27 THE LETTER Graphic Design Project:


27 THE LETTER Graphic Design Project:
Graphic Design Project:
Roses have thorns — but apparently English does not because the thorn (with its “th” sound) was lost in
the move from the Medievil to the modern version of the language we speak. And that’s caused a
tremendous number of spelling changes to make up for the loss of those sounds.
“Would that be from the…” - spelling bee question
Your assignment is to come up with a 27th letter of the present alphabet and demonstrate it
in a word — but there are THREE catches you MUST adhere to: the letter you choose must be
a SOUND that is not made by any existing letter of the alphabet; it must be created as a
COMBINATION of two existing letters; and it must be presented in the STYLE of one of the
fonts we have already explored in this class.
To accomplish this, you MUST do the following:
1. Choose a sound for your letter that IS used in the English language already but
represented by a combination of letters rather than one letter. (Suggestions include:
“sh,” “th,” “ps,” and both versions of “ch” [chair, chanukah]).
2. Using your sketchbook, create AT LEAST three different letters for that sound made by
combining two other letters in the existing alphabet. You do not have to use the two
letters already being used for that sound! It must be done in CAPITALS and miniscule.
3. When you are satisfied with your letter, use your sketchbook to present your letter AND
AT LEAST three words that demonstrate it in AT LEAST four of the fonts we have already
studied in class. Use this to prepare your type setting.
4. When you are satisfied with your letter, word and font selection, re-create both versions
of the letter and the word on a quarter-sheet of Mayfair (10 x 13) using black gouache.
Your final images MUST have a one-inch empty margin around them.