Winter Tire Listing - Rubber Association of Canada



Winter Tire Listing - Rubber Association of Canada
 Winter Tire Listing as of October 2014 Many tires can be suitable for winter driving; some of which may not be included on this list. This list shows Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s (TRAC) member brands of tires with the mountain snowflake symbol that are marketed for winter use only. Barum Continental (Continued) •Polaris 2 •ContiWinterContact TS810 •NorPolaris •ContiWinterContact TS810S •SnoVanis •ContiWinterContact TS830P •Conti4X4WinterContact •Conti4X4IceContact BF Goodrich •ContiExtremeWinterContact •Winter Slalom •ContiCrossContactWinter •Winter Slalom KSI •ContiVancoWinterContact •Commercial T/A Traction •ContiVancoViking •ContiVikingContact3 Bridgestone •ContiWinterViking •Blizzak DM-­‐Z3 •VancoWinter 2 •Blizzak DM-­‐V1 •Blizzak LM-­‐25 •Blizzak LM-­‐25 4X4 Cooper •Blizzak LM-­‐25 RFT •Artic Claw Winter TXI •Blizzak LM-­‐25 4X4 RFT •Artic Claw Winter XSI •Blizzak LM-­‐25 4X4 MOE •Avon Ice Touring •Blizzak LM-­‐25-­‐1 RFT •Avon Ice Touring ST •Blizzak LM-­‐32 •Avon Ranger Ice •Blizzak LM-­‐32 RF •Avalanche X-­‐Treme •Blizzak LM-­‐32 MOE •Mastercraft Courser MSR •Blizzak LM-­‐60 •Mastercraft Glacier-­‐Grip •Blizzak LM-­‐60 RFT •Mastercraft Glacier Grip XT •Blizzak LM-­‐80 RFT •Mastercraft Glacier-­‐Grip II •Blizzak W965 •Motomaster Total Terrain W/T •Blizzak WS-­‐60 •Dean Wintercat SST •Blizzak WS-­‐70 •Dean Wintercat XT •Blizzak WS-­‐ 80 •Discoverer M&S •Discoverer M&S Sport Continental •Discoverer M&S 2 •ContiIceContact •Saxon Snowblazer •ContiWinterContact TS760 •Starfire RSW -­‐ 3.0 •ContiWinterContact TS790 •Sportcat CSC-­‐9 •ContiWinterContact TS800 Cooper (continued) •Tempra WinterQuest •Trailcutter Radial M&S •Weathermaster Snow •Weathermaster Sport •Weathermaster WSC •Weathermaster S/T2 •Weathermaster WM S/T3 •Weathermaster WM SA 2 •Wintercat STT •Wintermaster Plus •Wintermaster XRT Studless Dunlop •DSX DSST ROF •Grandtrek SJ4 •Grandtrek SJ5 •Grandtrek SJ6 •Grandtrek WT M2 •Grandtrek WT M3 •Grandtrek WT M3 ROF •Graspic DS-2 DSST •Graspic DS-3 •SP Winter Response •SP Winter Sport •SP Winter Sport DSST •SP Winter Sport 3D •SP Winter Sport 3D ROF •SP Winter Sport 4D •SP Winter Sport M2 •SP Winter Sport M3 •SP Winter Sport M3 DSST •SP Winter Spt 4D ROF •Winter Maxx
Falken •Eurowinter HS439 Firestone •Firehawk PVS •Winterforce •Winterforce UV •Winterforce LT General •Altimax Arctic Gislaved •NordFrost C •NordFrost 5 •NordFrost 100 GT Radial •Champiro Icepro •Champiro SUV •Champiro Icepro2 •Champiro Winterpro •Champiro Winterpro HP •Savero WT •Maxmiler WT •Maxmiler WT-­‐1000 Goodyear •Eagle Ultra Grip GW2 •Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 •Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 ROF •Ultra Grip •Ultra Grip Ice •Ultra Grip Ice + •Ultra Grip Winter •Ultra Grip Ice WRT •Ultra Grip 7 •Ultra Grip 8 Performance •Ultra Grip Performance •Ultra Grip Performance 2 •Ultra Grip Perf 2 ROF •Ultra Grip Ice WRT •Ultra Grip Ice WRT •Ultra Grip SUV •Ultra Grip SUV ROF •Ultra Grip+ SUV 4x4 •Ultra Grip Winter •Nordic Winter •Cargo Ultra Grip 2
Hankook •Hankook Winter I*Cept evo W310 •Hankook Winter I*Pike W409 •Hankook I*Pike RW11 •Kingstar SW41 •Hankook I*Pike RC01 •Hankook I*Pike RS W419 •Hankook I*Cept iZ W606 •Aurora RouteMaster UW71 Kelly Springfield •Snowtrackker Radial ST/2 Kumho •I*Zen Stud KW11 •I*Zen XW KW17 •I*Zen WIS KW19 •Ice Power KW21 •I*Zen KW23 Marshal •I*Zen Stud KW11 •I*Zen KW15 •I*Zen WIS KW19 •Ice King KW21 Medalist •Winter King •Traction King Plus Michelin •Alpin A4 •4 x 4 Alpin •Arctic Alpin •Latitude Alpin •Latitude Alpin HP •Latitude X-­‐Ice •Latitude X-­‐Ice Xi2 •LTX Winter •Pilot Alpin •Pilot Alpin PA2 •X-­‐Ice •X-­‐Ice Xi2 Michelin (continued) •X-­‐Ice Xi3 •Primacy Alpin PA3 •Pilot Alpin A4 •Pilot Alpin PA3 Nexen •WinGuard Sport •WinGuard •WinGuard 231 •WinGuard Ice •WinGuard SUV •Euro-­‐Win 550 •Euro-­‐Win 650 •Euro-­‐Win 700 •Euro-­‐Win 800 Nitto •SN2 Nokian Tyres •Hakkapeliitta 5 •Hakkapeliitta 5 SUV •Hakkapeliitta 7 •Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV •Hakkapeliitta C2 •Hakkapeliitta LT •Hakkapeliitta LT 2 •Hakkapeliitta R •Hakkapeliitta R SUV •Hakkapeliitta R2 •Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV •Nokian WR G2 •Nokian WR G2 SUV •Nokian WR G3 •Nordman 4 SUV •Nordman 4 •Nokian WR C Pacemark •Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 Pirelli •Scorpion Ice & Snow •Scorpion Winter •Winter IceControl •Winter Carving •Winter Carving Edge •Winter 190 Snowcontrol •Winter 190 Snowcontrol Serie II •Winter 190 Snowcontrol Serie 3 •Winter 210 Snowcontrol Serie 3 •Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II •Winter 210 Snowsport •Winter 210 Sottozero •Winter 240 Snowsport •Winter 240 Sottozero •Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II •Winter 270 Sottozero Serie II •Winter Sottozero 3 Primewell •Valera Winter •Valera Ice Runway •Runway RWT-­‐1 Semperit •Speed-­‐Grip Toyo •Observe Garit KX •Observe GSi5 •Observe G-­‐02 Plus •Observe X-­‐10 •Open Country G02 plus •Open Country WLT-­‐1 •Snowprox S952 Uniroyal •TigerPaw Ice & Snow •TigerPaw Ice & Snow II •Laredo HD/T Wintermark •Steel Radial HT Yokohama •ADVAN WINTER •ice Guard iG10 •ice Guard iG51v •ice Guard iG52c •GEOLANDER I/T G072 •