Newsletter 2014 – Issue 7 - Worldwide Oilfield Machine



Newsletter 2014 – Issue 7 - Worldwide Oilfield Machine
January - June 2014 Issue 07
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
Invention, Unique Design & Extraordinary Craftsmanship
Team Work At It’s Best
Early in the year, MSS received a positive testimonial from Brian
Archibald, Senior Project Manager at DOF Subsea Asia Pacific, on
the successful delivery of two Subsea Manifold Systems at the end
of 2013.
“I would like to thank the entire Magnum team for their very professional
performance and willingness to take on all issues and resolve them
successfully. Your performance and dedication resulted in a truly first
class quality scope of supply which all went well and easily during the
installation phase of the project. Your safety performance and attitude
was again a very well managed attribute of Magnum. We look forward to
an ongoing working relationship with Magnum,”
Mr. Archibald said.
Both Manifolds were installed and set successfully into production
Left to Right: Ravi Kumar, Mohd Ridzuan, Vince Ng,
Michael Gan & Wong Yen Hing
by February.
A WOM Group of Companies
Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
in at
Light Time!
he Controls department has custom engineered a novel choke
position sensor that will be part of a hydraulic power unit to be
installed on the Maersk Gallant ultra-harsh environment jack-up
drilling rig. The power unit will govern four gate valves and two chokes and
will be controlled remotely through a control panel in the driller’s cabin.
The Controls team, led by Ramesh Rao, designed from the ground up
a fully electronic choke position sensor that utilizes no gauges or analog
measuring instruments-all information is fed to a PLC (programmable logic
controller) and monitored digitally.
“The design is unique and no one else
has done this. Our design provides a
significant cost advantage over other
designs. It utilizes standard products
so it is simple and easy to maintain.
The designing got off to a bumpy start
with much of the department staring
blankly at me, but eventually it began
to come together and we got through,”
Rao said.
Top Row: Ramesh Rao, Charles Hale,
Priyanka Akula, Susan Alex, Bianca Montano
Bottom Row: Nibu Zacharia, Allen Jacob,
Norman Gilmore
Most impressive of all, the entire project and custom-design was completed
in only 7 weeks. Typically, a project such as this would take 10 weeks.
While the end result is certaily impressive, the project was not without its
“Having such a short timeline to execute the project was challenging because we had to
be 100% sure of everything we did as there was not enough time to do anything twice.
Another difficulty was dealing with the software configuration of the barriers. We had
no training, so a lot of things were just us taking a shot in the dark and working through
problems as they came,” Rao said.
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Control Panels
“The design is unique and
no one else has done this.
Our design provides a
significant cost advantage
over other designs. It
utilizes standard products
so it is simple and easy to
maintain. The designing
got off to a bumpy
start with much of the
department staring blankly
at me, but eventually it
began to come together and
we got through,” Rao said.
January - June 2014 Issue 07
Testing To The Extreme
is proud to announce the successful completion of
the fire test on the Model 40 Ball Valve. Conducted in Yarmouth, Maine, the test
included a 6” 900 class Ball Valve which goes through a 30 minute burn period at
approximately 1800°F. After the valve is exposed to the flames, the outside of the
valve is measured for the leakage rate of the seals. Additionally, the valve is then
cycled open and closed to measure the leakage as well. Our standard ball valve,
with no additional modification to the stem or seat seals, passed both the API 607
and API 6FA fire tests. The fire test now qualifies Model 40 Ball Valves sizes 6”
through 12” in classes 900 and 1500.
Getting It Right From Day One
In early April, WOM successfully completed all phases of the Final
Acceptance Witness Testing (FAT) for API BOP equipment sold to CTE.
On behalf of CTE, John G. Runion from JGR Electrical, LLC issued a
written “Completion and Acceptance Certificate” and sent the following
“I would personally like to thank Dustin Ferguson-Project Manager and the
WOM Companies, especially all of the fine personnel who assisted in the day to
day FAT Final BOP Witness Testing. Special appreciation is extended for Juan
Martinez-BOP Plant Manager, Mike Luna-BOP Assembly Test Manager and Test
Technician-Emerico Ocanas.
Successful completion of BOP FAT Testing is a dangerous and time consuming
process, which requires well trained personnel and safely operating Test Facilities.
Accordingly, when efficient, knowledgeable and safety conscious people are involved, such as Mike and Emerico, FAT Testing
becomes a dynamic work-of-art that is safe, enjoyable and professionally fulfilling for all involved.
Although WOM BOP Houston Facility is an older manufacturing
plant, WOM has provided for a safe-operational facility and its
personnel have been well trained and developed their own safe
Standards of Practice and Proficiency.
WOM Management should feel proud that they are represented by
so many expertly trained personnel who take pride in their work
and strive to ‘get it done RIGHT the first time’.”
WOM Annular BOP
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
Geared Up For A Rapid Growth
The WOM Ball Valve group has been hard at work selling the best pipeline
valve in the industry. However, selling the best has its challenges. The
world knows how good a Mercedes or Rolex is because those companies
take pride in their product and spend time on their craftsmanship, even
if that makes the end product more expensive. Similarly, our loyal
customers want to buy our equipment, even though, like a Rolex, the price
might cost 30% more than other valves.
The biggest challenge is to meet the delivery requirements our customers
require. In the oil & gas industry, unless you have product flowing through
your pipeline you’re wasting money. Every hour that a pipeline is down
because of a blown valve
costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our top priority in the
ball valve group is providing the industry with the best ball valve
available, in the shortest time possible.
Consequently, there has been excellent feedback from customers
for the Model 40 Dual-Seal design with the blow-out proof stem.
This valve has 25% fewer parts than the previous model, so there
are fewer potential leak paths. Eventually, as manufacturing
methods are refined and more Model 40’s are produced, they will
be more competitively priced.
Currently, the Ball Valve group is shipping four separate orders to one
of our larger U.S. pipeline customers. The Ball Valve group in Pune
is working furiously to get valves assembled, tested and shipped
over. Neelesh Musale is in charge of all the manufacturing for this
product line and has an excellent group of dedicated staff to build valves
and get them shipped.
Internally, the Ball Valve group has a lot going on as well. Mary Stec has
been promoted to Sales Supervisor for the inside group. This year she also
reaches her 10 year milestone with WOM. The Ball Valve shop is still being
run by Kim Dyer and Miguel Gomez, but with the increase in ball valve
sales more help will be added in the coming months.
Bill Lanning, Ball Valve Product Manager, knows firsthand just how much
growth the Ball Valve group is experiencing. “I have been busy seeing new
customers, doing lunch and learns, and working with our consulting Engineer, Bob
Maki. We are continuing to add valve sizes that he designs for the Model 40 ball valve
and we are working on more subsea ball valves. It is a long, slow process since we
do not have an R & D department, but we will eventually get a subsea ball valve
product line,” Bill Lanning said.
All indications point to the second half of 2014 being as busy as the first
half. Look for a few new Ball Valve staff members to be announced in the
next company newsletter.
Page 4
Left to right: Kim Dyer and Miguel Gomez
There has been excellent
feedback from customers
for the Model 40 Dual-Seal
design with the blow-out
proof stem. This valve
has 25% fewer parts than
the previous ball valve
model, so there are fewer
leak paths. Eventually,
as manufacturing methods
are refined and more
Model 40’s are produced,
competitively priced.
January - June 2014 Issue 07
WOM at Light Cost
ig things are in the works at WOM’s Canemont and Fairmont facilities. Development of the empty
lot adjacent to the Fairmont location and the undeveloped portion of the Canemont grounds into new
facilities for Controls, Repairs, Marketing and Training departments is slated to begin in the near future.
Currently, the Repairs department is in dire need of more space as the company grows and the amount of
products needing servicing. Likewise, the Controls department has seen unprecedented growth over the past
several years, and will soon require more space to handle the substantial increase in the work that they have
on their plate. A planned 30,000 sq ft building that will house both Controls and Repairs will provide both
departments with more than enough space to expand comfortably, and will also ease the congestion at the
Fairmont location. Best of all, an increase in the amount of parking spots should allow everyone to find a spot
more easily.“Our needs far surpass the capabilities of our current facility. Our growth over the past year was
more than double than what was expected, and if we are to continue to grow we require a new facility,”
Charles Hale Jr. said.
Additionally, a state-of-the-art Marketing and Training facility is in the works. While the building will
primarily house the marketing department and a fully equipped training room for training programs to be
run out of, the building will also serve a significant role in the company as a whole. With an emphasis on
environmentally friendly design and an open floor plan, the new structure will be vastly different from
the existing WOM offices. It is envisioned to be the new face of Worldwide Oilfield Machine, a modern building
that allows WOM to make an excellent impression on clients, customers and affiliates.
“We wish to create a template for all WOM facilities to follow by building a state-of-the-art working space
which promotes the entire WOM group and creates a lasting impression on anyone that visits the group
headquarters,” Mahesh Puranik said.
While WOM has committed to the course of having these new facilities constructed, the project is still in the initial
planning and design phase. Hopefully, there will be relatively few problems as the project progresses and the new
buildings will be finished and ready to move into sometime in 2015.
Total Dedication For The Customer Satisfaction
In March, WOM was proud to be named one of Maersk’s top valve suppliers and has been entrusted to support
Maersk in any ongoing rush work. Due to WOM’s continuous effort to meet customer demands and deliver
reliable equipment, WOM is held in high regard by Maersk management and has developed a strong
relationship with Maersk’s Equipment Purchaser. Additionally, the WOM’s five year recertification program is
working well and Maersk is looking to implement the program with other suppliers of different types of
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
Expanding Subsea Systems
facility is nearing its completion at the Tanner location in Houston.
With a floor space of nearly 11,000 sq. ft. and ceilings over 50 ft tall,
the new facility provides the Subsea department with ample space to handle the fabrication & assembly of subsea
intervention stacks and to perform 5 year recertification of them.
The current building where the intervention stacks are assembled does not have any overhead cranes
which greatly slows down the assembly process and makes it less safe. The new structure will have two
25 ton cranes that will be able to lift their loads to approximately 37.5 ft high. The cranes will also allow the
assembly and testing of stacks to be done indoors, something
which is currently performed outside and subject to the weather,
adding complications to the process.
WOM Subsea Facility on Tanner Rd.
“Since we are building our own building, we will be
able to build test bays and more specialized facilities
which will be more practical and productive for day-to-day
activities and will enable us to do a better job building
the systems,” Subsea Build Manager Mark McNulty said.
The Subsea department expects to move into the new facility
around August of this year.
Exceptional Results
WOM Inc. (Canemont & Fairmont locations) underwent an ISO audit in the first quarter of 2014. The ISO
auditors gave a very positive report without any noncomformances observed. All departments were found to be
in compliance with required procedures and all special processes were found to be performed satisfactorily. The
audit was scheduled for three days, however due to the outstanding performance that WOM exhibited, the audit
was completed in only a day and a half.
ISO is due to return in the first quarter of next year and WOM looks forward to delivering the same exceptional
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January - June 2014 Issue 07
New Machines in Dubai
Since the completion of the second phase last year, WOM ME and
MTC did not waste any time moving into the third phase of the
project and have since completed it. The WOM ME shop floor
was extended by 273 sq. meters and a table type boring machine,
a universal milling machine, radial drilling machine, and three
Lathe machines in sizes 630mm, 800mm, and 900mm were added
to the shop. The new machines will allow WOM ME to complete
all repair and refurbishment jobs in house.
WOM ME Phase 3
Congratulations WOM M.E. and MTC!
Passed with Flying Colors!
Magnum Forge successfully completed Velan’s audit of their facility in
January of this year. The audit finished in only one day instead of the
scheduled two days thanks to the extensive planning and careful preparation
of the entire Magnum Forge team. Velan selected five orders and asked
to review all documents associated with them. Velan emphasized
identification and traceability as their most valued traits,
and Magnum Forge was able to show these qualities in all regards
of their operations. The auditors left happy and the facility passed with
flying colors.
Congratulations Magnum Forge and Machine Works
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
The Global Engineering Summit between members from across
WOM’s branches and companies met together this January in
Dubai to assess the growing WOM group, share best practices
and discuss ongoing projects. In attendance were Sudhir Puranik,
Mahesh Puranik, Willie Kinnear, Tom McCreadie, Jim Allen, Andy Tennant, Johnny Duangphachanh,
David Taylor, Shiva Kolpuke, Lincoln Ong, Djajadi Susatra, Ong Chung Wei, Rudy Lie, Madan Shiva Prabhu,
Udaya Rao Reddy, John Sajeev and Mahesh Mithran. The two day summit began with a brief overview of the
markets that WOM is involved in, moved to a brief update of ongoing projects and then turned the focus on
products organization, standardization of processes between branches and streamlining the WOM group’s
infrastructure. Discussion was had about developing new products and services that could increase revenue
and bring more business and attention was given to R&D and the impact that researching and developing new
products and technologies will have on the company moving forward.
The Summit was well received by all those who attended, and having such a meeting between leaders in the
company is crucial to raising the bar of excellence and moving the company forward as WOM continues to grow
into a major global presence in the industry.
A WOM Group of Companies
Left to Right: David Taylor, Mr. Sudhir Puranik,
Mahesh Mithran, Mahesh Puranik and Willie Kinnear
Lincoln Ong and Tom McCreadie
Page 8
Left to right: Mahesh Mithran, Madan Prabhu & Uday Rao
January - June 2014 Issue 07
WOM takes many precautions to ensure a safe environment for its employees to
operate in, and many employees go above and beyond what is expected to
contribute to a high level of safety. At the end of the day, however, the process
to manufacture our products is inherently dangerous and the most stringent
safety protocols sometimes aren’t enough. Sometimes, safety is not about removing
risks altogether, but being aware of the ones that are present and constantly
accounting for them when operating in hazardous environments.
“It is important to consider potential energy,” QA Manager Mauricio Ventura says,
Safety is not about
removing risks
altogether, but being
aware of the ones
that are present
accounting for them
when operating
in hazardous
“If you have a several thousand pound piece of equipment lifted up on a forklift, even if it is stationary
you still need to be very mindful of the energy that it has stored. Unless something is flat on the ground, there are
factors that you need to consider when working around things such as this. Being aware of your environment
and accounting for things that may not be hazardous now, but could become so if a factor is changed, is key to
maintaining a safe environment.”
Whether or not our employees’ day-to-day work involves all components
of the WOM product line, they should be knowledgeable concerning the
products of the company. This will not only give WOM a more educated
work force that will be able to do their jobs better, but will also give WOM
more opportunities to promote from within as there will be more employees
with pertinent industry knowledge available to draw from.
Therefore, WOM implemented a training program which commenced in June of this year. The training sessions
are being kept small (15-20 participants) so that a high level of interaction can be achieved and last approximately
4 hours and end with an exam and certification. Employees passing the exam receive a certificate that will go in
their personnel file; a record will be kept of those who do not pass and they will be asked to repeat the training.
Training Program key objectives:
• Establish the reputation of WOM having a workforce which is well-versed in its products and the industry
• Provide employees with the opportunity of gaining knowledge useful in both their jobs and for their
advancement in the company, ensuring their and the company’s continued success
• Prepare WOM for any changes that may occur within the industry before they are mandatory
Having this mentality towards industry knowledge will be beneficial for both WOM and employees and we look
forward to seeing our employees benefit from the product training.
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
Keeping Up With Corporate Social Responsibility
WOM has made fantastic achievements as a company,
but the greatest achievements are those that extend past
the accounting ledger. WOM has been fortunate enough
to have great success in business, and now that the
company is well established as an industry leader, it
now looks to enrich the lives of the less fortunate who
do not have many opportunities to do so on their own.
Consequently, WOM has established the Rekha &
Sudhir Puranik Foundation. Named after the CEO
and owner of WOM and his wife, the Rekha & Sudhir
Puranik Foundation oversees several programs in a
remote area of Pune that are centered on the concept of “whole person wellness” through which those who
participate in the foundation’s programs become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful
existence. The Foudation focuses on challenges facing rural residents such as extreme poverty, social exclusion, a lack
of education, unemployment and low family income. Additionally, the Foundation also seeks to increase global
awareness of alternate energy sources and educating in how to live “off the grid”.
The Foundation looks to achieve these goals through several programs.
• The Vision International School
o Educate impoverished children, provide a safe, supportive and
enriched environment for them to learn in.
o Reinforce the Foundation’s focus on renewable energy by running
the school with solar and biomass energy sources.
• Alternative Education Program
o Intended for high school students worldwide, a “Back to Basics”
program that provides education about alternative energy,
sustaining life with limited resources.
o “Unplugged” experience for international students.
• Job Training Program
o Offered to indigenous workers to provide them with on the job
training, possible employment within the Foundation, better
paying jobs and a self-sustaining and beneficial community.
The Rekha & Sudhir Puranik Foundation is a manifestation of the values
and beliefs that both Rekha and Sudhir hold and are the same ideals that have
brought WOM the success that is has enjoyed. By applying WOM’s resources
to these causes, the company will be able to make a tangible impact in the lives
of people who desperately need help and raises awareness of practices that
will preserve the planet’s resources.
Page 10
Rekha Puranik and Sudhir Puranik
January - June 2014 Issue 07
Sending Relief to the Philippines
When typhoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines in early November of 2013, the region was exposed to
one of the worst tropical cyclones ever recorded. The destruction was widespread, with an incredible loss of
life and property. Unfortunately, one of WOM’s own was drastically affected by the storm. Jesselito Luib Real, a
Service Technician at MSS, family lived in Surigao Del Norte- one of the worst hit areas. The home of
his wife’s family was destroyed completely by the storm and many of his relatives went missing. Jesselito took
in relatives of three families in his own house and provided them food and shelter while continuing to perform
his duties as a Service Technician at MSS.
Wanting to assist our employees whenever possible, WOM started a donation drive for Jesselito and his
family. The care and compassion that the WOM family has for each other was evident in the turnout of the drive.
Over 300 articles of clothing were sent to Jesselito’s family, along with a donation from the company for $5,000
to help his family start to re-build their lives.
“Thank you so much to all who those involved in giving to this donation. Especially, thanks to sir Mahesh for
his donation. Thank you all so much for giving support to my family and relatives in Philippines. God bless you
all.”- Jesselito Luib Real
Contact Us
For any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this newsletter
please contact:
[email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
Magnum Intercompany Newsletter 2014
and Conferences
at Light2014
New Delhi, India
Petrotech - January 12-15
In January, WOM started the year with a successful exhibition in New Delhi, India at the PetroTech Oil and Gas
Conference. WOM exhibited in a customer-focused booth featuring some of WOM’s most recognized products
such as the Magnum Gate Valve, BOP and Compact Wellhead.
Left to Right: Gaurav Singavi, Adriana Lua, Kunal Howal, Lincoln Ong, Mahesh Puranik, Hendro
Hoo, Mahesh Mithran, Kabir Lulla
Mahesh P. and Kabir Lulla with special guests from ONGC
Page 12
Mahesh Puranik, WOM USA Business Development Manager
Visitors at PetroTech 2014
January - June 2014 Issue 07
IPTC (International Petroleum Technology Conference) - January 19-22
WOM and MTC participated for the first time in the IPTC
Exhibition held in Doha, Qatar in January. WOM and MTC
exhibited in a 48 sq.meter booth, reinforcing its presence in the
Eastern hemisphere by featuring products such as the Magnum Gate
Valve, Compact Wellhead, and MTC’s Trailer Mounted Well Test
MTC Trailer Truck
Front Row Left to Right: John Sajeev, Mahesh Mithran, Mahesh Puranik,
Mary Lewellen, Lincoln Ong
Back Row Left to Right: Shehroz Maredia, Adriana Lua, Arun Joseph
John discussing the MTC Trailer Truck
Arun with a Visitor
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Issue 07 January - June 2014
API (American Petroleum Institute) Pipeline Conference - April 8-10
During April 8-10, WOM participated in the API Pipeline Conference with a ‘table-top’ exhibit. API is the only
national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry and WOM took this
opportunity to display and share information on WOM’s Patented Dual-Seal Ball Valve.
AOG (Australasian Oil and Gas)-February 19-21
In February, MSS strengthened its presence in the Southern hemisphere in
the largest oil and gas show in Australia. MSS joined over 550 exhibitors from
over 15 countries at the AOG show which took place in Perth. MSS took this
opportunity to showcase subsea products such as the
Capping Stack, IRS System and Subsea Tree.
Left to Right: Kiew Joon Fong, Irene Lee, Emylia Soetanto,
Dave Middleton (from Plexus), Mahesh Puranik, Hendro Hoo & Lincoln Ong
MSS and WOM Booth
Page 14 Mahesh Puranik & John Murray (Customer)
Emylia Soetanto & Irene Lee
Lincoln Ong & Irene Lee
Subsea Injection Tree for Apache Australia
Hendro & Kunal Vaswani
January - June 2014 Issue 07
OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) - May 5-8
In May, WOM once again joined other experts in the
offshore energy industry at the OTC show in Houston,
Texas. This year, OTC reached its highest attendance in
show history and WOM equally received an increase
in new client interest. WOM showcased both new and
recognized products such as the Magnum Gate Valve,
Model 40 Ball Valve and the MTC Trailer-Mounted
Well Test Package.
Prasanna Pardeshi, Mahesh Mithran and
Neelesh Musale
Arun Karle, Sudhir Purnik (WOM CEO),
Mohamed Benamara
Mahesh Puranik and
Sudhir Purnik (WOM CEO)
Front Row Left to Right: Adriana Lua, John Sajeev, Boris Wang,
Mahesh Puranik, Mahesh Mithran, Shehroz Maredia
Back Row Left to Row: Duane Ahlquist, Travis Rankin, Mike Zelko, Angie Muniz
OTC Booth
Page 15