Heart-to-Heart S p r i n g - S u m...



Heart-to-Heart S p r i n g - S u m...
Spring-Summer 2009
Volume 22 / Number 1
Newsletter for Friends and Supporters of Hospice of San Luis Obispo County at the Dorothy D. Rupe Center
New voices for Hospice of San Luis Obispo County
Our first graduating class of volunteers from Mission View Care Center
Steve Willey, Volunteer Coordinator
Sometimes we work and work at something we just know
is important, and after much effort and many twists and
turns we stand back, our project completed, and wonder
ways to strengthen this support. That the education
process has been mutual goes without saying. One
cannot fail to grow and be touched in the presence of so
much soulful history and experience.
Graduation Day at Mission View. Seated, from left, new
Hospice volunteers Gloria Smith, Debbie Pryor, Margaret
Dooley, Davie Bochnak, Monica Satterwhite, Alma Mazman,
Rosemary Julien, Sandy Ennes, Steve Willey of Hospice,
and Becky Platz. Standing from left, Donna Kean and Jim
Healy, and Mission View staff Sally Payne and Marjon Albert.
how it was able to come about at all. This was not the
case with the Mission View Care Center Volunteer
Program. In fact, this wonderful program seemed to be
simply waiting out there for us to stumble across.
One afternoon, as Jim Healy and I listened to
Mission View Executive Director Matthew Lysobey tell
us about some very creative programs in place there, I
thought, “Well, why couldn’t the residents be Hospice
Volunteers?” Actually, I said it out loud and Matthew
responded with, “When can we start?” About two
weeks later we were beginning a seven-week training
with nine residents and two staff members; some kind
of record for new program development.
Though these folks come from many different
backgrounds, they each have brought a strong desire to
be of support to their fellow residents. They each come
to this work with a deep sense of community, and we are
very proud to have been able to help them explore new
When someone was grieving or sick, I used to be
afraid I would hurt their feelings if I said the wrong
thing. I was always
told that losing
private – that you
shouldn’t bother
them. Now I know
how important it is
just to be present.
I can just take their
hand or listen to
New graduates Monica and Rosemary
them. I don’t have
to say anything or I can pray to say the right things.
--------------------------------------Donna Kean, Executive Director
Steve, Jim and I are joyous to have new Mission View
Care Center volunteers. Throughout my social work
career, I have always had a special feel for nursing home
residents and have been involved in a number of ways
in validating their lives in institutional settings. As a
social work intern, I used to take a notebook or tape
recorder with me to each patient, encouraging them
to write or record significant life memories for family
members or for themselves as a way to integrate their
life experiences. I loved hearing the stories and seeing
the depth of each individual emerge in the process.
Our hospice continues to deepen our relationship
with care facilities. For their staff, we have developed
educational presentations. group support, and debriefing sessions following the impactful death of
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is published
twice yearly by
Hospice of San
Luis Obispo
—Our Mission—
Hospice of San Luis Obispo
County, committed to the dignity
of the human experience, provides
volunteer support, education, and
counseling to those living with
life-threatening or terminal illness,
their families, and the bereaved.
—Contact Us—
Hospice of SLO County
1304 Pacific Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
805-544-6573 fax
[email protected]
Donna Kean, LCSW
Executive Director
Steve Thayer, LMFT
Director of Counseling
Chris Aho
Director of Development
Steve Willey
Volunteer Coordinator
Jim Healy
Volunteer Coordinator
Lidia Arango McCune
Latino Program Coordinator
Mary Kunz, MFT
Bereavement Counselor, Educator
Katie Manley
Events Coordinator
Tia Glickman, MFT Intern
Bereavement Counselor
Marilyn Greenberg
Executive Assistant
Christina Allen
Office Assistant
Darla Sammons
Office Manager
—Board of Directors—
Cindy Wolcott, President
Paul Wolff, Past President
Chris Schulz, Vice President
Sandra Garth, Secretary
Herb Stroh, Treasurer
Marcy Adams
Dr. Grace Crittenden
Lee Ferrero
Susan Hirsch
Rabbi Norman Mendel
Layout and typography by
Russell Stewart, Wilkins Printing
“New Voices” continued
a resident. For their residents, we have developed
bereavement counseling and in-home volunteer support,
life review and legacy workshops. Training their first group
of residents to become hospice volunteers for one another
is an exciting new step. They will provide support for
fellow residents who are dying, grieving, or living with life
threatening illness. Mission View Care Center leadership
already emphasizes the empowerment of their residents
and we are happy to add this program as another dimension
to their life affirming
Our own Spring 2009 graduates
I took the training
to help myself feel
more comfortable with
being around someone
who is dying – I wanted
Jim presents certificate to
to learn what to say
new volunteer Sandy
and how to act. I think I
probably knew this already,
but going through the training helped me to confirm it.
Being and listening are most important. And giving as
much comfort as you can.
volunteers with
over 15 years of
Jim Healy, Volunteer Coordinator
One of the most unique and rewarding experiences
from 2008 was our volunteer training at Mission View
Care Center. The resident volunteers dedicated themselves
to the training and refused to be defined by any physical
During one of our sessions, it was shared by one
trainee that she missed her home. This statement was
immediately followed by another who said that she was
trying to make “here” her home. These two statements
are examples of the truthfulness and resiliency that were
demonstrated during the training.
The volunteers have drawn upon this source of
strength to support their fellow residents in dealing with
the many issues of loss and bereavement that they deal
with on a daily basis. Our monthly volunteer meetings
have continued to be an integral part of the important
work these volunteers do.
Volunteering seemed like a good way to give back to
others who live here and to God. That’s important to me
because God has been good to me my whole life!
Spring-Summer 2009
Thanks for your donations in 2008!
As the only volunteer hospice in San Luis Obispo County, we rely completely
on donations, fund raising events, grants, and bequests. Your generosity makes it
possible for us to offer our services free of charge to the community. Thank you!
AARP, Arroyo Grande Area
Marcy Adams
Adams Living Trust
Therese Agrusa
Airflow Filter Service
Helene Aist
Lisa Allardyce
Cathy Allee
Virginia Allen
Allstate Giving Campaign
Marsha & Ira Alpert
Betty Lou Alvarado
Deborah Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Regina Anderson
Judith Andrews
Elizabeth Apfelberg
Arnie’s ATV Rental
Sharon Aronovici
Cindy Ashton
City of Atascadero
Barbara Attinello
Carol & Donald Aurand
Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community
Elie Axelroth
John & Tracy Baas
Anne Bachmann
Michele Bagby
Mary Ellen Baker
Leslie Baker-Mojica
Beth Bales
Beverly Balla
Stacy Ballard
Nancy K. Ballinger & Ron Schow
Marilyn Banducci
Joan Barbieri
Marsolin Barnet
Dorothy Barrios
Edna Barthe
Betty Bastian
Marlyse Battistella
Russell Bays
Evelyn Beaule
Jean Beck
Nancy & Doug Beckett
Pamela Beery
Belmont Family Trust
Gary Belt
Mary Benner
Geoff & Cindy Bequeaith
Henry Bernard
Andrea Bersie
Linda Bertelsen
Renee Besta
Harold Biaggini
Leon Bierly
John D. Blattner
Casey & Kathy Blitt
Nancy & Peter Bloch
Virginia Bonaly
Ines Bongio
Rhaelyn Bonham
Jeffrey Bonner
R. John Boomsma
Fern Borgsdorf
Ruth Bowman
Serena Bowman
Margaret Bowman-Kelley
Ann Brenizer
Michael & Anita Brennler
Brown Family Estate Trust
Eva M. Brown
Michelle Brown
Judith Brown
Linda Brownson
Terry Brumbraugh
Dorothy Brunson
Brunwin Living Trust
Kathryn Bukowski
Russell Bunge
Judy Burcher
William Burkhardt
Ken Burtner
Marilynn Bustya
Jolynn Butera
Miriam Butler
Julia Byllsby
Lorene Cabrera
Lorraine Cagliero
Calzyme Laboratories
Mary Ann Campbell
John & Andrea Caplan
Paulette Carlsgaard
Bill Carpenter
Judy Carroll
Cars 4 Causes
Steven & Suzanne Carter
Denny Carvalho
Lucille Carvelho
Joy & Lorin Cary
Robert & Karen Cary
Catholic Healthcare West
D.C. Caulfield
Cayucos Lions club
CCC Arabian Horse Association
Donald Cecchi
Oscar Celli
Central Calif. Coast Fed. Capg
Central Coast Women’s League
Alexandra Chamberlain
Cecil & Mary Chambers
Chandler’s Palos Verdes
Sand & Gravel
Margaret Ann Chase
Eric Chesterman
Chevron Employees
Chicago Title
Mary Alice & Dugald Chisholm
Chorro Lodge #168
Christian Women’s Fellowship
Lucia Cleveland
John Cliff
Jeff & Carla Cole Foundation
Dr. Zorus & Judy Colglazier
James Colsell
Debra Compton
Susan Conheim
Catherine P. Cook
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Alyce Crawford
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Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cusack
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Spring-Summer 2009
Lidow Foundation
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From the Counseling Corner
By Steve Thayer, LMFT
Director of Counseling
One of the foundations of our
Hospice is the offering of support
groups for those going through the pain
of grief, or a life threatening illness.
The common element has been providing a time and
place to share one’s experience with others who are in
their own process of loss. That sharing can give comfort,
direction, and hope to the participants. For some, their
group involvement is a supplement to their individual
counseling at Hospice. Our trained facilitators are as
varied as the participants. They range from long time
volunteers, to Interns who are pursuing state licensure.
Grief Support Groups in SLO, North County, and
South County, for anyone who has experienced a death.
Widowed Support Groups in SLO, North County,
and South County, for women or men of any age who
have been widowed.
Survivors of Suicide Support Group in SLO, for
those left behind.
Wellness Support Group in SLO, for those with a
serious illness.
Please call 544-2266 or 434-1164 to confirm dates
and times of all groups. All Hospice of San Luis Obispo
services are offered without charge.
Continued from page Joan Swanson
Genevieve Sweet
T BY D Foundation
Douglas Tait
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Richard Tartaglia
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Janet Taylor
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Tenet Healthcare Foundation
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Les & Yvonne Toma
Marjorie Toone
Transitional Guidance
Gloria Trett
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Sally Tschannen
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Lorna Turnier
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Carolyln Underwood
United Methodist Women
United Van Lines
United Way
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Karen Vail
Florence Vaillancourt
Leon Van Beurden
Paul Vanderheyden, DDS
Irene Vantress
Anthony Victor
Vision Unida
Arnold & Diana Volny
Bob & Debbie Wacker
Yolanda Waddell
Bernadette Walker
Patricia Walker
T. Dean Walker, DDS
Wal-Mart Foundation
Ronald Walter
Linda Wampler
William Warren
Kay Washburn
Washington Mutual
Susan Watts
Diane Wehner
Burruss & Donna Weiss
Robert Welborn
Roger Welles
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Patricia Wells
Patricia Wenzelburger
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Lois M. West
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Widowed Persons Assoc. of CA
Linda Wilhelmi
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Jeanette Williams
Kay Williams
Daniel Williamson
Max T. Wills
Cindy & Jeff Wolcott
Donna E. Wolfe
Lilliam Wolff
Women’s Alliance for
Hospice of SLO County
Women’s Fellowship of the
Community Church
Jeane & James Wood
Nancy Wood
Patrice Wyse
Nina Freitas Zardeneta
Richard Zeiger
While participation in our fund raising events and Light
up a Life program is not reflected in this list, we appreciate
your ongoing generosity. If we missed your name, please
let us know so we can update our records. Thank you!
And thanks to our major event sponsors
Our winning Women’s Alliance Bingo Team!
The Auto Gallery
City of Arroyo Grande
Avila Beach Lighthouse Suites
Avila Beach Golf Resort
Central Coast Distributing
Central Coast Magazine
Coalesce Bookstore
Courtyard Marriot, Paso Robles
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Rabobank, Paso Robles
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Rossi Foundation
San Luis Ambulance Service
Shore Cliff Lodge
Sycamore Canyon Mineral
Thoma Electric
Wal-Mart Foundation
Wells Fargo Investments,
San Luis Obispo
Wilkins Creative Printing
A Message from our
Board President
Spring 2009… Although the world
is currently challenging all of us in
regard to growing unemployment,
in addition to decreased home and
asset values, we at Hospice of San
Cindy Wolcott
Luis Obispo County continue to rise up to meet the
challenges that are presented to us. There has certainly
been no decrease in the request of our services based on
the economy, and thus we find ourselves needing to be ever
more resourceful as to how to assure our services in the
Residents at the Mission View Skilled Nursing facility in
SLO have asked for and undergone the training to provide
hospice counseling services to their peers, having seen
the value and benefit they provide. We were blessed by
a grant from the Arroyo Grande Hospital to establish a
vigil program where our ‘in-home’ volunteers would
provide bedside vigil in the hospital so that no patient has
to die alone. We are in the process of establishing a similar
program at both Sierra Vista Hospital and French Hospital
in San Luis Obispo.
At the end of last year we made the decision to move our
Hospice up to the next level, through hiring an individual
focused not only on current donations but on future
planning through the revitalization of our Endowment
Campaign. We’re pleased to announce that we have hired
Chris Aho, our former event coordinator, as Director of
Development. We are thrilled to have Chris out in the
community representing us with his grace and passion for
our mission.
Our two main fundraisers, Festival of Beers, held in
May, and our fairly new event,
Concours de Elegance continue
to provide us with our much
income. Beer fest tickets sold out
in 4 hours, and we’re all looking
forward to our ‘revamped’
event. Our third year Concours
planning, scheduled for late Oct,
2009, is already underway.
Please support us in our
fundraising anyway you can,
and when you answer your
phone and it’s Chris Aho on the
other end, listen to the options
he’ll have for you to support us
so we can continue providing
our services at no charge to the
Spring-Summer 2009
By Chris Aho
Director of Development
Leaving Your Legacy
One of the best ways of “leaving
your legacy” in our community is to
remember Hospice of San Luis Obispo County in your will
or estate plan. These gifts (commonly called bequests) have
helped sustain our organization through tough economic
times, and have helped us to provide all of our services free
of charge for the last 31 years. Bequests can be for fixed
dollar amounts, or a percentage of the remaining assets.
They can also take the form of real estate, or even the
assets of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.
All of these gifts are fully tax-deductible, and allow you
to give back to the community (now or even after your
lifetime) through our services. If you have any questions
about any of these or other types of donations, please call our
office at 805-544-2266 and ask for Donna Kean (Executive
Director), or Chris Aho (Director of Development).
Checks and Credit Card Donations
If you would like to give a monetary gift you can mail
your donation to: Hospice of San Luis Obispo County, 1304
Pacific Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, or you can log
on to our website: www.hospiceslo.org and click on the
“Donate” tab where your donation is securely processed
through PayPal. Besides cash, you can also donate stocks,
bonds, life insurance, appraised jewelry, and real estate.
All donations are fully tax-deductible as well.
With your generous support, we are able to fulfill our
mission of providing care to anyone experiencing the
impact of life-threatening
illness or grieving the loss
of a loved one. As the only
volunteer hospice organization
in our county, we provide all
of our services free of charge
to the community, and do not
receive any reimbursement
through insurance or Medicare.
We are very proud to be 100%
supported by your donations,
as well as grants and fund
raising events.
Our Memorial Tile Garden
provides a tranquil
setting for a lasting tribute to loved ones.
For information please call Donna
or Marilyn at 544-2266
“We make a living by what
we get, but we make a life
by what we give.”
-Winston Churchill
A Benefit for Hospice of San Luis Obispo County
Hosted by the Rossi Foundation a 501 (c)(3)
Avila Beach
Concours d’Elegance
Avila Beach
22–25, 2009
For more information:
w w w. a v i l a b e a c h c o n c o u r s . c o m
(805) 544-2266
o r ( 8 0 5 ) 5 4 3 - 15 3 8
A United Way Agency
Cl assic and Modern Automobile Showcase
Serving the community for 30 years
...because love never dies
Return Service Requested
1304 Pacific Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401