August 2013 - Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists


August 2013 - Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Magazine
Issue 26
August 2013
In this issue:
Classifieds I
Meetings etc.
Group activities
Chair’s Corner
Events Officer
Membership Report
June Social Ride
Slovenia and Croatia 9
July Social Ride
Testing and Training 23
Paul’s Clinic
Members’ small ads 24
ERAM necktubes
Diary dates 2013
Classifieds II
Jaques’ jaunts: Megamiles again!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
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RoSPA Riders Issue 26
August 2013
Classifieds I
Total Advanced Training
Advanced motorcycle training
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07813 167749
Based in Essex, we provide professional advanced
motorcycle training for London and the South East.
We offer a range of post-test courses from ‘back to
biking,’ which is aimed at confidence building,
through to riders wishing to undertake the highest
advanced qualification; namely, the RoSPA Gold.
The Chief Instructor, Mick Jones, is a highly respected and qualified
retired police motorcyclist holding advanced IAM and RoSPA Gold
qualifications. He is a Driving Standards Agency qualified instructor
and a member of the Driving Instructors Association. He holds a
Diploma in advanced tuition and is currently a Regional RoSPA
Examiner and a Bike Safe Assessor. Training will be conducted by
Mick in person or other suitably qualified instructors.
We provide excellent tuition and use state of the art technology with a
camera bike filming the training. For a small fee, a personalised DVD
can be produced for riders to view their achievement. Total
Advanced is the only training company recognised by Equity Red Star
Insurance who will discount riders who achieve our advanced
accreditation qualification.
Prices range from £50 - £160 for a full day’s training.
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
August 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Hello - and welcome to the 26th issue of RoSPA Riders.
As I write this, a summer has made a brief appearance, and what a warm
period it has been! It’s fine for when you are running at a reasonable speed,
but for town riding or for when you have to get off and walk about in
leathers, then it’s a different matter entirely. Seeing Police or paramedics
sitting in a layby somewhere, all kitted up and ready to go, I had often
wondered how service motorcyclists deal with the extremes of weather and
then, a while back, I attended a police officer’s retirement ‘do’. As part of
his speech, he recounted his time as a Police Motorcyclist. Although most
seem to enjoy their job, it seems he could always find an excuse for not
riding his bike. It was either too hot, too cold or too wet. Maybe some are
harder than others…
This issue again sees Jaques recount one of his mega-jaunts and it makes
me regret that I don’t have the ability to spend hours in the saddle without
getting all sorts of aches and thereby eclipsing the other pleasures of riding.
My left hand aches with repetitive use of the clutch (I really miss the
automatic) my coccyx is bruised at the end of a day and sometimes I get
cramps in my legs/hips. These are all something that I have had trouble with
since I first started riding at 16, so it’s not just an old-age thing.
A conversation at the sausage supper evening led me to think about trying
a 500cc MP3 Sport. I had previously tried, and liked, the 125 and 250
versions as loan bikes and with the larger capacity bike, I envisaged a wide
comfortable seat for both Mara and me, reasonable luggage capacity
without having to fit panniers and/or top box, and (for good or ill) the fact
that Mara could ride one on her car licence. She has never held a
motorcycle licence, but used to have a moped!
Off we went to Colchester Kawasaki and a test ride of about 10 miles was
enough to tell me that it was far too cramped. Mara was uncomfortable in
that she was wedged between me and the backrest and couldn’t shift her
feet around, and I was perched on the ‘nose’ of the seat so the coccyx
was suffering again.
In addition, there was the wind buffet from the screen. That’s one reason I
ride a naked bike; I can’t get on with the turbulence and/or noise of those
bikes that I have ridden with screens. On club rides, windblast is no big deal,
but riding for extended periods on motorways or A roads, hanging on to the
bars can be tiring. It’s a shame, really, but I guess we’ll just have to put up
with shorter journeys or the discomfort! - ‘Ead ‘Itter.
Disclaimer Notice: The articles published herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist
Group. They are the opinions of individual contributors and are published with a view that free expression promotes discussion and
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
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RoSPA Riders Issue 26
August 2013
Meetings etc.
Group activities
Group social
19:30 on the 3rd Thursday of the month, February December.
Essex Police Sports Pavilion, St Margaret's Road,
Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6DN.
Group annual
Christmas dinner? Bah – humbug. Join us on the 3rd
Thursday in January for an evening of variety: chicken
chunder, posh nosh or bargain burgers? You choose.
Propose a venue and we’ll vote on it!
Group social
09:30 on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 9:30 a.m. at
Boreham (BP) Services, CM2 5PY
If there are any changes or additions, meeting places
and/or times will be announced at Group Night. For
most up to date information, please see our website
and/or our newsletter.
Please contact the Editor to change contents.
Personal small ads are free to members. Please send
them to the Editor.
Sandra Murphy
[email protected]
Jaques DeKlerk
[email protected]
Solveig Hart
[email protected]
Sandra Murphy
[email protected]
Paul Collins
[email protected]
Steve Bancroft
[email protected]
Ride co-ordinator
Richard Parker
[email protected]
Newsletter editor
Social Events
Steve Webb
Gary Carter
Sue Whitford
Peter Layley
Phil Reader
George Brown
Dimitar Kehayov
Ashley John
[email protected]
Life Member
s[email protected]
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
August 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Chair’s Corner
I’m still waiting for the new
Motorcycle Roadcraft to be
published – have you ordered
your copy?
It’s due to be
released on 26 August?
At our last committee meeting
it was agreed that we will
introduce a new membership
membership. This will benefit
those members who have
decided not to ride any more, but who want to
continue to enjoy the social side of the group. These members also play a
part in promoting road safety and spreading the word of advanced
training. The social membership fee is £5 per year, and is available now.
Since I last wrote I have visited the Bikers Retreat in Wales. Many of you will
know that Keith and I arrange two group rides each year to Wales – one in
July and one in September. In July, we managed to get a few new people
to come with us, all of whom enjoyed it so much that they want to go back
again. These trips are very popular and get booked up quickly. Try as we
did, unfortunately we were unable to squeeze Kevin Stranks into the July
trip, so unfortunately he couldn’t join us this time. September has been fully
booked since February this year, so if you are interested in joining us next
year let me know soon.
Unfortunately on the way up Colin Snow was involved in an accident. Colin
was riding up by himself rather than with the rest of us. I suspect this might
have something to do with the fact that in previous years Colin has been
kind enough to lead a ride there, but has been frustrated with people
wanting to stop every 5 minutes for tea/biscuits/lunch/fuel/wee stop, etc.,
etc. Because of this, none of us were there to help him. Colin broke his leg in
the accident and had to spend two weeks in hospital. I’m pleased to report
that Colin is on the mend, and back home now. Colin – we wish you a fully
recovery soon.
Finally, I would like to give a special thank you to Steve & Mara for hosting
the Super Sausage Garden Party in July. As usual, the food was outstanding,
and the event was again well attended. It was a very enjoyable evening –
thank you. We also managed to raise £104 from those in attendance for
Essex Air Ambulance. Thank you all for your kind generosity.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 6
August 2013
Events Officer
Forthcoming Social Events
1. Slot Car Racing
This is still in the planning stage as I
have not had enough confirmed
interest to book a date - again if you
are interested let me know via the
website or email. (All the details on
the ERAM website)
Once I get enough I can sort out a
2. Clay Pigeon Shooting
I still plan to organise this and have
had some interest, but this will now be
later in the year as I still need to
check out the venue.
If you have anything you would like
me to organise - let me know.
Sue Whitford
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
August 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Membership Report
Membership figures are at our highest level
ever, creeping towards the magic 100 – will
we make 100 members this year? I certainly
think so, with 25 new members already this
year, and the Essex Air Ambulance run in
September, we should be able to pick up
three new members.
It was interesting to see that after my last
report advising that we hadn’t had any
new female members, two have joined – a
warm welcome to Lindsey and Kathy.
Membership figures as at 8th August are:
Associates Full
Welcome to the following new members:
Martin Brown, Lindsey Walmsley, Nelson Manthorpe, Patrick O’Gorman,
Martin Potter, Daniel O’Brien, Mike Mortimer, Kathy Mortimer, Robert Hunter
Congratulations to the following for their test passes:
Grade Tutor
Graham Fergusson Gold*
Chris Olley
Paul Roberts
George Brown
Paul Roberts
Tyrone Frost
Jaques de Klerk Paul Roberts
*Denotes Retest
Don’t forget to let me know if you have passed your test recently, this also
includes any retests.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 8
August 2013
June Social Ride
St Ives was the lunchtime destination and, as we have come to expect,
Richard led twelve of us on a route that combined the comfort of a familiar
route with the excitement of learning new roads. With the company of
newbie Nelson, who had tagged along just for the ride, we had a decent
run in reasonable temperatures. With a stop on the way out at Red Lodge
and one to refuel on the way back, it was a good day out. Nelson had a
fine time, confusing my bike with Richard’s and confusing Richard into the
bargain. Nelson sailed past on three occasions whilst Richard waited for the
ride to catch up, so Nelson has the new maximum score to beat!
Never mind - He subsequently joined the club and we hope to see him on
rides in the future. – Ed.
Page 9
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Slovenia and Croatia
Gems of Eastern Europe
By Jaques deKlerk
D-Day had arrived, Kermit was on high alert and I was awoken by his
hysterical gurgles of joy floating up to my ears from the garage. Kermit was
in DEFCON 1, or 'Headless Chicken' mode as I call it; eager to play and
wanting to test his new Pirelli GT boots. I finally gave up trying to calm him
and decided to start my trip early, taking a leisurely bimble along the back
roads of Kent, down to “God's Waiting Room” - the Eurotunnel crossing
before dawn.
Where to start? It was an amazing adventure with so many memories, no
words and pictures can do it justice, but here’s my best effort…….
Meeting up with The Gang in Calais, I found the normal gathering of old
faces and some new. The bikes were split into the ‘Progressive’
(crazy/terrorist/racer/cattle class) and the ‘Tourist’ (bimbling/law
abiding/premium economy) groups. Kermit bawled his eyes out when I
meekly suggested we could go with the Tourist group. Try as I might to
persuade him, my attempts fell on deaf ears; he promptly went and hid
amongst the mad dash brigade and refused to split from them. And so the
tour commenced…
On days one to three, we travelled through the various less used and less
policed back roads of France, the B500 of Germany and into Austria, with
the roads getting ever more flowing and scenery changing from beautiful,
to chocolate box stunning the further Southward we went.
Weather was generally boiling hot or torrential rain, which often required
me to get the condom out – two-piece (sometimes) waterproofs. Getting in
those things in damp leathers requires gymnastic flexibility, and it’s even
harder when hot and sweaty, which necessitated removal of the condom.
Perseverance is the key! Kermit laughed at me each time, but wouldn’t
help a jot. I warned him I’d have “frogs legs” for his last supper and that put
paid to his sniggering!
On day three, it was wet, wet, wet. Bloody wet! It started off raining, carried
on raining and rained nearly the whole day. With a number of closed roads
that meant detours, the most unusual of which took us literally through a
golf course. Luckily, there were no golfers out that day; too wet for them, I
guess, but it would have been funny to see their reaction to a group of 10
bikes happily trundling along the cobbled fairway track.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 10
August 2013
Being the rufty-tufty mad group, we stuck with the original route as far as
possible and it was good fun for the most part, apart from a few miles
where we had to divert on to a motorway. Zero visibility due to spray,
meant it was horrible and we got off it as fast as we could, back to the
relative safety of the wet and twisty minor roads.
Day 4: Austria to Slovenia
It was a cold and wet morning, the “Wild Bunch” decided sense was
required and with information from the live webcams on the Grossglockner
pass and a subsequent call to the top, it was confirmed that it was -6
degrees. Much as Kermit wanted to ride up there, I convinced him we’d
ride the pass on our return leg. This perked him up, as he didn’t wish to be
the only one of the three ZZR’s I’ve owned, not to play on the
Not to completely spoil his day, the gang decided they'd take a chance
and go over to Slovenia via the Nochalmstrasse through the Nockberge
National Park. This pass is just over 2000 metres high and could have been
just as cold, wet and miserable as the Grossglockner, but the biking gods
shone down upon our pure souls and after an hour of riding east through to
Obertauern, it had stopped raining.
Page 11
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
We had a great ride through the National park to the foot of the
Nochalmstrasse, dodging cows and angry farmers, and had a great dry run
up to the top and a great ride down the other side too. Passing across the
Slovenian border, the riding gods were chased by policemen, fortunately
enough escaping the ridiculous fines on offer, with a little gentle incentive of
Suitably reprimanded on we went, with our 'sensible helmets' on. We had a
leisurely hour or so’s run into Bled and our hotel for the next 4 nights. Arriving
at 16:00 was nice, giving us all time to relax before dinner.
Days 5-7: Around Bled
Today was a day off for everyone; there's a great deal to see and do in
Bled. It's a pretty town, made more so by the lovely lake which the town
goes to great lengths to to keep clean and pollution free; no powered
boats (apart from a few electric working boats) means it's very clean and
clear. You don't need me to give you the full tourist rundown on the place;
suffice to say you could quite happily spend 4 or 5 days there without
getting bored, and the castle which overlooks Bled, gives great views and is
an interesting place - quite a hard climb if you walk up though!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 12
August 2013
After one day exploring this great town, the gang decided they were
missing their bikes and a full day exploration of Slovenia and on into Italy we
chose. Well, what a cracking day - a wee loop of around 130-170 (ish) miles,
taking in probably every type of road surface you can get except
This route included the Vrisc Pass which is about 2000 metres high, complete
with 48 hairpin bends. The description of it on the Best Biking Roads website,
says that most of the hairpins are tarmac. They aren't wrong, but it was still a
surprise to see a lot of them on the north side made up entirely of
cobblestones. Thankfully, it was hot and dry so they didn't present too many
problems. Some spectacular scenery was to be had on the way up and we
had a good mix of tight twisty roads, as well as good fast smooth sweepers
along by the river.
Stopping for lunch was at a nice restaurant: Stop off if
you're in the area, as they had good food and service, and presented
everyone with a natty little skull cap thing. Kermit wore his with pride, and
has kept badgering me for a sword to go with his new, meaner, greener,
pirate image!
After lunch we had a bizarre encounter with the local police, literally going
about 1 mile down the road, before we were pulled in to a lay-by by two
policemen in a van. Fortunately we were being sensible and Kermit was just
pootling along at the time, but it was still a little worrying that they'd pulled
Page 13
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
the entire group. They then proceeded to hand out bright yellow neck
tubes to everyone; we were then sent on our way without so much as a
I have to say that, as I
reached the outskirts of any
village/town for the rest of the
conscious of his speed and
we both tried to keep well
within the limits – quite normal
for me, but a unique
experience for Kermit I must
The rest of the ride was a
further good mix of tight and
twisty roads, with fast and
sweepy ones sporadically thrown in, until we came to a bit of a diversion
caused by a closed road. The only downside was a 2 mile long ‘goat track’
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 14
August 2013
of a gravel covered winding downhill path that included hairpins…. not for
the fainthearted, and character building!
The next day in Slovenia was free and some went off to the Postojna Cave, a network of 15miles of passages, galleries
and chambers; absolutely amazing, and the most visited show cave in
Europe, with a cave train which takes you deep within to admire the size
and splendour of the underground world. Others went to the amazing
Vintgar Gorge. It was a great day and I covered over 8 miles by flip flop,
finishing with a large pizza back in Bled to balance out any calories I may
have walked off.
Day 8: Slovenia to Croatia
Time to get out of Bled and head down to our next location in Croatia, just
outside the Pilitvice National Park.
It was a nice 32º, though for the BMW K1300's on tour it was a struggle, as
they wet themselves and kept boiling up all over the place. Kermit scoffed
at the Germans, so I reminded him that he too had had bad luck last year,
when his Japanese counterparts had designed faulty parts for him! He gave
me a glare and, in a huff, shot off like his back end was on fire.
Leaving Bled, we headed to Ljubljana on some nice sweepy fast roads. No
problems crossing the border this time, the tarmac improved and the route
got lovely and twisty, but there was a curious feel to the way Kermit rode, at
first it felt as though his rear tyre had gone really quite soft, but a stop to
Page 15
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
inspect it proved it was fine, was it his rear shock? Seemed ok! It was as
though the rear was sliding around, after a discussion with others who’d
experienced it as well, “The Riding Gods” put it down to a coating of dust or
sand on the road surface, which was odd, as the front grip felt fine.
All in all a good day and we got to the hotel at around 16:00 which meant
plenty of time to try and cool down with fluid replacement therapy, by way
of litre beer tankards.
Day 9: Plitvice National Park.
Another non riding day today. Kermit stayed in detention for having a
tantrum with me, whilst I and some others went to the National Park by
minibus arranged by the hotel. The website
and any pictures don't do it justice; it's a fantastic place to spend a day
walking around; spectacular, beautiful and surprising. There is transport to
get you around the vast site; you can get a bus/train thing (a Mercedes
Unimog coupled to trailers) and there are electric boats that transport you
across some of the lakes, but really you need to walk around to get the best
out of it.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 16
August 2013
Day 10-11: Crikvenice
South West bound, we headed out for 2 nights in the seaside resort town of
Crikvenice, a little South of Trieste. We did a sort of U shaped route, taking us
along a nice additional 80-90miles or so down the centre of the country,
through some very bleak looking landscape and vast areas of open
country filled with nothing but trees, rocks and more trees. The roads,
however, were good quality; open, fast and swoopy - ideal for the heat
that was at 30º by 10:00am. By the time 45 minutes had passed, we'd
covered almost a 1/3 of the planned 180 mile route. With ETA at the hotel
looking like 14.00 (ish), even with a lunch stop, things were looking good.
Too good. Something had to go wrong.
Bring in to play that legendary BMW reliability... (Actually, this is a little unfair,
as it wasn't the bike's fault).
A stone punctured a BMW GT1300’s oil cooler; things didn't look good, but
being the practical sort of tourists that we were, we started stripping poor
Dave’s bike and came up with a cunning plan. We sourced a suitable bit of
hose and set about bypassing the oil cooler completely from the oil circuit.
Page 17
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
We plumbed in a 3-foot length of pipe and set off at a tourist’s pace for a
half hour or so, before we chanced upon a good lunch at a place that had
the biggest barbecue pit I have seen, capable of simultaneously roasting
eight pigs or lambs!
Lunch done, we carried on heading northwest. After a ride past mist
covered lakes and a mountain pass, the stunningly beautiful Dalmation
Coast road came into view - an excellent ribbon of tarmac road carved
into the edge of the coastline. The road surface was mostly good and the
scenery amazing, with a 100-mile ribbon of spaghetti to play on for a road.
Incredible does not do this piece of tarmac justice; it was non-stop miles of
superb quality blacktop that was just sublime to ride along. It was still
incredibly hot, up to about 34º at one point, which actually made us slow
down a little and really enjoy the quality of the road and just dance around
the corners. Kermit was in heaven!
We all knew this hotel had an outdoor pool and, having endured 34º heat
in bike gear all day, you could hear it calling. The day ended with a midafternoon arrival to a patronising welcome from the hotel receptionist who
was just doing her job, but was not very considerate of the gangs’
desperation for refreshment and rehydration, followed by a rush en-masse
for the pool. The hotel was excellent with very clean facilities and
reasonably priced quality refreshments - encouraging enough to eat dinner
there both nights.
Day two in Crikvenice, was spend meandering in the sunshine to the
harbour and late afternoon by the hotel pool, with dinner spent reminiscing
of the great tour of these two amazing countries of Eastern Europe!
Take the opportunity and visit, you’ll not be disappointed. Do opt for built in
air-conditioning on your bikes, it’ll be greatly needed!
(Aka Jaq-ass)
P.S. I fulfilled my promise to Kermit and let him play up and over the
Grossglockner Pass!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 18
August 2013
Er - yes, we get the point, but isn’t the engine a bit superfluous?
You’ve all seen these
wooden kits. They are
everywhere; mainly
in museums, gift
shops and the like,
and I have often
wondered about
building one.
Anyway, my sister
bought me this one
for a laugh. The
package says
suitable for 9 yrs +. I
used to do a lot of
model making and thought that a ‘press-together’ kit would be a doddle.
Not so. I think the combined skills of a gynaecologist and watchmaker, and
the helping hands of an octopus would have been useful… - Ed.
Page 19
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
August 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
July Social Ride
Burghley House – led by
“Are you going on this ride?” I was asked. “Yes, provided” it’s not too hot I
I noted that the ride started at 8.30 and was set for the day. I almost never
sleep in late in the mornings and it’s normal for me to wake anywhere
between 5 and 7 o’clock. Not this time. I awoke to a nice day at 8:18 and
reasoned that a) it would be impossible to catch up and b) unreasonable
to phone and ask the ride to wait, so had to give it a miss. Was it too hot?
Nope, not at all. I have never really been one for ‘Stately Homes’, but after
enjoying the the club’s trip to the Westminster and seeing the pictures of this
place posted on the gallery, I’m really looking forward to the trip to Buck
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 20
August 2013
Page 21
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
And finally: Someone could have written up this trip and given us more
details! – Ed.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 22
August 2013
Think Again!
A tale to make us all think - are we really covered from being stranded whilst
out riding?
In mid-July, Speedo Dave and I had been meandering down the back roads to
Salisbury, when his BMW kept cutting out. It happened about 30-40 times,
but being only 30 (ish) miles from our destination, we managed to nurse the
wounded machine to journey’s end.
Dave had made sure he had included roadside assist and breakdown cover
with his insurance for just such an occurrence.
On calling his insurer, MCE, they kindly told him “you’re only covered for 10
miles from where you’ve broken down”
Further, they admitted he did in fact have the cover he remembered taking
out, and they even admitted they had not told him it was for only 10 MILES!
They would in no way assist him recovering the bike further, unless he
agreed to pay the princely sum of £250. Ludicrous!
I’ve since checked with my insurer and luckily my breakdown cover does
include recovery home, at no extra cost. I would strongly advise you all to
check with yours, just to be sure that what you’re sold, is actually worth the
paper it’s written on!
Jaques and Speedo Dave
Page 23
August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Testing and Training
RoSPA Advanced Tutor Training
Tutor training will be provided by the Group’s Advanced Tutors on a
structured three-day programme. Interested Gold and Silver RoSPA Riders
can train to become approved tutors and share their skills and experience
by helping to train associates.
This is a worthwhile exercise and has many benefits other than the obvious
ones. It may be that you haven’t ever considered tutoring others and,
possibly, you don’t think you are suitable for the task. Please don’t let that
put you off - give it some consideration. You may well find that you have
hidden talents and that you find you enjoy helping others to become as
good as you are after all, you will have obtained a Silver or Gold in the first
Talk to Paul Collins at a group night or contact Paul on his public email
address: [email protected]
Test ready?
Has your tutor advised you are test ready? If so, Smurf has a supply of test
application forms.
You can also obtain these from RoSPA HQ or download from the website.
The full link address is If you are not reading this on a PC, go to and follow the link.
If you submit your application through the Group, ERAM can claim £3 from
HQ towards Group funds. Please make a cheque out to Essex RoSPA
Advanced Motorcyclists for £54.
Paul’s Clinic
No, nothing to do with unmentionable diseases, but an offer from the club
(and Paul Collins) to assist with any matters of riding that can be addressed
by demonstration or examination at the club premises.
If you have any queries, or you would like some advice on aspects of slow
riding, U-turns or other topics, please let Paul know and it can be addressed
‘offline’ – either in a corner somewhere or possibly in the club car park. It is
sometimes better to have a one-to-one and, if practical demos are called
for on some subjects, it is better to be able to deal with the bike, rather than
verbally or on paper. Don’t be afraid to ask…
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Page 24
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
August 2013
Members’ small ads
That page heading is not a euphemism! It is an opportunity for you to sell
those unwanted items, or plead for where you might be able to buy those
hard to find items (or hope someone will take pity on you and offer them for
free, á la Freecycle…)
Blank – for your special wishes!
For sale
Plenty, probably – you just have to list it!
If you would like to buy a polo shirt or sweatshirt embroidered with our
group logo please speak to Dimitar or Sandra at group night, or post a
message on the forum of
Samples are available to look at but other sizes, styles and colours can be
ordered from our catalogue. Prices vary according to choice of garment.
Buying and wearing the Regalia is for a good cause as it supports
Advanced Motorcycling which we all love. Thank you for your support!
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August 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
ERAM necktubes
necktubes. £11!
The material is 2-way stretch
that retains its original shape
after use. It is a breathable
fabric that wicks moisture away
from the skin, so is therefore
cool in the summer and warm
in the winter. It is extremely
comfortable to wear and looks
The printing is digital and the
SILVERPLUS® which provides
99.9% antimicrobial protection to the wearer that does not wash out, so is
hygienic and fresh at all times. The fabric is also machine washable and
colours are not susceptible to fading. They are handmade with seamed
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Page 26
August 2013
Diary dates 2013
Date Event information
Aug 4th Bike meet at Langford
Museum of Power
9th-11th BSB Oulton Park
Cheshire Triple Header
18th MotoGP Round 11:
24th-26th BSB Cadwell Park
25th MotoGP Round 12: Brno
Sep 1st MotoGP Round 13:
6th-8th BSB Donington Park GP
8th Essex Air Ambulance Run
15th MotoGP Round 14:
15th Little havens Track day –
North Weald
20th-22nd BSB Assen The
29th MotoGP Round 15:
30th Copdock Motorcycle
Date Event information
Oct 4th-6th BSB Silverstone GP
13th MotoGP Round 16:
18th-20th BSB Brands Hatch GP
Kent Triple Header
20th MotoGP Round 17: Phillip
27th MotoGP Round 18:
Nov 10th MotoGP Round 19:
Got any dates you want to add, remind or
tell me about? [email protected] of
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
August 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
Classifieds II
Paul Collins is Chief Instructor and owner of his own advanced rider training
school Perfect Control. The school specialises in advanced riding skill tuition
and all post-test motorcycle rider training. Using radio communications,
Perfect Control give on-road, real time tuition, with advice and correction
given at breaks in road sessions, skills check sessions, briefings and session
critiques. Structured training courses are: Back-2-Bikes, skills improvement
training, DSA enhanced rider scheme, advanced riding techniques and
training to RoSPA, IAM and DIA standards. Perfect Control offers great
opportunities for riders of all abilities to improve their skills and continue their
Mob: 07941 803043
Email: [email protected]
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 26
August 2013
01702 338843, or [email protected]
Keys cut for bikes, cars and domestic
Motorcycle physical security products
Locks and safes supplied and fitted
Advice freely given
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20% off
Tank bags, tank covers and accessories

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