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2.2 mb - Mark
Art Department
Color Management
Gretagmacbeth Eye One XT/
X-rite 528 Spectrophotometer
From Monitor (soft) proofing
to Final printed product, Mark-Maker will
insure final output to be color accurate
to match your approval.
• Calibrates final print to monitor for
accurate color representation
• Gather all necessary information from
proofs to create press profiles.
• All profiles are created, stored and
even can be edited, all on-site in our color
information is collected from a printed
sample. the data is used to build curves,
cutbacks and to provide accurate color
reproduction for future press runs
• Shows limitations of press
• Help maintain control
• Provides instant feedback about the
• Helps press calibration
Art Department
Mark-Maker's Art department utilizes its
full range of prepress equipment to take
your digital files from disk to finished
Integral to production, the art department
relies upon the extensive prepress
knowledge of its employees.
• All designers are equipped with the latest
design software:
Quark Xpress
Corel Draw Suite
and many more
• In house Graphic Specialist
• Color Lab
Press Characterization
The Art Department creates partnerships
with our customers by characterizing
customer presses and formulating
prepress strategies for individual
printing situations and needs.
Art Department
Epson Stylus Pro 9800
This powerful and extremely color accurate
44” wide device can print on a wide variety
of substrates from clear plastic to board
up to 4 mm thick.
• Uses 8 color K3 Ultrachrome ink, that
includes 3 levels of black, which is water
and scratch resistant.
• Prints are color fade resistant.
Panasonic DP-C322
This Artroom workhorse is the main quick
proof printer that is capable of 12” x 18”
prints at 1200 dpi.
• Postscript level 3 device.
• Multifuction Scanner, Fax, Network
Printer, and copier.
Art Department
Graphic Design and Proofing
Our talented graphic design team experienced
in producing eye catching art for packaging
retail & trade event displays
Epson Stylus Pro 9800
This powerful and extremely color accurate
44” wide device can print on a wide variety
of substrates from clear plastic to board
up to 4 mm thick.
• Uses 8 color K3 Ultrachrome ink, that
includes 3 levels of black.
• Proofs are water, scratch and fade
Direct Print
For Display & packaging prototypes
Prints on any material up to 1”
Thick. Then can be routed or laser
burned to any contour
• 54” Wide Format UV printer
• 6 Color large gamut color space
Art Department
Film Output
The workhorse that drives the film output
is the Rip-it® RIP. The powerful work-flow
system allows us to provide our customers
with a high quality repeatable film output
that is accurate down to the pixel.
• In-Rip trapping
• Color Separation
• Pre-film Trap view
• Distortion
• Dot gain compensation
• RIP proofing
• Processor engine control
We utilize an Agfa Avantra 44s drum
imagesetter for our film output. The Agfa
Avantra has an inline processor. That can
process an imaged film in minutes
• Up to 50" x 78" unspliced film sizes using
Kodak CtP device
• .7 and .4 mil matte finish
• Perfect Blend® offers customized fall
off for highlight and shadow tones on film
• process film negatives with sizes up to
53" wide.
Art Department
“Light Room”
Specialized D50 (5000˚k) Lighting, neutral
gray walls and the ability to simulate any
lighting condition makes this room into a
super-sized color viewing booth.
With the flick of a switch, the lighting in
the room transitions into the perfect
monitor proofing environment for matching
color to monitor. All of the monitors in
this room are calibrated to our proofing
devices to insure accurate color
representation to your final output.
Beta-flex 334
• Measures actual dot structures on plate
• Measures printed material and provides
data on linescreen, dotgain, and printing
• Creates customer specific charts and
graphs for easy storage of specific customer
Art Department
Beta Flex
Enter Customer Information
• Information includes press info and Plate
• Information is stored for future reference
• Databases can be built for different plate
materials as they are added
Custom Tone Scales
• Depending on the scale used, the values
can be customized in order to make customer
curves and tables
• Custom values can be entered to make
custom curves
Reading the Tones
• When the sample is read information is
automatically displayed
• Dot Area
• Line screen
• Dot Diameter
• The image is captured and stored as an
file for future reference
Art Department
Beta Flex
• After the data is read, the points are plotted
on the curve.
• This gives the user a systematic
feedback that can be used to create a proper
dotgain curve or linearization
• The data that is being read can also be saved
in a table that can be analyzed for future use
• Along with the numerical data entered in the
table, a snapshot of the read is also stored
for viewing purposes
CAD Department
CAD Department
Cad Department Software
• Cimpak Formats:
.cim .dds .dxf .eps
• ArtiosCAD Formats:
.ard .dds .dxf
Design Capabilities
• Carton Design
• Corrugated and folding carton dies
• Male and Female strippers
• Guillotine
• Flat top blankers for double rule
• Full grids for blanking single rule
• Male blankers with wood or high
density foam pushers
• Phenolic Counters
• Thin plates used as a steel counter
• Waterjet Rubber
• Cut samples
• Printing Mylars and Spot sheets
Cutting Dies
Flat/Rotary Laser
A 2200 Watt Data Technology combo
laser allow Mark-Maker to laser burn
a flat or rotary die while setting up the
next job to be burned.
• Improves efficiency and leads to
shorter cycle times.
• Laser burns a variety of materials:
maple, birch, rayform and steel up to
1/2” Thick.
Profile Router
Our 2 routers Allow Mark-Maker to make
highly accurate cuts in a large variety of
materials and material thicknesses
for various products quickly and
• Steel Rule Dies
• Mylars
• Counters
• Male and Female Strippers
Water Jet
One of our newest additions. Water Jet
cut rubber enhances material ejections
and can enhance machine speeds.
We cut a variety of material for die
ejections and also in prototyping forms.
Cutting Dies
Counter Plates
Available in steel, standard phenolic and
Black Max, with or without adhesive backing.
• The counterplates are manufactured from
the same CAD/CAM program as the die, to
guarantee absolute registration accuracy.
Steel Counter Plate
• The counterplates provide + or - .001”
tolerance on channel width and depth.
• Counterplate material is available in up
to 23 thicknesses to fulfill most customer
needs and specifications.
• Pressure sensitive adhesive backing is
available on all materials, or the customer
may use their own brand of adhesive.
Phenolic Counter Plates
Cutting Dies
Wood Dies Knifed
These laser produced Maple or Birch
boards are made from the finest
materials available. Our knifed dies
offer industry standards for tolerance.
• Mark-Maker utilizes state of the
art CAD/CAM systems in programming
its die boards.
• A uniform kerf width is maintained
throughout the cutting process of the
die, by using continuous or pulse modes.
• Virtually any rule type the customer requires, can be supplied using our state
of the art Automated Rule Processors and Benders.
• Mark-Maker provides chase hole patterns for all press manufacturers in its
computer for easy adaptation to customer’s die orders.
• On request, we will etch sections of the die for knick locations, gripper fingers
and special information.
• Mark-Maker’s experienced Quality Assurance Department, examines every laser
cut die board according to a highly defined QA Procedure Manual, to assure all
specifications are met and maintained throughout the laser cutting process.
5 - Rule Benders
Mark-Maker processes straight and
serrated rule on a Mulitbender system
in 2, 3, and 4 point thicknesses.
All files are digitally archived allowing
for quick and accurate duplication of
die sets or individual pieces.
Cutting Dies
Male & Female Striping Systems
Mark-Maker has experience in the
production of male and female
stripping systems for industry
diecutting presses.
• Stripping systems are produced
from the same CAD/CAM program as
the die, to guarantee exact registration
to the die.
Male Blanker
• Mark-Maker offers pressure pad
style male stripping units, as well as
foamed only styles.
• Our male strippers are available in
kit form, for customers who prefer to
assemble themselves.
Flat Top
• Each female stripper may be ordered
burned from the finest 3/8” or 1/2”
maple or birch wood available.
• If requested the female unit is
available with relief routed on the
• We supply line-up fixtures to aid in
registering the male to the female, and
maintain the parts as a matched system
during storage.
Female Stripper
• Any style Press Centerline System is
available for inclusion on the customer’s
• Also available is the front-end removal
unit system (guillotine) for any press style.
male Stripper
• We can supply Bobst centerline
mechanisms and mounting pieces for the female.
Mounting Department
Opti-Mount MK
Mark-Maker utilizes an Opti-Mount video
mounter for exceptional precision when
mounting printing plates With the aid of
a 30x zoom camera, register marks are
magnified to allow for greater accuracy
impossible to accomplish using traditional
methods and equipment.
• Fast Mounting and Proofing.
• Die drawing and register mark locations
are downloaded via network or manually
keyed in for automatic mounting camera
• All mounting coordinates are stored on
file servers for easy access when
a remount may be necessary.
Plate Making
Polymer Plate Making
Mark-Maker has both liquid and sheet
photopolymer systems allowing for
maximum flexibility in selecting plate types.
We can accommodate even the most
challenging print jobs in sizes up to
52” X 80”. We provide highly accurate
registration and proofing for premounted
plates of all size cylinders ranging from
Liquid Systems – Merigraph 30 x 48
• Plate thickness of:
.045 .067 .072
.090 .107 .112
.125 .155 .250
Sheet Systems – Flexlight 52 x 80
• Plate thickness of:
.045 .067 .107
.125 .155 .250
Cortron-Exact 30 x 40 – Single light source
• Provides digital quality at an analog price
• Plate thickness of:
.045 .067 .107
Plate Making
CtP (Computer to Plate)
Flexo Digital Plates
Mark-Maker now has the ability to image
digital Flexo plates. By adding this device
to our workflow, Mark-maker can now
provide an even higher quality product
with precise repeatability time after time.
Digital plates deliver superior quality by
reducing dot gain on press, allowing
printers to hold a much smaller dot
increasing the tonal range and allowing
for much smoother blends, sharper line
work and deeper reverses.
• Efficient quality control: the Creo QC Viewer ensures that the correct file is
perfectly imaged, every time.
• Plate optimization: the TIFF Assembler optimizes the layout of multiple separations
on a single plate, minimizing plate waste.
• Industry leading Imaging speeds are achieved by the use of multibeam laser
technology that supports the imaging of any plate size or thickness.
• Filmless workflow eliminates many of the variables associated with the flexo
platemaking process.
• Images a full 52” x 80” plate in about 20 min.

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