks for the lovely card. Bye now [illegible]
My love, Mommy
081 Sent from Buffalo, NY on the 26th August 1962
Having a wonderful time.
Ernest Taylor
082 Sent from Warwick & Leamington, UK on the 22nd June 1965
Mom & Dad, Having a wonderful time. The picture on the front is of the
restaurant where we ate last night. Today we went to West Minster Abbey,
Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Old Curiosity Shop, Saint Paul’s
Cathedral, The Tower of London, and along the Thames. All of London is better
organized than cities in America. Will write from Stratford and tell all.
083 Sent from Honolulu, HI on the 3rd September 1963
Hi: Having a great trip – On to San Francisco, then home. Tell all hello,
Theressa + Dalamari Lowe
084 Sent from Kipawa, Quebec, Canada 27th July 1964
Hi – Arrived Sat. morning ready now for over 60 mile ride by boat to our rest
area. Take care –
Paul Elster
085 Sent from Munich, Germany on the 25th June 1965
Things have changed a lot in 30 years. Small villages very picturesque + we
missed these before. The food is wonderful but heavy + fattening!! I’ll soon be
as wide as I am tall.
Edna + Red
086 Sent from Phoenix, AZ on the 20th May 1966
Sure is plenty hot here. Not very many people on the street in the day time.
Siesta time. Must look around.
087 Sent from Mexico City, Mexico on the 16th November 1966
Dear Everybody:
Enjoying Mexico. Very interesting. Will show you on the movies. Returned today
from Taxco + Cuernavaca. On to Acapulco tomorrow. See you soon.
088 Sent from Acapulco, Mexico on the 18th November 1966
Dear Folks:
More sightseeing today + swimming. I’m getting a sun tan. Caught a sail fish
today. Nine feet 2 inches long + 147 lbs. I’ll show him to you on the movies.
Love, Oscar
089 Sent from Williamsburg, VA on the 12th June 1967
1 hr. to Washington 40 min to this place. You saw it so you know its beauty.
090 Sent from Škofja Loka, Slovenia in 1968
Greetings Everyone – Flight was fabulous – All is beautiful –
Mary [illegible]
091 Sent From Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in 1969
Yeah – Live Steam
092 Sent from Anchorage, AK on the 15th August 1970
Dear Folks:
We’re in the air heading for Alaska then to Japan and onto Nam. Everything is
fine. It’s 4:00 in Cleveland. Looking out the window I can see other parts of
California and it really looks beautiful. Well I’ll write another time. Be good and
may God Bless. Don’t worry.
Love always, Gary
093 Sent from Paris, France on the 6th February 1971
It takes two days to catch up in the time changes – loss of sleep. Going back
it won’t be so bad as you leave in the morning. Today I went out to Rue de
la Source where I lived. Also American Express – Place de L’opera – Place
Vendôme – Rue de la Paix. Now I’m sipping a tonic at a sidewalk café – I was
hot and dead on my feet.
Love, L
094 Sent from Saint George’s, Bermuda on the 1st September 1973
Hi – Look where I am heading toward Bermuda. Lovely cruise – first I’ve been
on. The weather is gorgeous – the sky & ocean so blue. Call you when I get
Love, Marianne
095 Sent from Kelley’s Island, Ohio in 1977
Our camp site
Hi Grandma, This is where we are camping on Kelly’s Island. We have a
campsite on the north shore of this island. We’ll be going to Indian Lake State
Park on Monday near Wapakoneta, Ohio. Having fun!
Bill – John – Mary – Steve – Rosie – Angie
096 Sent from Clwyd, Wales, Great Britain on the 26th July 1977
Dear James + Jenn,
We explored Edinburgh yesterday and we now are on our way to Ireland. The
temperatures are great and the scenery is so varied that time flies.
Love, Mother + Dad
097 Sent from Ypsilanti, MI on the 23rd April 1981
Swinger’s board, Hours 11AM – 12mid, located 3 blks East of Ypsi’s historical
water tower. We specialize in bachelorette and bachelor parties. Ladies
welcome, we have coin operated pay shows, a 2 seater video booth where
you can view a full length movie of your choice for $5.00, Doc Johnson Love
Products, Videos, Movies, The Magazine Rack. 515 W. Cross St. Ypsilanti Mich.
098 Sent from Graz, Austria on the 20th of October 1975
Hi Mario! Well here’s your postcard! It really is nice here; you ought to come here
sometime. I only flew as far as Zurich + then took a train to Graz. When I got to
the house where I was supposed to live, no one was home; the lady didn’t think I
was coming till the next day, so I stashed my suitcases + had to walk around the
town all day till 9:30 at nite, + I was dead tired. After that, things got better, but
I think I’m going to move into an apartment with 2 other girls I met here, rather
than live in a private home. Write me if you get a chance! Linda
099 Sent from Athens, Greece, date unknown
Dear All, Already been here for 5 days and disappointed that the city has been
so modernized, and unlike what I was taught in school. The Acropolis which is
already 2,500 years old and more, will outlive these multi story buildings. Such
is progress, God help us. Hope to have some good news of Margaret’s family on
my return.
XX love Bryn
100 Sent from Scotland on the 23rd July 1996
Dear Auntie Ruth + Bob,
We are enjoying so much out 13-day trip around the British Isles… its sun,
sun, sun! Tomorrow we land in Edinburgh, Scotland for a two day visit. We
started this trip in Cork by kissing the Blarney Stone. Today we toured the
Scottish highland by bus. See you next month.
Love, Dick + Ruth

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