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a pdf version - Michael Butkus Jr.
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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For Chinon Digital cameras, go here http://www.chinon.co.jp/dse/download/download.htm
For Chinon 8mm movie cameras, go here http://www.city-net.com/~fodder/s8mm/cameras.html
I did have Sprint DSL for 2 years
Please choose from the links below to view them
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Check here for the "Official" Chinon site which now has basically nothing except software for digital cameras.
Other places to check (these are mostly "links")
Pentax camera FAQ, camera repair FAQ and other items
Other information about K-mount cameras
The ultimate K-mount camera list (list from former web site, information was not collected
by me)
Information on K-mount lens mounts
More info on all types of camera mounts
Robert Monaghan's page of 2 1/4 and 35mm info
Duracell battery conversion chart - From Duracell site
sites about camera battery replacements (all types of cameras & batteries)
Battery replacement for mercury PX13, PX625, MR9 and PX27: problems and solutions
(updated 10-'03)- Not my article, need PDF reader.
Other Chinon sites (Ha!), Ricoh, Pentax and other places of interest like Infrared
List of almost every camera make and camera stores that sell used cameras from their
stores/web sites
Short list of camera stores
Camera in need of repair?: Options available by clicking here
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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Lens test (16mm Russian and others)
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YS Camera mount instructions - Remember these?
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Chinon price guide - 1987
CP-5 sales Guide
Chinon Quality 35mm SLR
Genesis III
Mamiya/sekor DSX
Ricoh XR-7
Ricoh KR-10 Super
Chinon 35mm camera
Ricoh KR-10 Super
Chinon Flash, motor drive and lens
Ricoh KR-10M flier
CP-9AF clear model
Sears 1939 cameras
PEERLESS camera store catalog
Kodak cameras - 1940
1972 camera sales catalog
Sears Camera Catalog - 1912
Photographic Inter-lenses
1929 Kodak Catalog
Sears 1956 camera catalog
HALOID photgraphic Papers
Kodak Photo papers - 1937
Cyko Prints / Ansco Company
Sears 1959
camera catalog
Montgomery Wards
CE II Memotron
Montgomery Wards
Camera Catalog - 1950
Amature photographer manual
Sears cameras 1941
Sears 1977-78
camera catalog
Chinon CP-5
twin program
Genesis IV
Ricoh XR-P Booklet
Ricoh Cameras
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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Cine Equipment
U.K. Camera Store 1962
Burke & James catalog - 1942
Photography Made Easy
GOREZ camera 1916
Abe Cohen's Camera Exchange 1940
Amature Photographer 1897
Kirk, Geary & Co. photo supplies 1901
Montgomery Wards 1952
camera catalog
Camera Craft - June 1917
Montgomery Wards - 1941
The Photogram - 1894
Sears 1952 camera catalog
The main makes of Chinon/Ricoh K-mount bodies
CM-1 CM-3, CE-3, CA-4, CX, CA-4S, CE-4, CE-4S, LED, CE-5, CG-5, CM-4, CM-4S, CM-5, CM-7,
CP-5 (Sears KSX-P), LED Promaster, Bellami, DP-5, CP-5X, CP-6, CP-7M, CP-9AF, CP-X.
Singlex, SLX 500, Ricoh 35 Flex, KR5 (CR 5, Sears KS-500), KR5 Super (Sears KSX 1000, Ricoh A-50
Super), KR5 Super II, KR5 Super III, KR-10 (Sears KSX and XR-1000X), XR-10 (KR-10X), KR-10 Super
(A-100S, KSX Super, Sears KS Super II), KR-10M, KR10X (XR-10), KR30SP (XR-20SP), XR1 (Sears
KS-1000), XR1S, XR2 (Sears KS), XR-2S, XR-S, XR-500 (Sears KS-500), XR5, XR6 (Sears KS Super),
XR7 (Sears KS-2), XR7M, XR7M II, XR8, XR10M (KR10M) ,Super, XR-F, XR-P, XR-S, XR20SP,
XR-M (XR-X), XR-X3PF, XR-X3000
Ricoh point and shoot
Ricoh Mirai 105 camera (same as Olympus Infinity Zoom 300), Ricoh Mirai,
KS (Ricoh XR2), KS-1, KS-2 (Ricoh XR-7), KS-500 (Ricoh XR-500), KS-1000 (Ricoh XR-1), SEARS SL II,
KS Super (Ricoh XR6), KS Super II, KSX (Ricoh KR-10), KSX-P (Chinon CP-5, CP-5s, DP-5, CP-6),
SR-2000 (Ricoh Super II), Sears SL-9
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Karat 36
Agfa Silette
Agfa Ambi Silette
Agfa Optima IIS
Agfa flash gun KL
Agfa Ansco folding camera PB20
Agfa Silette I
Agfa Ansco B2 Cadet
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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Agfa Sure-Shot B2 / Special D6
Agfa Isolette 4, 5
Agfa Ansco PB20 PLENAX
Agfa Proximeter (rangefinder adaptor)
Agfa Super Solina
Agfa Super Solinette
Agfa Ansco D6 Cadet
Agfa PD16 Readyset - Viking
Agfa Isolette II
Agfa Optima I
Agfa Silette LK
Agfa ISO-RAPID C (German)
Agfa ISO-RAPID I (German)
Agfa ISO-RAPID 2428
Agfa Optima 200
Agfa Optima 1A
Agfaflex III / IV / V
Agfa Optima 500
Alpa Reflex Model 9d and 9f
Alpa Cobextan Bellows System
Alpa macrophotography booklet
Alpha Inversbag
Alpa reflex 9d
Alpa Si 2000
Alpa Roto SM 60/70
Alpha Reflex 35 model 7
Alpa web page, check the bottom!
Alpa 10d booklet of reviews
Alpa 10d public relations booklet
Alpa Reflex booklet - 1930's
Agfa Optima III / IIIs (German)
Agfaflex I / II
Agfa Karat IV
Agfa Isola 6X6
Agfa Isola I 6X6
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Ansco Super MEMAR
Ansco Box Camera 2 and 2A
Ansco Semi-automatic 1A
Ansco Rediflex
Ansco Super Regent LVS
Ansco Pioneer / Pioneer 16
Ansco Shur-Shot 20
Ansco Regent
Anscon Viking 6.3
Ansco Lancer
Ansco Vest Pocket No. 2
Ansco Clipper
Ansco Titan 20
Ansco Viking Readyset
Ansco Speedex Jr.
Ansco Color Clipper
Ansco Miniature Cameras
Ansco Film
Ansco Filters
Ansco Flash Clipper Camera
Ansco flash unit
Ansco Buster Brown Camera No. 2, 2A, 3, 3A
Anscoflex II
Ansco Readyflash
Ansco Speedex
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
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Argus C-4
Argus C-44
Argus V-100 (ordered)
Argus C-44 model R
Argus model AF
Argus C-44 interchangeable lenses
Argus C-3
Argus C-20
Argus C-33
Argus Autronic I
Argus 35mm guide and reference
Argus C-3 Most Popular Camera
Argus Autronic 35
Argus model A / A2
Argus C-3 accessory lens
Argus forty
Cosina/Argus STL 1000
Argus 75
Argus Super 75
Argus Argoflex - Argoflex
Argus Match-Matic C-3
Argus Argoflex E
Argus a-four
Argus cameras and projectors
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Other Beseler information
Beseler Topcon D1
Besler Topcon Super D
Manual & Flier
Beseler Topcon IC-1
Beseler Topcon RE200
Beseler Topcon Super Dm
Beseler Topcon Unirex
Topcon UNI
Topcon Macro and Reverse-adapter rings
Topcon/Hanimex RE Auto
Topcon Wink Mirror E
Beseler Topcon RE300
Beseler Topconette
Beseler Topcon Auto100
Beseler Topcon RE Super
Beseler Topcon R
Beseler Topcon Super D booklet
Beseler Topcon Wink Mirror S
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Canon A-1
Canon EOS 620-650
Canon AT-1
Canon EOS 630
Canon F-1
Canon AE-1
Canon FTb
Canon EOS 500 / 500QD
Canon FX
Canon Command back 70/80/90
Canon FD manual site (not mine)
Canon EOS 100
Canon EOS 10s
EOS Rebel II / Rebel SII
Canon AE-1 program
Canon EOS 1 - write to me
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Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
7 of 26
Canon Pellix QL
Canon 35mm rangefinder
Canon Canonet 28
Canon ELAN 7e / 30
Canon Canolite D
Please write to me to get a listing of EOS manuals.
Canon Speedlite Flash Units
Canon FD interchangeable lenses
Canon EE EX
Canon FX
Canon A35F
Canon MC
Canon Rangfinder lenses
Canon Product Guide
Canon Point and Shoot models
Chinon CP-9AF self made instructions
Chinon Genesis III public relations booklet ('90?)
Chinon CP-9AF (Auto focus or manual lenses)
Genesis II (GS-8) Auto Focus Reflex zoom
This is a full manual with all images, takes a bit to load.
Chinon CP-9AF article on digital back which never happened
Chinon GS-7 (Genesis)
Chinon CP-9AF clear body (demo)
Chinon CP-6
Chinon CP-7m (manual focus 35mm camera)
Chinon CP-5S - spot metered CP-5
CP-7m (shortened version)
Genesis III - full manual - finally got one!
Chinon CE-4 and CE-4s (Aperture priority)
Genesis IV - full manual
Chinon CE-5 (Typical viewfinder metering system)
Chinon CP-X - Full owners manual
Chinon CM-7 - full manual
Chinon CP-6 & CP-X Public relations booklet
Chinon CM-5 (3 LCD metering system camera)
Chinon Bellami (35mm "barn door")
Chinon CE-5 - Public Relations Booklet
Chinon Belami AF
Chinon CM-4/4s Instruction manual/Illustrated
Chinon CE-3 Memotron(illustrated guide)
CE-3 (Instruction guide)
Chinon CA-4/4s Instruction and Illustrated manual
Chinon CEII Memotron - full manual
Chinon CP-5 or CP-6 (self made instructions)
Chinon CG-5 - Full manual
Chinon CP-5 or CP-6 - full manual in two sections
Chinon CS
Sears KSX-P - full manual (clone
Chinon SLR
Chinon DP-5, CP-5 or 6)
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
8 of 26
Chinon CM-3 - Illus. (3 LED metering camera)
PW-535/545 Power winder (Chinon)
Chinon CX - full manual
PW-600/610 Power winder (Chinon)
Chinon LED Promaster - Full manual
PW-540 / Power Winder S
Chinon LED Promaster - Illustrated Guide
Chinon Power Winder / PW-510 (CE-3, CM-3)
Chinon CM-1 Instruction
Chinon DP-5 - like the CP-5/6 with chrome top
Chinon DSL
Chinon Auto S-240 - Electronic Flash
Chinon Auto S-280 Electronic Flash
CM-1 Illustrated
Chinon CS-4
Chinon Info Back - 2 (data back)
Chinon Info Back - 3 (Interval Timer)
Chinon AF-S280 (users manual)
Chinon Auto S-180
Chinon Auto S-300 flash
Chinon S-360 flash
Chinon S-250
Chinon CX II
Chinon Auto S-180 Electronic Flash
Chinon wireless remote control
Chinon 50mm AF F1.7 Lens
Chinon S-250 Zoom
Chinon 35-70AF F/3.3 - 4.5 Lens
Contaflex camera and acc. - 35mm - '62?
Contax IIIa
Contax Date Back Quartz D-4
Contax 109 Quartz
Contax Data Back D-8
Contax 137 MA Quartz
Contax S2
Contax 159 MM
Contax RTS
Contax T
Contina Guide
Contax T VSIII
Contax ST
Contax G2
Zess Ikon Cameras - 1928 -'54
Contax T2
Contaflex II
Contax T3
Contax 167mt
Contaflex Beta
Zeiss Ikon Koblitz flash
Contax Aria
Zeiss Ikon Contina II
Contaflex Rapid
Contaflex Super B
Contarex Special
Contax 139
Contax TLA 20
Zeiss Ikon camera info.('60's)
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
9 of 26
Contax 645
Zeiss Ikon Colora / Colora F
Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta II
The Connoisseur and the Contax - 1936
Zeiss Ikon NETTAR
Zeiss Ikon Contessamat SBE
Zeiss Ikon Contessa matic
Contax Contaflex Super
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B and BX
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B and BX color adaptors
Zess Ikon Bellows for the Contarex
Zeiss Ikon Interchangeable backs
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex
Contax RTS III
Use the Google search at the very top of this page
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Listing of Cosina made SLRs
Cosina Hi-Lite DL
Cosina C2
Cosina CT-1
Cosina CT-2 / CT-3
German version
Cosina CT-7
Cosina Hi-Lite
Cosina CX-1 / CX-2
Cosina Speedlight CX-11
Cosina/Argus STL 1000
Cosina Hi-Lite 402
Cosina CX-W (winder)
Cosina CT-4
Cosina E-1 Solar
Cosina Hi-Lite EC
Cosina CT-9
Cosina 107-SW / Voighlander Bessa L
Cosina CT1A / 1G
Cosina AF-35
Cosina CSM
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Exakta 35mm Guide
Edixa-mat Reflex Instruction book
Exakta Twin TL
Exakta RTL1000
Kine-Exakta II
Exakta HS-1 / HS-2
Exakta Continued
Exakta 66
EXA 500
Exakta VX
Exakta VX1000
Exakta VX IIa booklet & flier
Exakta VX IIb
Exakta 66
Exakta Pocket Guide
Exakta Guide
Exakta Unlimited booklet
Exakta Pageant
Exakta Interchangeable lenses
Macro and photomicrography with Exakta VX
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
10 of 26
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
For more specific information on Fujica cameras, try this U.K. site !
Fujica AX-1 - Full manual
Fujica AX-3 - Full manual
Fujica AX-5 - Full manual
Fujica ST605
Fujica ST-701 - Full Manual
Fujica STX-1 - Full Manual
Fujica AZ-1
Fujica 35_EE
Fuji DL-400 Tele - Full manual
Fujica STX-1N - Full manual
Fujica STX-2
Fujica AX Multi-Program
Fujica AZ-1 - ST901 - 801 - 705 - 605 Book
Fujica link to a discussion group (not mine)
Flash Fujica S
Fujica ST801
Fujica ST705
Fujica ST901
Fujica DL-100
Fujifilm DL-290 zoom
Fujica Half
Fujifilm DL-270 Discovery Zoom
Fujifilm DL-290 Discover Zoom
Fujifilm DL-312 zoom
Fuji DL-7
Fuji DL-300
Fujifilm Nexia 3100 ix z
Fuji FZ-2000 Zoom
Fuji HD-M (Heavy Duty)
Fujifilm endevor fotonex 400 ix zoom
Fujifilm Nexia 320 ix z
Fujica V2
Fujica Discovery 3000 Zoom
Fujica 35mm camera guide
Fujifilm 2 1/4 - See Prof. Large format
Fuji DL-200
Please write to me to get the listing of PDF manuals
Hasselblad 500EL
French version - Hasselblad 500C/M & SWC/M
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
11 of 26
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Kodak Retina I
Kodak Retina Ib
Retina Reflex III - jpg
Retina Reflex III - instructions
Kodak Retina III C - HTML
Kodak Retina IIIC - PDF
Kodak Retina IIC and IIIC
Kodak Retina IIC and IIIC booklet
Kodak Retina IIF
Retina Reflex
Kodak Retina Reflex S
Kodak Retina S1
Kodak Reflex II
Retina Reflex III - flier
Kodak Folding Autographic Brownies - 1888
Kodak Pony II
Kodak Retinette
Kodaks Junior Six-20 and Six-16
Kodak Retina IIa
Kodak Retina Automatic I
Kodak Retina Automatic III
Aux. lenses for Reflex S, III, IIIS
Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash
Kodak Six-16
Kodak Junior Six-20 & Six-16 Series III
Kodak Camera booklets
Kodak Pony 828
Kodak Stereo
Kodak Motormatic 35
Kodak Motormatic 35F
Kodak Tourist
Kodak Tourist II
Kodak Bicycle Cameras
Kodak Baby Brownie
Kodak Brownie No. 2
Kodak Pocket Junior No. 1 & 1A
Kodak Brownie Flash SIX-20
Kodak Folding Hawkeye No. 2 & 2A Model B
Kodak Automatic 35
Kodak Vigilants
Kodak Nos. 1A and 3 Series III
Kodak and Brownie cameras - 1912 - 1939 - 1940 Kodak Junior Autographic No. 1A
Kodak booklet 1928
Kodak Autographic 3A Special
Kodak Recomar No. 18 / 33
#2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Camera (model C)
Kodak Primo No. 1
Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 model C
Kodak Cartridge Premo Cameras No. 2 and 2-A Rainbow Hawk-Eyes No. 2 & 2a folding Model B
Kodak Pony Premos No. 6 & 7
Kodak Hawk-Eye model C
Kodak 1924 camera catalog
Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic
Kodak Autographic No. 3A
Kodak Brownie Reflex
Kodak Jiffy Series II - models siz-20 and six-16
KODAKERY magazine
Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 and 2A
Kodak Premoette Junior
Kodak Brownie 3 and 2-A
Kodak Duraflex II
Kodak Brownie Specials six-20 / 16
Kodak Brownie movie camera
Kodak Signet 30
Kodak Duraflex IV
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
12 of 26
Kodak Signet 35
Kodak Signet 40
Kodak Signet 50
Kodak Signet 80
Kodak Medalist II
Kodak Brownie Starflash
Kodak Brownie Starflex - 127
Kodak Bantam
Kodak Bantam RF
Kodak Chevron - 620 film
Kodak Autographic No. 3A - 120 film
Kodak / Eastman Photo Papers
Kodak Pocket Special 1 and 1A
Kodak Pocket 2C and 3A
Kodak Retinette IA
Kodak Pony Roundup (accessories)
Kodak Pony 135
Kodak Brownie Super 27
Kodak SIX-15 - 120 film
Kodak Brownie Target
Kodak Pony IV
Kodak Bulls-eye camera No. 2
Kodak Vigilants - 120 film
Kodak Automatic 35F
Kodak cameras and supplies 1931
Kodak lenses and shutters (1950s)
Kodak and Supplies - 1906
Kodak and Supplies 1912
Kodak and Supplies - 1935 / 1936
Kodak interchangeable lenses for Retina Reflex III, S and
Kodakery 1918
Kodak 35 R4
Kodak Jiffy V.P.
Kodak and Supplies - 1929
Kodak S series S1100XL
Kodak Instamatic Reflex
Kodak Cine Model B F3.5 lens
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Konica Autoreflex T
Konica AF3
Konica FT-1 motor
Konica T3
Konica T4
Konica C35
Konica Autoreflex TC
Konica C35 EFP
Konica BM-201 (Big Mini)
Konica Auto S2
Konica FP
Konica FP-1
Konica Autoreflex A
Konica A4
Konica Autoreflex A3
Konica FS-1
PDF version
Konica TC-X
Konica Autoreflex manual
Konica III
Konica Z-up 70
Konica L
Konica EE-matic Deluxe
Konica Z-up 120
Konica Lexio 115
Konica Z-up 135 Super
Konica Auto 261
Konica X-24 Auto
Konica FC-1
Konica HEXAR rf
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
13 of 26
Leicaflex SL
Leica IIIf Supplemtary Instructions
Leica Model IIIa
Leica R3 / R3-MOT
Leica Guide
Leica R4
Leica R8
Leica R5
Leitz Visoflex III
Leica Meter MR (Spanish only)
Leica and Leicaflex accessories
Leica - The camera of to-day
Leica If - IIf - IIIf
New Leica manual -1954
Leica accessory guide - 1984
Leica camera catalog - 1931
Leica camera catalog - 1933
Leica Leitz
Leica mini
Leica AF C-1
Leica M4
Leica M5
Leica Schneider Variogon
Leica Lenses
Leica Bellows Focusing Device
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Mamiya 1000/500 DTL
Mamiya/Sekor Auto XTL
Mamiya "P" adaptor
Mamiya ZE-2 Quartz
Mamiya ZE
Mamiyalite ZE
Mamiya Winder ZE
Mamiya/Sekor ZE lenses
Mamiya Prism Finders
Mamiya 645 PRO
Mamiya C (2 1/4 film size)
Mamiya ZE-X - full manual
Mamiya NC1000 / 1000s
Mamiya/Sekor MSX 1000 / 500
Mamiya ZM Quartz
Mamiya / Sekor TL
Mamiya C220 system booklet
Mamiya RZ67
Mamiya 645 pro TL
Mamiya M 645
Mamiya RB67 lenses
Mamiya RB67
Mamiya 35mm booklet
Mamiya RB67 Pro-S and Pro-S system
Mamiya/sekor DSX series
Mamiya M645 Power Drive
Mamiya C220 Pro
Mamiya C330
Mamiya C330 single exposure attachment
Mamiya C330 booklet
Mamiya/Sekor CWP
Mamiya Auto-Lux 35
Mamiya U
Mamiyalite MZ 36R
C220 booklet
Mamiya E and EF lenses
Mamiya/Sekor 528TL
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
14 of 26
Mamiya Paramender Model 3
Mamiya 2 1/4 cameras see bottom
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Minolta X-700 - not mine others available
Minolta Point and Shoot
Konica-Minolta USA camera manuals - not my site
Minolta XG-7
Minolta XG-1
Minolta XG-A
Minolta 16 (subminature camera)
Minolta 16 QT
Minolta 16 EE-II
Minolta XG-9
Minolta Electronic Flash
Minolta Weathermatic A
PDF version
Minolta SRT-101
Minolta X-700 and system accessories
Minolta SRT-200/201/202
Minolta Autocord M
Minolta Autocord L
Minolta Auto Meter IV F
Minolta Spotmeter M
Minolta Digital RD-175 35mm (1996)
Minolta electronic flash units
Minolta autometer II
Minolta Autometer III
Minolta AL-F
Minolta Autocord CdS
Minolta X-300
Minolta SR-TSC
Minolta System Guide
Minolta 110 Zoom SLR Mark II
Minolta Color Meter IIIF
Minolta XD-5
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Minox B
Minox 35 MB
Minox booklet
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 EL
Minox EC
Minox C
Minox LX
Minox accessories booklet
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Unofficial Miranda site but quite useful
Miranda RE-II
Miranda Auto Sensorex EE
Miranda Sensorex
Miranda MS-3
Miranda Sensomat RE
Miranda F
Miranda Sensorex II
Miranda EE-2
Miranda DX-3
Miranda automex III
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
15 of 26
Miranda Fv
Miranda GT
Miranda G
Miranda automex
Miranda G System
Miranda DR 1.9
Please write to me to get the PDF of certain models
Nikonos II
Nikonos III
Nikonos V
Nikonos RS AF
Nikon N6006 / N6000 Flash
Nikon 4004s (AF)
Nikon F manual and booklet
Nikon 8080s
Nikon FE 10
Nikon FG-20
Nikon N70
Nikon F2
Nikon FE
Nikon FTn Finder
Nikon N2020 - write to me
Nikon F50 / 50D
Nikkormat EL
Nikon Tele Touch
Nikon Nuvis 125
Nikon F-401x - write to me
Nikon AF 200
Nikon TW20 / Quartz
Nikon TW20 /TW20 Quartz
Nikon F
Nikon F-601 / F-601M flash
Nikon F3 (in color) - write to me
Check the official Olympus site for free downloads (PDF)
Olympus OM40
Olympus OM-2 manual
Olympus G
Olympus OM-2
Olympus OM-4Ti
Olympus PEN EF
Olympus AZ-1 Zoom
Olympus Superzoom 70
Olympus IS-2000
Olympus XA
Olympus IS-2000
Olympus Infinity Zoom 200
Olympus u-1
Olympus Infinity Stylus 140
Olympus Super Zoom 3000
Olympus Pen FT
Olympus Multi AF Zoom
Olympus Pen D2
Olympus Chrome Six
Olympus Pen EES-2
Olympus OM 77AF
Olympus NewPic Zoom 600
Olympus Flashes
Olympus Pen F slide copier 2
At a Glance
Olympus OM-T20
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
16 of 26
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
New link - 8-'04
Beautiful scans for Pentax manuals
universal and K-mounts
crappy high contrast 35mm manuals from Pentax corp.
use their site (PDF files)
Includes all Pentax cameras - digital - point and shoot - 2 1/4
Pentax LX
Pentax KM
Pentax Spotmatic II
Pentax ES
Pentax ESII
Pentax Spotmatic
Pentax Service Manuals (link)
Pentax K1000
Pentax SP1000
Pentax ZX-5
Pentax MX
Pentax SF1
Pentax PZ 20
Pentax XZ-50
Pentax MZ-7 / ZX-7
Pentax MZ-50
Pentax A3000
Pentax Program Plus
Pentax MZ-M (ordered)
Pentax ZX-M
Pentax SF10
Pentax super program
Pentax H1/H3
Pentax lenses and access.
Pentax Heiland H-2
Pentax SP500
Pentax P30t
Pentax K2 service manual
Pentax ME super
Asahi Pentax
Pentax ME
Pentax P3
Pentax SF7
Pentax P3n
Honeywell Repronar 805
Pentax ZX-30
Pentax PZ-70
Pentax spotmeter III / model FL
Pentax Auto 110 system
Honeywell Pentax accessories
Pentax winder MEII
Pentax Flashes
Pentax Professional 2 1/4
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Petri 7
Petri II
Petri MF-3
Petri SLR 35
Petri Half 7
Petri Penta
Petri FTE
Petri 7S
Petri 7sII
Petri Flex V
Petri Cds exposure meter
Petri Color 35E
Petri flex V & V3 flier
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
17 of 26
Petri 2.8
Petri Flex 7
Petri FT II
Petri MF 101
Petri FT EE
Petri FT 1000
Petri V6
Petri MF 102 / MF-103
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Official site for manuals - click here
Polaroid SX-70
Polaroid Land Camera - Model 110A
World of the SX-70
Polaroid Land Camera - Model 150 / 800
Polariod ProPack
Polariod SX-70
Polariod Auto 250 Land
Polariod 100
Polariod 103
Polariod 101
Polariod 104
Polariod Color Swinger, Swinger II
Polariod Pronto
Polaroid 330 Land Camera
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Praktica MTL3
Praktica MTL5
Praktica LLC
Praktica BC1
Praktica VLC
Praktica VLC2
Praktica Super TL 1000
Praktica BX20
Praktica LB2
Praktica BCA
Praktica BMS
Praktica Super TL
Praktica Super TL2
Praktica LLC
Praktica LTL
Praktica FX2
Versatile Praktica
Praktica Nova I
Praktica Nova II
Praktica VF / VFB / IV
Praktica Guide
Praktica PLC2
Praktica PLC3
Praktica EE2
Praktica B200
Praktica 35-70mm zoom
Praktica L
Praktica mat
Praktica L2
Pentacon Six TL
Praktisix II
Praktica kw
Praktica TL2
Praktica fx booklet
Praktiflex FX
Praktica, Praktina, Pentacon, Edixflex guide
Praktica accessories
Praktica "None Better" public relations booklet
Praktina IIA
Praktica PLC
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
18 of 26
Praktica DC42
Praktica FX3
Praktica BC 2200
Praktica BC 2400
Use the Google search at the very top of this page
Ricoh XR-1/Sears KS-1000
Ricoh XR-P Pocket Guide
Ricoh PG-4 winder
Ricoh KR-10 Super - Full manual
Ricoh KR-5 (useful for most match-needle
Ricoh CR-5
Ricoh KR-5 III
Ricoh KR-10M - full manual
Ricoh KR-5 Super - full manual
Ricoh XR-1 - full manual
Ricoh Databack 2
Ricoh SP-winder
Ricoh KR-10M (booklet)
Ricoh TLS 401- NOT MINE
Ricoh TLS 401
Ricoh Photographic Product Catalogue
Ricoh R1 (full manual)
Ricoh Singlex - Full manual
Ricoh "Singlex" fact sheet
Ricoh 500
Ricoh XR-P in one page
Ricoh XR-M and XR-X - full manual
Ricoh KR-30sp - Short instructions
Ricoh KR-30sp /XR-20sp (full manual)
Ricoh XR-6
Ricoh A-100
Ricoh XR-7 (typical "auto" Ricoh camera) Sigma SA-1
Ricoh XR-X3pf (full 60 pages broken into 3 sections)
Ricoh KR-5 Super II - full manual
Ricoh XR2s / XR-2
Ricoh KR-10 - Full manual (Sears KSX)
Ricoh XR-10
Ricoh KR-10x
Ricoh SLR Systems - Booklet
Ricoh Singlex TLS - Full manual
Ricoh Auto TLS EE
Ricoh Singlex II
Ricoh Mirai 105 - Full manual, 3 sections
Ricoh Mirai - Full manual, 3 sections
Ricoh 500 Seikosha MXL
Ricoh 500G
Ricoh Mirai Zoom 3
Ricoh 126C-FLEX TLS
Ricoh XR-240 Speedlight
Ricoh XR Solar
Ricoh "35"
Ricoh XR-X3000
Ricoh XR Winder 2
Ricoh XR Speedlight 300p
Ricoh Speedlite PX
Ricoh 35 FLEX
Ricoh Twin Lens Reflex Guide
Ricoh COLOR-BACK "225" (2 1/4 to 35mm
Ricoh 500RF
Ricohmatic 35
Ricoh 260P Speedlite
Ricoh XR Speedlight 180
Ricoh SLX 500
Ricoh 500ME
Ricoh RC-5 remote control
Ricoh Super Shot
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
19 of 26
Ricoh Auto Half
Ricoh Golden 16
Ricoh motor 3
Ricoh Auto 35
Ricoh XR Data Back RIQuartz
Ricohmatic 44
Super Ricohflex
Ricoh Super 44 (2 1/4)
Ricoh Fax Back system - Read the instructions, you need a fax to receive the copies.
I have nothing to do with this, don't ask me for help!
I do not do much with point and shoot. With replacements costing under $50, why bother.
Chinon Handyzoom 5001
Chinon Auto GLX (point and shoot)
Chinon Auto GX
Chinon Auto GL-II
Chinon Auto 5501 / 6001
- PDF format
Chinon 35FA Super / FA II
Chinon 35F-A
Chinon Splash AF
Chinon Splash GX
Chinon 35 FS-A
Ricoh FF-1S
Ricoh FF-3AF
Ricoh FF-9 / 9s
Ricoh FF-10
Ricoh AF-7
Ricoh AF-5
Ricoh AF-55
Ricoh FF-20 Wide Zoom
Ricoh FF*70
Ricoh FF-700
Ricoh FF*90
Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom
Ricoh accessories F*90 / 90d
Ricoh Shotmaster 130 Super QD
Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Dual
Ricoh FF-3AF Super
Ricoh RZ-770
Chinon Pocket Zoom
Ricoh RZ-3000
Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom
Ricoh Shotmaster AF
Ricoh Shotmaster AF Super
Ricoh Shotmaster AF-P
Chinon Auto 357Z
Ricoh TF-200
Ricoh AF-100
Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom Super
Ricoh AF-500
Ricoh TF-500
Ricoh L 108 time/date back
Ricoh Myport 310 Super
Ricoh AF-40
Ricoh AF-45
Ricoh LX-22
Ricoh L-20
Ricoh AD-1
Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super
Shotmaster Ultra Zoom
Ricoh RT-550
Ricoh RC-5 remote control
Ricoh XF-30
Ricoh YF-20
Ricoh Guide book
Promaster AF-1
Ricoh AF-303
Chinon IntraFocus 35F-MA
Chinon AP600S AP300
Chinon 35EE / GAF Memo
Ricoh EF-60
Ricoh 35EFS
Ricoh RZ-880 / 800
Ricoh RZ-900
Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105+
Ricoh RZ-1000
Ricoh GR1
Ricoh GR1S
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
20 of 26
Rolleiflex 3.5 F and 2.8F
Rolleiflex 2.8C
Rolleiflex 2.8E
Rolleiflex Automat
Rollei SL 35 M
Rolleiflex Practical Accessories
Rollei E 36 RE Flash
Rollei - again and again
Rollei 35mm SLR close up range
Rollei 35 LED
Rollei Equipment - 1960
Rolleiflex SL66
Rollei 35
Rollei 35 PDF format
Rolleimat F
Rollei Catalogue 1960/1961
Rolleiflex Guide
Rollei Legend Lives On - Product Guide
Rollei B35 & C35
Rolleicord IV
Rollei Beta 3
Rolleiflex/Rolleicord booklet
Rolleiflex SL26
Rolleicord Va
Rollei Manual - HC/DJ
Rolleiflex 2.8D
Rolleiflex T
Rollei E19 / E22 flash unit
Rollei manual (various models)
Rollei Beta 4
Rollei 134 REB / B
Rollei Rolleiflex 6008
Rollei Rolleiflex 3001
Rollei Rolleiflex 6002
Rolleiflex SLX
Rollei 121 BC
Rollei Prego 90 AF
Rollie 16 (German)
Rollei Flash Units
Rolleimat AF
Rollei fototechnic Prego 90 AF
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
KIEV-4 and 4A
Russian 35mm Spy Camera
Horizon 202 (Russina)
Lubitel Universal 166
Kiev 88 / 88TTL
Instructions for use
Lubitel 166B
KIEV-4M and 4AM
Zenith 80 2 1/4
KIEV 88 / 88TTL
Kiev 35A
Zenit 19
Keiv 88 / 88TTL
Repair Manual
Cosmorex - SE PDF
ZORKI - Zorki 4K
Lubitel 2
Zenith Guide
Lubitel Universal 166B
Lubitel 2
Zenith - C
Keiv 88 / 88TTL parts list
FED CTEPEO - Stereo camera
(K series models are clones of Ricoh cameras except KSX-P which is a Chinon clone)
Sears KS-1 (AKA Ricoh XR-6)
Sears KS-2 (Typical K-mount "Automatic" camera)
Sears KSX Super
Sears Auto 500
Sears KS winder (jpg images)
Sears KS 1000 / Ricoh KR-1
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
21 of 26
Sears KS Super
Sears KS Super II
Sears KSX-P or Chinon CP-5 or 6 (full manual)
Sears Tower 23
Sears (older Tower and other older makes)
Sears Camera Catalog (1952) - see also
(Older models)
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Sears Tower 51
Sears Tower - type 3
Sears Tower exposure meter
Sears models that are Ricoh made
Sears Tower Reflex III
Sears camera catalog - 1952
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Sigma SA-5
Sigma SA-300
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Coronet 3D Camera (stereo)
Kodak Stereo
Viewmaster personal stereo
KIN-DAR Stereo
Graflex Stereo Graphic
Verascope "F40"
Nishika (3-D camera)
Stereo Realist "45"
Iloca Stereo II
Viewmaster Stereo Camera
Stereo Realist Camera
Stereo Realist quick instructions
Stereo Colorist Camera
Stereo Realists Viewer
TDC Stereo Vivid Camera
TDC Stereo Viewer
Realist 990
Revere Stereo 33
Nimslo 3D
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Vivitar XC-2
Vivitar XC-3
Vivitar V6000
Vivitar V2000
Vivitar 4000 / 4000S
Vivitar V-50
Vivitar Flash Units
Vivitar 285HV
Vivitar 3300SE
Vivitar 250SL / 220SL
Vivitar 400/SL
Use the Google search at the very top of this page
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
22 of 26
Voigtlander Prominent
Voigtlander Vitessa
Voigtlander Vitessa 500 AE
Voigtlander Vitomatic II
Voigtlander Vitoret F
Voigtlander Vito IIa
Voigtlander Vito C
Voigtlander Vito CL_CLR
Voigtlander BESSA-R
Voigtlander Vito
Voigtlander bessy k
Voigtlander bessy s
Voigtlander bessy as
Voigtlander Dynamatic
Voigtlander - Bessa
Voigtlander VSL 3 - E
Voigtlander filters
Voigtlander Bessa-L
Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder Model 2
Voigtlander Cameras - 1954 - '55
Voigtlander Cameras
Voigtlander Vito automatic I
Voigtlander Vito Automatic (French)
Voigtlander Vito II 35mm
Voigtlander automatic II
Voigtlander Vito CD
Voigtlander Vitoret
Voigtlander Vitoret D
Voigtlander Vitessa T
Voigtlander Vito DR
Voigtlander Vito BR
Voigtlander bessy ak
Voigtlander Bessamatic
Voigtlander dynamatic II
Voigtlander Vitessa exposure meter
Voigtlander Brilliant F7.7
Voigtlander accessories
Voigtlander VSL1
Voigtlander Vitessa 500L (German)
Voigtlander Plate 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 and 1/4
Voigtlander Rollfilm
Voigtlander VF 135
Vito Guide
Vitomatic Guide
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Also try the Yashica-guy with this link - click here
Yashica FR I
Yashica FX-1
Yashica Reflex 35
Yashica TL Electro
Yashica FX-103
Yashica 230-AF
Yashica FX-103 program
Yashica MG-1
Yashica TL Electro-X
Yashica FR II
Yashica FX-2
Yashica FX-3 / FX-7
Yashica FX-D
Yashica FX-70
Yahsica A (2 1/4)
Yashica Electro 35 GSN/GTN
Yashica 300 Auto Focus
Yashica Electro 35
Yashica Electro AF Mini
Yashica Auto Focus Motor
Yashica Auto M
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
23 of 26
Yashica Y16
Yashica 635 (2 1/4 and 35mm)
Yashica MAT-124G
Yashica MAT EM
Yashica MAT "M"
Yashica D
Yashica D 66
Yashica Autofocus Motor
Yashica 108 Multi-program
Yashica 200-AF
Yashica Electro 35 GT
Yashica 35-ME
Yashica 35 YK
Yashica T4 super / super D (point & shoot)
Yashica Electro AX
Yashica 24
Yashica - 6x6
Yashica / Zeiss lens guide (FX-D. FX-70, FX-D)
Yashica 16EE
Yashica / Zeiss lens shade guide
Yashica J-3
Yashica CS-201 flash
Yashica Partner AF
Yashica CS-221 Auto
Yashica MF-3
Yashica Auto Focus S
Yashica Minimatic C
Yashica minimatic C
Yashica Winder for FR
Yashica Zoomtec
Yashica Campus
Yashica AF-M II / IID
Yashica E (6X6)
Yashica 35 YL
Yashica minister II
Yashica 107 Multi-program
Yashica Atoron
Yashica Pentamatic S
Yashica Lynx-5000
Yashica Pentamatic
Yashica Samuria
Yashica EE F2.8
Yashica L AF/AF date
Yashica 35 Flash-O-Set II
Yashica JP
Yashica DF-10/10S
Yashica AF-mini
Yashica LM 44
Yashica Kyocera
How to take better pictures with your Yahsica
Yashica TL-Super
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Zenith EM and B
Zenith E
Zorki 4K
Zenth TTL
Zenith 12xp
Zenith 12
Zenit 19
Zenit Guide
Zenith 80
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
24 of 26
Search WWW
Search www.butkus.org
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Professional Large format cameras
(PDF requires Adobe 5.0 or higher)
Mamiya RZ67
Fujifilm GA645i / GA645Wi
Mamiya RB67 Pro
Mamiya RB67 Pro-S
Pentax 645
Graflex Cameras
Mamiya M645 1000S
Zenith 80
Kowa Super 66
Kowa SIX
Bronica EC
Bronica ETR (Zenza)
Bronica ETRS / ETRC (Zenza)
Bronica ETR Si (Zenza)
Fujifilm GA645Zi
Brooks Veriwide 100
Bronica SQ (Zenza)
Bronica SQ-Ai (Zenza)
Bronica SQ-A AE finder S
Bronica S
Graflex 2 1/2X3 1/4 Series B
Bronica SQ-A auto bellows attachment
Bronica S-2
Bronica S2 & C booklet
focal plane shutter
Bronica SQ-A m (Zenza)
Mamiya M645
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
Mamiya C330s
Mamiya M645 Super
Calumet 4X5
B&J Watson Press Cameras
Mamiya C camera guide
Fujifilm GX680III / GX680IIIS
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
25 of 26
Super Speed and Super Graphic
Graflex and Speed Graphic cameras (info)
Rapid Omega 100 & 200
Fuji GS645 Pro
Calumet 4X5 View
Rollei Rolleiflex 3001
Rollei Rolleiflex 6008
Pacemaker Graphics: Speed & Crown
Pacemaker Graphics Speed-Crown
GOERZ Lens book
Pentax 6X7
Fuji GS645S
Miniature Speed Graphic
Compact Graflex
Bronica Finder S
Linhof Color
These prices do not include shipping ($6-10)
write: [email protected]
Chinon 70-210 AF Zoom - Yep, the very hard to find Chinon Auto S-300 Nice condition with box and manual. LCD
AF zoom for the CP-9AF.
shows F-stop needed. Three auto F-stop mode & one manual, no
- Sold wide adapter.- , no tilt - $75.00
Chinon Auto S-360 Nice condition. LCD shows F-stop needed.
Chinon Auto S-240 - nice condition, 2 auto F-stops &
Three auto F-stop mode & one manual, no wide adapter, tilt and
manual mode. Will set shutter to sync speed - $55
swivel. $90.00
Chinon AF-S280 flash, yep the impossible to find TTL Chinon/Sears #330.80250 flash (Thyristor) 1 Auto setting (ASA
200 @ F8) (ASA 400 @ F11) & manual. Will set shutter speed.
flash for the CP-9AF.
Very nice with wide adaptor $110.00
Chinon battery holder. Holds 3 batteries. Fits the CA- 4, CE-4,
Chinon CP-5 or CP-6 battery cover. Gone !
CE- 4S - $7.50
Chinon battery holder (just cap) - $4.50 + $2.00 shipping
SR-44 batteries: Silver Oxide replacement (last
longer) for MS76, LR-44 and other battery numbers.
$1.25 each plus $.50 shipping U.S. ($3.00 total for 2)
Chinon PW-510 fits the Chinon CE-3 and CM-1 and probably
The CM-2 and CM-3 (have to check that) You should have 3
contacts on the bottom of your camera from front to back.
Chinon PW-600 (interval timer) PW-610 (wind
only) This is the ONLY winder that will work on a
CP series (5, 5s, 6) and DP-5 camera. Write for
Chinon PW-530 with interval timer for CE-series, write for
price. Some new with box, some used.
Thanks for coming, be sure to email me at [email protected]" , M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, N.J., USA,
Check donation page to make sure anything by U.S. mail made it
3/24/2012 11:53 AM
Chinon camera manual, camera instruction manuals, Ricoh camera manual...
26 of 26
Donation policy
Privacy Policy:
I will not divulge or sell your personal information to any organization or third party nor do I consider your
personal data as an asset that can be resold. My relationship with any donators are private, personal and totally
secure. I shred all envelopes and letters sent to me and use Eudora as my E-mail so return E-mails are not
hacked like the useless Outlook Express. That is why there are no ads, pop-up or other annoying JAVA
applications on this site. Actually, I don't know how to do that stuff yet. I have created this library as a
storehouse of information for educational use. I am a fully certified Library Media Specialist in NJ.
This page updated 3-17-'06
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