Pharmacy Guild Portal Instructions


Pharmacy Guild Portal Instructions
Pharmacy Guild Portal Instructions
Step-by-Step Guide to Make an Order
Step 1- open web browser
To access the portal
enter the URL: https://
askyourpharmacist into
your web address bar
and press ‘Enter/
Step 2 - login to portal
Once loaded you will see the portal
logins page. This is where you will need
to enter your email and password.
Your login details will have been sent
to you in your starter pack.You will
need to enter your pharmacy email
address and the 7 digit password
Step 3 - home page navigation
After logging in,
you will see the
home page. This is
where you can
navigate and see
the items on
See the list/manage
items in your cart.
Access your
account details.
Step 4 - standard pack
After clicking ‘Ask
Your Pharmacist
pack’ you will see
this page.
The standard
pack is
mandatory before
you can order
additional items
from the ‘add-ons’
To see the additional
items available click
To purchase the
standard pack click
‘place an order’
Step 5 - standard pack
This is where you can customise your A2 Campaign
Poster with your pharmacy name and logo.
1. Select either ‘logo
and name’ or ‘name
4. Click refresh
preview to see your
customised poster
2. This is where you
type in your
pharmacy name.
3. Click ‘choose file’
to upload your own
Step 6 - check preview
If you are happy with
your first poster
customisation click
the yellow ‘next’
button at the
bottom of the page.
Note: if you are not happy with your customisation, continue to edit,
before clicking ‘next’.
Step 7- second customised poster
Select your services
from the drop down
menu or type your
own if it does not
The preview is
currently showing
the wrong preview.
This is being fixed.
Your poster will look
something like this:
Select characters
you would like to
The view your customised poster click the yellow ‘next’ button and the
button the following page.
Step 8 - proofing artwork before purchase
1. Select the quantity
you would like to
3. If you are happy
with your proofs,
tick the approved
2. Click the proof
button to check all of
your items - new
window will pop up.
4. Finally click add to
Step 9 - cart
In your cart you
should see your
Standard Pack with
the price
You can either go to
the checkout or
continue shopping by
clicking the relevant
Step 10 - checkout
1. The options below
are where you can
add your billing
address and edit your
2. Select one of the
boxes to let us know
where you would like
your order to be
shipped to.
3. Click next to
finalise your order.
Step 11- order summary
If you have a coupon
code, enter it here
and then click
To pay for your items
click ‘checkout’ where
you will be redirected
to a pay pal page.
Step 12 -card details
Your order summary
Enter card details
Double check your card
details and then click pay.
Once completed you will
be directed back to the
Click the ‘Add-ons’
button to see the
items available.
To view or purchase
an item click the
thumbnail or ‘place
an order’.
Add-ons - customisation and ordering
If you are happy with
your artwork click
‘continue’ to the
proofing stage and
checkout to finalise
If you have issues on
the next stages,
please revert back to
the previous pages.