URE 422 e



URE 422 e
Universal controllers Type URE 422/424
PID controller with universal input for PT 100, thermocouples, mA or V and
universal output, panel mounting 96 x 96 mm (mounting depth 125 mm)
The universal controllers URE 422/424 serve to control continuous-action
and switched actuators. The main field of application relates to closed-loop
and open-loop control tasks for process engineering, laboratory, testing and
air-conditioning systems, machine and furnace construction, chemistry and
the foodstuffs and glass industries.
Universal input for PT 100, thermocouple, mA, V
Inputs selectable via software modes
Freely adjustable control and display range
Self-optimisation of the PID control parameters
Input for external setpoint
2 internal setpoints switchable via key or binary input
2 (URE 422) or 4 (URE 424) relay outputs for values of manipulated and variables or
limit values
Analogue output with electrical isolation for the variable Y, the setpoint W or the actual value X (option)
Outputs switchable via software modes for continuous-action, two-step, three-step or
three-step-stepping behaviour
Mechanical construction
Technical data
3 ½-digit digital display for the actual value and
3 ½-digit digital display for the setpoint and function
2 (4) single LED indicators for the relay outputs
5 single LED indicators for the control deviation
0(4)..20 mA, Ri = 50 Ohm
0(2)..10 V or mV, Ri > 100 kOhm
Manual/Automatic switchover for Y Changeover
switch for switching from internal to external setpoint
NiCr-Ni 0..1300 °C, Type K
PtRh-Pt 0..1700 °C, Type S
Fe-CuNi 0..900 °C, Type L
Cu-CuNi 0..600 °C , Type U
The control range can be freely set via the software
function E min. for the zero point and E max. for the
upper range value.
Standard software functions
Temperature compensation
via a PT 100 at the connection terminals
Input interconnection
Analogue inputs
Adjustable filter (0..99.9 s) 1st order in the input
Universal input switchable via software modes for
mA, V, PT 100 or thermocouples NiCr-Ni, PtRh-Pt,
Fe-CuNi, Cu-CuNi, lambda probe
Freely selectable control or display range within
the specified limits
Setpoint can be freely limited
Zero shift Xo
Switchover Winternal to Wexternal
Binary inputs
BE1 for external switchover Winternal to Wexternal
BE1 for selection of the 2 internal setpoints WI1/WI2
Controller functions and structures
Fixed setpoint controller
Master controller
Follower controller
PID functions freely selectable (self-optimisation)
Integral limitation on start-up
Resistant thermometer PT 100
Measuring range switchable, and zero point and
upper range value can be freely selected within
the range. Measuring ranges: 0..199.9 °C,
-100.0..+150.0 °C, 0..600 °C, -100..+500 °C
11 bit (2048 increments)
Controller error: 0,1 % (mA, V)
0,2 % (PT 100), 0,3 % (Thermocouples)
Ambient temperature influence: 0,05 %/10K
Measuring circuit monitoring for discontinuity
Configurable Yb = -100 %, 0 %, +100 %
0(4)..20 mA, Ri = 50 Ohm
0(2)..10 V, Ri > 100 kOhm
Digital interface
RS 232 C, RS 485-GT
Baud rate: 4800 and 9600 Baud
General technical data
Output interconnection
Analogue output
Adjustable minimum and maximum limitation for
Housing for panel mounting 96 x 96 mm
output Y 0(4)..20 mA, burden max. 500 Ohm
Mounting depth 125 mm (recess 91 x
91 mm)
or 0(2)..10 V, burden min. 1 kOhm
Enclosure, front panel: IP 65
relay outputs
Output functions selectable via software modes
Relay output BA1: Two-step output or
limit contact at X, XW, W or Y
Relay output BA2: Two-step output or
limit contact at X, XW, W or Y
Relay output BA3 and BA4: Limit contact at
X, XW, W or Y
Relay output BA1 + BA2: Three-step output, threestep stepping output without feedback or with feedback
Supply voltage
100..260 V AC / 48..62 Hz or
24 V AC / DC, power consumption 8 VA
Permitted ambient temperature
-10..+50 °C
Sampling rate
100 ms
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