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The Ayden Christian
The Ayden Christian
“Come, Grow With Us … In Christ”
Andrew Shue
5117 Ayden Golf Club Road
Ayden, NC 28513
Ayden Christian Church
PO Box 488
Ayden, NC 28513
To the Personnel Committee, Reverend Michael Goff, and Board Chair Greg Gaylor;
Ayden Christian Church has been my home for almost my entire life. It has been an honor and a
privilege to attend and most recently serve the church. I owe much to this church. As I began to
follow a call into ministry, this church supported me. There are many people whom I love very dear
and will carry them in my heart forever. It is with mixed emotions that I hereby notify the church of my
impending departure.
As I have prayed over the past several months, I have told God that I would “follow.” Actions have
been set in motion by the Divine that led me to Southwood Memorial Christian Church. I leave my
home to grow spiritually. God is leading me to become the Senior Pastor at Southwood and His
hands will guide me as I serve that church. This move is not about my will, but God’s. As I “follow”
His guidance, I will always have a light on my path. To all who have been so instrumental in my
spiritual growth, I thank you. The ministerial staff of this church have been nothing but supportive and
have helped me find my way. I hope to carry a legacy, a legacy that began with Dr. James Daily so
many years ago. God loves us and this I know; for James Daily, Phil Jones, Dan Hensley, Maurice
Ankrom, and Mike Goff have taught me so.
I wish God’s continued blessings on Ayden Christian Church and the congregation. I will not be far
away and I will continue to keep an eye on ACC. My immediate family will be departing with me, but
my extended family plans to stay.
I love you all and am always a phone call or email away. Thank you for continued prayers and
thoughts. I go forth to attempt to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and hope to contribute to the
Kingdom of God!
Yours in Christ,
Andrew Shue
Reception for Andrew & Kasey Shue
Caring for One Another
We congratulate Andrew Shue on his call to
Southwood Christian Church and wish him the
very best in his new ministry. Andrew will be
preaching in both services at ACC this Sunday,
March 30. A reception will be held between
the two services to honor Andrew, Kasey &
their family. Please join us!
(14 Health Tips for 2014)
Graduate Information Needed
If you, or someone in the church family, are
graduating from high school, college or grad
school, please drop a note in the offering tray
or contact the church office to pass along this
information. We would like to know the name
of the person graduating, their degree, the
school from which they are graduating, and
their future plans.
April Birthdays & Anniversaries*
Amanda Abbott, Kristel Wainwright
David Worthington
Paul & Alice Wilkins*
Cassius Williams
Jody Venters
Mitch & Kim Shue*
Paul & Alta Andrews*
Clara Gee, Ava Gee
10th: D.J. McGraw, Linda Quinerly
11th: James Colucci
12th: Allie Waldo
13th: Lauren Rhue, Bobby & Jennifer Avery*
14th: Kathy Urton
16th: Justin Jenkins, Tony Hannam
Travis & Deborah Pierce*
17th: Jim & Phyllis Newman*
19th: Stephen Venters
22nd: Rachel Speight, Matt Whichard
Ryan & Jennifer Hardee*
23rd: Cody Gaylor, Katelyn Gee
Bo & Barbara Engleby*
24th: J.B. Cleaton, Darlene Smith-Worthington
25th: Stuart Stocks
26th: Melissa Stocks
27th: Paul Wilkins
30th: Hunter Taylor
1. Eat Breakfast: Try oatmeal cooked with low-fat
milk, sliced almonds and berries, or top a toaster
waffle with low-fat yogurt and fruit.
2. Make Half Your Plate Fruits & Vegetables.
3. Watch Portion Sizes: Using smaller plates,
bowls and glasses can help you keep portions
under control.
4. Be Active: Children/teens should get 60+
minutes of physical activity per day, and adults
should get two hours and 30 minutes per week.
5. Fix Healthy Snacks: Try low-fat yogurt with
granola, peanut butter on apple slices, or a small
portion of nuts with a banana.
6. Get to Know Food Labels
7. Consult an RD: Registered dietitians can help
you on the path to losing weight, eating well and
reducing your risk of chronic disease.
8. Follow Food Safety Guidelines: Practice proper
hand washing. Separate raw meat, poultry and
seafood from ready-to-eat foods like bread and
vegetables. Use a food thermometer to make sure
food is properly cooked. Refrigerate food quickly at
a proper temperature.
9. Get Cooking: Cooking at home can be healthy,
rewarding and cost-effective.
10. Dine Out Carefully: Plan ahead, ask questions
and choose foods carefully. Look for grilled, baked,
broiled or steamed items.
11. Family Meal Time: Set a regular mealtime. Get
kids involved in meal planning and cooking to teach
them about good nutrition.
12. Brown Bag: Save money and calories by
bringing your meals.
13. Drink More Water: Institute of Medicine
recommends a total daily beverage intake of 13
cups for men and 9 cups for women.
14. Explore New Foods & Flavors: Add more
nutrition and eating pleasure by expanding your
range of food choices.
ACC Youth News
Camp Caroline & Refuge Camp
Please join us for Easter Services at
Ayden Christian Church
Sunday, April 20, 2014
Turning Point Service
Children’s Worship
Brunch Reception
Easter Egg Hunt
Traditional Service
Camps begin in June! Information and
registration forms are available now.
interested, please meet with Youth Minister,
Jamie Haddock to discuss various options and
Youth Camp Scholarships
If you are interested in sponsoring one
of our youth for camp, or in making a donation
to assist with the cost of camp, please make
your check payable to ACC and write “youth
camp scholarship” on the memo line. The
average cost for a child to attend camp is
Upcoming Activities
April 4 – Relay for Life! Youth meet at ACC
at 6:30 to ride with Jamie or meet at South
Central High School. We will not leave Relay
until 11:00 p.m.
April 6 – Movie “Noah.” Greenville Grande –
showtime TBA.
April 13 – Youth Group working in Back Pack
Pantry (3:30 – 5:30 p.m.)
April 19 – Movie “Heaven Is for Real.”
Greenville Grande – showtime TBA.
April 20 – Easter Sunday! Easter egg hunt
after Turning Point. No youth meeting.
Please be in prayer for a successful Regional
Assembly as hundreds of Disciples across
North Carolina gather together for a weekend
of workshops, guest speakers, meals, music,
fellowship and worship.
Acknowledgements …
Dear Ayden Christian Church Family,
The Burt Tripp Family would like to
express their thanks to friends and family at
ACC for the food, cards, flowers, visits and
phone messages we received over the past
several months. It is such a comfort to know
that Burt touched so many lives in his way.
Your support helped us cope at this sad time
for us. We all appreciate these condolence
messages more than we can say.
Because of you, the meal before and
the celebration were perfect. As you know,
Burt loved to eat and worship God. We are
certain he was one proud angel of the dinner
and celebration in memory of him. He was
rejoicing with his Dad and Mom.
The Burt Tripp Family
Dear Church Family,
Don and I have been so blessed to call
Ayden Christian Church "our church". Your
genuine love and caring, your warmth, and
your prayers truly make you all Disciples of
Christ. In Dec. 2012 when Don was diagnosed
with a cancerous brain tumor Kim and Gay
were by our side in the ED. When God put his
arms around Don and whispered 'come with
me' on March 6th, Pastor Mike was at his
bedside. Between those two events, you have
all been by our side with your prayers and most
of all sharing your Christian love with us in so
many ways. Our faith assures those of us left
behind that God will not forsake us.
May God richly bless you as you have
blessed us.
In Christian love,
Dixie Friend and Family
In the Life
of the Congregation
Ronald Venters is recuperating very well at
home following recent knee surgery.
Congratulations and best wishes are extended
to Amanda Barnes and Steve Starling who
were married March 5, 2014. Amanda is the
daughter of Russell Barnes & Joyce Barnes.
Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the
family of Don Friend who passed away on
March 6, 2014.
We rejoice with Andrew & Kasey Shue at the
birth of their second child, a son, Gabriel Paul
Shue on March 12. Gabriel weighed 8 lbs. 9
oz. and is 21” long. Grandparents include Kim
& Mitch Shue.
Our condolences are extended to Jeanne &
Chad White at the death of Jeanne’s granddad,
Billy Hamm, on March 13.
Condolences are also extended to the family of
Doris Bateman Carroll, who passed away on
March 20 in Washington NC.
Mrs. Billie McLawhorn is doing well and
undergoing physical therapy at Ayden Court.
Ben White continues to have good days & bad.
He and Jean very much appreciate your
prayers and support.
Please remember these and all other members
of our congregation and community who are
sick and/ or homebound. A card, call or brief
visit would really brighten their day.

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