Peer Group Co-ordinator
Alexandra White (Mrs Ballard) A’95
24 Elgin Park, Bristol BS6 6RX
Email: [email protected]
I cannot believe that I left Sherborne eighteen years ago and feel very lucky to still count some
fellow ex-Sherborne girls as close friends. I regularly see Lottie Colston (Woodall) E’96, Tamsin
Bush (Griffiths) E’94, Sophie Annesley (Taylor) AE’95 and Claire Allen T’96 who all live in
Bristol and keep in touch with a few others who live further away. Lucinda Hensman’s W’95
wedding in April to Richard Douglas up in Cumbria was great fun. Jessica Bagot’s (Hattam) A’95
daughter Eliza was a bridesmaid. It was lovely to hear Tamsin Collins W’95 playing the oboe as Lu
and Richard left the church, and to catch up with Melissa Ellis A’95 afterwards.
Tamsin Simpson (Pinhey) AW’91 after having a break from work and enjoying being at home with
her children for a few years, is now working full-time again as a Reception Teacher at Dorset House
School in West Sussex.
Beth Christopher (Robertson) A’93 married Mark Robertson in 2009 and has two children. She is
a solicitor practicing family law and has been with Mishcon de Reya in London since 2003. She is
still in close contact with Rosie Robinson (Brown) AW’93, Tory Perriss (Whittington) AW’93,
Alex Greenstock (Chamberlain) A’93, Miranda Harding (Heynes) A’93 and Leone Lewis (Ward)
A’93 and sees many others.
Miranda Harding (Heynes) A’93 is married to Alex and had a baby girl Lara in December 2011.
She is back eventing her horse and keeps in touch with Beth Christopher (Robertson) A’93 and
Alex Greenstock A’93.
Christie Harris (Carson) W’94 married to James Carson in August 2004. Having worked as an
EAL teacher for 11 years firstly in Poland for a year and then back in the UK, she moved to
Shanghai in August 2011 with her husband and 2 children, Florence now 5 and Jago 3. On one big
adventure and really enjoying the journey.....most of the time!
Odette Cann (Ovies) T’94 married Marc Ovies in December 2009. She lives in Chicago, has one
son, Arthur, and works in the reinsurance industry. She last travelled to England in November 2012
to celebrate Jo Rook’s (Kirkham) T'94 wedding, as well as to visit Nyree Harutunian (Craig) T'94.
Pip White (Cartmell) DH'94 and Nick became parents to twins Polly and Albert on 13 July 2012.
Emma Deverell (Bell) E'95 is living with her family on the Wiltshire/Dorset border, so not a million
miles from Sherborne. Looking after two small children and expecting a third (due mid-June), so
pretty busy with that side of life... I keep in touch with a few OGs, particularly Lucy Griffith E’95.
But I should be better with lots of others - very sorry!
Lucy Turner (Kelly) A'95 lives in Lymington but is moving to Cannes in August as her husband
works there. They had baby Eliza Alice in November, a sister for Charlie (5) and Rosie (3). She
keeps in touch with Alexandra White (Ballard) A’95, and has seen Georgia Hewetson
(Beardsell) A'95 and Katrina Yerbury W'95 recently.
Peer Group Co-ordinator
Alexa Ramsey (Mrs Laryea) E’00
44 Jutland Crescent, Andover, Hampshire SP10 4NB
Email: [email protected]
Lettice Moore Ede (Hagan) A’96 writes: Guy and I have 2 boys: Bruno and Kit and I am actually
due with our third! I will try to remember to let you know what it is once it has arrived! I run a small
online business selling art for children's bedrooms (Porcupine Prints) but for now I am otherwise at
home with the children.
Ellie Bayliss A’96 has Theo (3) and Betsy (6m). Fiona Verdon-Smith (John) A’96 has Caspar 3.5
and Jago 2 weeks.
Heather Sclater (Balmain) A’96 has Rupert 5.5, Emily 3.5, Henry 2. Emma Spitteler (Reeve) A’96
has Thomas (11) and Philip (9) and still lives with her husband David in Zambia.
Amy Dumas (Pickles) A’96 has a girl and a boy. Kath Gaillard (Floyd) A’96 is living in Melbourne
where her husband Harry has a job for 3 years. They have Amelia 3.5 and Martha 1. Rachel
Henley A’96 lives and works in NYC for the NBA.
Alexa Birt (Saunders) E’96 lives and works in Jersey as a lawyer. She and her husband Nick have
St. John and Cameron. Alexa Thompson (Smallwood) AW’96 works as a physiotherapist in Yeovil
and she and her husband Giles have Felix 3.5 and Hugo 2 weeks.
Claire Vellacott (Gibson) AW’96 works as a teacher in SW London - she and her husband,
Fergus, have Izzy 3.5 and Xanthe 6m.
Camilla Pocock (Leask) E’96 continues to work as a leading PR guru in children's book publishing.
She and her husband, Major Leask, have Poppy and Cosima. Nikki Stevens K’96 is now Coupar
having got married last spring!

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