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Document 6467434
 Informational Packet
9 a.m. -1 p.m.
Saturday, November 23,
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Saturday, November 23, 2013
St. Joe Gymnasium 9 am – 1 pm
The Help the Hungry Bake Sale is a joint effort between community churches, local
businesses, social organizations, schools, and citizens for the sole purpose of raising
money for the two Farmington food pantries – the Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry and
the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. Past contributors have participated in a number of
ways, including: providing baked goods, food for concessions, advertising, or monetary
donations. They have also donated auction items, holiday items, gift baskets, and
labor. Special projects such as creating a food booth or participating in Help the Hungry
Day also help to make the bake sale a success. Business and community members
have supported the bake sale and food pantries through advertising, monetary
donations, food drives, Help the Hungry Day activities, donation of auction items,
volunteering of time, food for the concession, and donations of holiday decorations.
The bake sale is not intended to promote individual churches, businesses or
organizations. The bake sale is a mission to help those in need in our local community.
As a spin-off, the bake sale is an event where churches, businesses, schools, and
community can come together to support a united cause.
This year the need is greater than ever for the hungry. Our county has a 10%
unemployment rate, equating to thousands of people in our community being at risk for
hunger. This includes children, their parents, and the elderly. Both food pantries have
seen a marked increase in families coming to their locations, serving over 1,500 people
a month. According to the St. Louis Food Bank, of the residents in the 26 counties they
serve, 1 in 5 children is food insecure. Isaiah 58 says: “What I’m interested in seeing
you do is sharing your food with the hungry…Do this and the lights will turn on…your
righteousness will pave your way.” We urge you to prayerfully consider being a part of
this mission.
There are numerous ways to help with the success of the bake sale. The committee
intentionally developed many methods of involvement so anyone with a desire could
find a way to be a part of this endeavor. Below is a list of ways people have helped in
the past; however, we encourage any new ideas.
Bake! Bake! Bake! What is your specialty? Bakers are needed to fill our booths
with baked goods. Sales of baked items generate the most money for our cause.
Please do not under-estimate the need for baked goods. Please refer to the
sheet in this packet for ideas of different baked items. The more you bake, the
more people are fed!
Assemble a gift basket – these can range from $50 to $100. Pick a theme for
your basket, arrange the items in a pleasing way, and wrap with clear material
such as cellophane. All items must be new. Those baskets valued at under $50
will go into the Grandma’s Kitchen booth. Those valued at $50+ will be placed in
the Silent Auction. Please let Marlene Ragland at know if you are planning to
donate a basket. Her information is provided on the Committee page in this
Donate other booth items – Dry mixes including spiced tea, cocoa, cookies, fruit,
veggies and dips; handmade items such as aprons, napkins, etc.
Bake dog or cat treats. Not an experienced baker or maybe you just love pets?
This is the ticket for you! Pet items are very popular and we sell out of treats
every year. Consider assembling little gift baskets as well.
Artistic? Consider creating a holiday wreath, centerpiece or other holiday
decoration for our raffle.
Workers – we will need workers the day of the event as well as the night before
to help set up and clean up.
Cookin’ Clergy Contest – This event is turning into an energized, fun competition
between the pastors and their congregations. Have a member of your clergy
bake his/her favorite dessert for auction. This will be a friendly competition
between other pastors, and a traveling trophy presented to the clergy receiving
the highest bid will be awarded. Bring your church members and your money –
the stakes are high at this event!
Donate. In addition to our baked goods, we generate a good deal of our money
from donations. Cash, merchandise, or services will be gladly accepted.
Have a hobby? Past participants have donated everything from a miniature
display to a hand-made jewelry box to an elaborately decorated cake.
Do you have items around the house that are new but never used? If so, the
Ministerial Alliance thrift store is looking for items just like that, particularly holiday
items. They are the perfect sellers for the thrift store booth. The Ministerial
Alliance Thrift Store will gladly accept your items at the Factory prior to the sale.
No clothing please.
Quilts! This is becoming a very popular venue at the bake sale. We love
auctioning off both new and antique quilts.
Come! We will need people to come to the event and buy! This is a wonderful
opportunity to stock up on holiday food items, buy some gifts and maybe treat
yourself to something special.
Please refer to the following information if your church is responsible for a booth.
! All booths must be decorated by 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 22 and ready to
accept baked items. Workers may come on Friday at 3:30 to begin setting up and
decorating their booths.
! All booths must be decorated appropriately according to the name of the booth.
! Churches responsible for booths will also be responsible for clean up and tearing
down of their booth at the end of the sale. Churches must wait until the close of
the live auction to begin closing down their booth. All churches are encouraged
to stay and help clean up the gym at the conclusion of the bake sale.
! At least one person from your church must be assigned to be in the booth at all
times on Saturday.
! Folding tables will be available for use for your booth. All other items used to display
baked items must be brought by individual churches. Consider using vertical
shelving to maximize display and room for baked items.
! Dimensions for the booths are as follows:
Our Daily Bread (Catholic) – 12’ x 10’
All American Pie Shop (Presbyterian) – 16’ x 12’
Miss Patty’s Cakes (Methodist) – 18’ x 10’
Candyland (Freewill Baptist) – 12’ x 10’
Grandma’s Kitchen (First Baptist) – 14’ x 10’
Pastry (Parkland Chapel) – 10’ x 10’
Chocolate Heaven (New Heights) – 14’ x 10’
The Cookie Tin Express (Lutheran) – 12’ x 10’
Thrift Store (Ministerial Alliance) – 20’ x 10’
Silent Auction Gift Baskets – 22’ x 10’
Cupcake Island (Nazarene)
NOTE: Those churches responsible for a booth have agreed to create, decorate
and set up a booth for food items. Members of that church are NOT responsible
for filling that booth with baked items. Members from ANY church can bake
whatever item they wish. All baked items will be placed in the appropriate booth.
OUR DAILY BREAD – Breads, rolls, sweet rolls, savory breads, bread sticks, focaccia,
fruit and nut breads, scones
ALL AMERICAN PIE – Any type of pie - sweet or savory
COOKIE TIN EXPRESS – All cookies - bar bookies, decorated cookies, cookie pops
(cookies on a stick)
MISS PATTY’S CAKES – All cakes including specialty cakes such as German
chocolate, red velvet, Italian cream
CANDYLAND – Homemade candies, peanut brittle, bonbons, divinity, pecan logs,
fudge, candy apples
CHOCOLATE HEAVEN – anything chocolate including candy, brownies and cookies
PASTRIES – Strudels, stollens, Danish, breakfast rolls, coffee cakes, doughnuts
CUPCAKE ISLAND – Any type of cupcake you can imagine!
GRANDMA’S KITCHEN – Jams, jellies, jar mixes: spiced tea, cocoa, cookies in a jar,
etc.; canned items: salsa, jams, and jellies; dry bag mixes: Chex party mix, puppy
chow, caramel corn; hand-made items: aprons, napkins, pot holders, tea towels, etc.;
spreads; fruit, veggie and dip mixes, pet treats
Sugar free and gluten-free Items will be place in the appropriate booth
Needed for this event are 30-40 donated items. Although we have a committee working
on this event, if you own a business or have an item to donate, we would be happy to
have it. Items in the past have included St. Louis Cardinals’ tickets, children’s books,
holiday appetizers, weekend trips, car detailing, even a side of beef! If you have an
item to donate, please contact Patsy Weddle, 760-3697 or Maridee Lawson 631-1336.
Our ever popular Mark Toti will be our auctioneer once again this year.
Members from a variety of businesses, social organizations and churches assemble
theme baskets that are auctioned off through a silent auction. Minimum value of each
basket needs to be $50; however, you can exceed that amount. We’ve discovered that
baskets under $100 seemed to go best.
Please arrange your items attractively in a container and wrap in cellophane. All items
must be new. Basket ideas to consider include: movie buff, kitchen, bath and body
products, gardening, harvest, coffee lovers, horse lovers, Christmas, BBQ, gardening or
baby. Use your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind basket!
When you bring your basket to the bake sale, be sure to bring an itemized list of the
basket contents, along with an estimated value of the basket. Please bring your basket
on Friday between 3:30 – 6:00 p.m. so we can best display the baskets. Make sure that
you also indicate who is donating the basket. Contact Marlene Ragland, 756-5460, Kim
Long, 756-6476, or Linda Ragsdale, 701-5525 for questions or more information.
Local florists, garden clubs, and community members generously donate holiday
decorations for raffle. Sale goers have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for the
items of their choice. The drawing will occur at the conclusion of the live auction.
Contact Ardie Henson, 756-1362 or Joan Sullivan, 756-1176 for more information.
Our café serves breakfast and lunch items. Open at 8:00 a.m., it serves biscuits and
gravy, egg casserole, assorted muffins and pastries and coffee and juice. For lunch,
the café offers chili, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, bottled water, soda, and
soft drinks. If you can donate any food or paper items, they would be greatly
appreciated. Also needed are clean quart jars with lids for carry-out chili. Contact Kathy
Romine at 225-8043 or Mindy Perret, 631-4412.
Kim Weekley has graciously volunteered Parents and Teachers to organize and work
this event. They will have cookies ready to be decorated by children at the bake sale.
This is a free activity for the children. For more information, call Kim at 747-6010.
This is a great way to get your clergy and congregation involved in the bake sale. Have
your pastor/priest bake his/her favorite dessert. These will then be auctioned off at the
bake sale. Get your congregation to show their support by raising the bid high so that
your clergy wins the traveling trophy. (Make sure members from your congregation are
there to increase support and moral!)
The following page in this packet includes a sign up sheet to be used at your church or
business. Feel free to make copies and distribute to individual Sunday school
classrooms, post it on bulletin boards, take it to Circle meetings, or place anywhere
members would be likely to see it and sign up. This year we are requesting that each
church commit to at least 10 cakes and 10 pies each. These are high demand items
and bring in the largest proceeds. You know what your church can do – encourage
members to stretch! Members do not need to sign up to participate; however, signing
up will give you an idea of how many baked items your church is donating.
Each year we offer a cake walk for the young and young-at-heart. Baked goods are
always needed for this event.
Create a stir in your church or business by advertising the bake sale early. Because
there are so many ways to contribute, many members can be involved. Determine the
best methods to get the word across and remind them often. One of the best ways to
get others involved is to ask people individually. This makes everyone feel included and
brings the message “home”. If possible, organize a group of members who will be
responsible for encouraging others to participate.
Below are some sample texts you may wish to use for your church bulletin or
newsletter. Please feel free to modify these or create your own – just get the word out!!
Example 1: Help the Hungry Bake Sale proceeds are divided between the St. Vincent
DePaul and Ministerial Alliance food pantries. There are countless ways you can help:
1. Provide crafts for Granny’s Kitchen, 2. Provide funds or items for a basket for the
silent auction, 3. Provide baked goods, 4. Sign up to work Friday night or the day of the
event, 5. Donate an auction item, 6. Support your pastor in The Cookin Clergy contest,
7. Come and buy on November 23rd! You can sign up ___________________. The
Help the Hungry Bake Sale will be held Saturday, November 23rd at the St. Joe Gym. If
you wish to help, contact Mary Lee Faircloth at 431-1083.
Example 2: Your church name is once again participating in the Help the Hungry
Bake Sale. The proceeds from the sale are divided between the St. Vincent DePaul
and Ministerial Alliance food pantries. Last year each organization received $20,000 to
purchase food. There are several ways that you can be involved. Sign up sheets are
available list locations. The sale will be from 9 – 1 on November 23rd, at the St. Joe
gymnasium. Make plans to provide some items and to attend the bake sale, giving
support to the food pantries in Farmington.
Example 3: In the Sermon on the Mount, our Lord fed the bread of life to the multitudes
and they were filled spiritually. The Lord was also aware of their physical need for
bread. When He performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, it showed His
compassion for the many that were hungry. We are to follow that example.
Example 4: The Help the Hungry Bake Sale, November 23, at the St. Joe Gym, raises
funds that go to our two local food pantries. There are sign up sheets list locations
with many opportunities to help with this mission. Please plan to help in some way and
make a difference for those in need.
8th Annual Help the Hungry Bake Sale
Saturday, November 23, 2013
St. Joseph Gymnasium, 9 am – 1 pm
All proceeds from the Help the Hungry Bake Sale will benefit the Ministerial Alliance and
St. Vincent de Paul food pantries.
Please sign your name beside the items listed below that you would be willing to bake.
Each church is asked to supply at least 10 cakes and 10 pies. No store bought items
will be accepted – we need homemade items.
Yeast Bread____________________________________________________________
Savory Breads__________________________________________________________
Bread Sticks____________________________________________________________
Quick Breads __________________________________________________________
Pies (at least 10 pies needed from each church)
Bar Cookies___________________________________________________________
Drop Cookies__________________________________________________________
Shaped Cookies________________________________________________________
Other Cookies__________________________________________________________
Cakes (At least 10 cakes needed from each church)
Any Cake
Peanut/Pecan Brittles____________________________________________________
Pecan Rolls/Logs________________________________________________________
Candy Apples __________________________________________________________
Breakfast Rolls_________________________________________________________
Coffee Cakes __________________________________________________________
Anything Chocolate _____________________________________________________
Sugar Free
Any sugar-free item
Grandma’s Kitchen
Jar Mixes: cocoa, spiced tea, cookie mixes, etc.
Canned items: salsa, jams, jellies
Dry Bag Items: Chex party mix, caramel corn, puppy chow, etc.
Kitchen Crafts: bread covers, napkins, potholders, aprons, tea towels, any non-food gift
Dips: cheese logs, dips, dip mixes, flavored butters
Dog and cat treats, gift items ______________________________________________
Workers (Please include name and contact information)
Willing to work with set-up Friday afternoon
Willing to clean-up on Saturday afternoon – this will involve moving and storing tables
Willing to help in our booth on Saturday
Willing to assist on Friday evening to price and transport food items to St. Joe Gym
Bake Sale Prices and Guidelines
Cakes – sheet or 2 layer
8 x 8 cakes Cupcakes and muffins dozen
Cupcakes and muffins half-dozen
Specialty Cakes
(German choc., red velvet,
Pineapple upside down)
$ 7.00
$ 5.00
Cookies pkg. by dozen
Rolls pkg. By dozen
Bread by Loaf
Mini Loaf
Cinnamon Rolls or Danish ½ doz. large
Cinnamon Rolls or Danish ½ doz. small
Coffee Cake, Strudel
Large Stollen
Jar Mixes
½ Pint
Candies by Doz.
Candies ½ Doz.
Caramel corn/Party Mix, gallon
Caramel corn/Party Mix, quart
Doughnuts doz.
Dips, Cheese Logs and Balls, 16 oz.
All items must be homemade; that is, made in someone’s kitchen.
1. All baked goods should be placed on a Chinet paper plate or substantial disposable plate.
2. Cover all items with Glad or Saran Wrap. Make sure that the wrapping seals the item. A bake
sale label should be placed on the item with the name of the item and the price (taken from the
price list above). Labels will be provided. (Please call Nancy Sullivan 631-1476) if you need
3. Items may be delivered to First Baptist Church on Friday between 8 – 3 p.m. or can be delivered
to St. Joe Gym between 3:30 and 6 p.m. Saturday morning deliveries can be made between 7 9 am. We are happy to price all items delivered. COMMITTEE INFORMATION
Chris Landrum
Home 756-1134
General Information, Committee Chair
Cell 760-5207
[email protected]
Ardie Henson
Home 756-1362
[email protected]
General Information, Publicity, Holiday Contest and Raffle, First Baptist Liaison
Nancy Sullivan
Home 756-1345
Cell 631-1476
Booths, Baked Goods, Presbyterian Liaison
[email protected]
Kathy Romine
Concessions, Nazarene Liaison
Cell 225-8043
[email protected]
Teresa Kellogg
Home 747-1180
Venue Contact, Catholic Liaison
Cell 701-2992
[email protected]
Linda Ragsdale
Home 756-7531
Secretary, Free Will Baptist Liaison
Cell 701-5525
[email protected]
Berneice Panchot Home 756-4285
Finance, Methodist Liaison
Cell 631-2331
Marlene Ragland Home 756-5460
Cell 631-0378
[email protected]
Silent Auction, Corresponding Secretary, Farmington Christian Church Liaison
Kim Long
Silent Auction
Work 756-6476
[email protected]
Carla Taylor
Home 756-6535
Methodist Church Liaison
Mary Lee Faircloth Home 431-1083
Church Marketing
Mindy Perret
Cafe, Parkland Chapel Liaison
Maridee Lawson
Live Auction
[email protected]
Cell 760-3267
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cell 631-1336
[email protected]
Nancy Faulkner
Cell 631-5941
Ministerial Alliance Liaison
[email protected]
Alice Johnson
Methodist Liaison
Home 756-5485
[email protected]
Jackie Meadows
Cell 366-0099
Nazarene Liaison, Café
[email protected]
Joan Sullivan
Home 756-1176
Cell 747-8809
Creativity Chair, Co-chair Holiday Raffle
Patsy Weddle
Live Auction
Cell 760-3697
[email protected]
[email protected]
Madge Winch
Home 431-2674
St. Vincent DePaul Liaison
Cell 366-4591
Agnes Hinkebein Cell 747-6898
St. Vincent DePaul Liaison
Work 756-4250
[email protected]
[email protected]