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Document 6468779
From May 22-25, 2013, three USC OM teams spent time competing at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals held at
Michigan State University. Highlights of the event included building friendships with “Buddy Teams” from Seoul,
South Korea; working at the Creativity Festival; pin trading; watching other teams compete; and of course the Opening and Closing Ceremonies - which welcomed 827 teams from the US and 13 countries. To find out more, go to (local) or (international.)
3rd Place & OMer Award for Exceptional Skill
Classics Problem, Div 3: ARTchitecture: The Musical
From their OMer nomination: This team’s set design and props
demonstrated such exceptional skill that it could easily be used in a
Broadway production. The performance featured a giant boat, complete with crashing waves and a moving monsoon costume. Another prop surprised judges -- it appeared to be a trash heap, but when
hit with light, it cast a shadow of a beautiful woman. The team used
two prism-like devices to give the appearance of the team swimHS Classics Team: Kyle Austin, Nicole Churbock,
ming, diving and more.
Mary Kate Kauffelt, Maddie Oppelt, Anna Rosati,
To view this performance, go to
Alexa Schlein. Coaches: Susan Rosati, Geralyn Austin
3rd Place
Technical Prob, Div 2: The Email Must Go Through
This team’s solution included: dyed/glued dryer lint in a dog costume; chewed/washed/rolled gum on their mosaicked sign; 2
“popping” costumes; the artistic use of rat food and pasta; an offbeat location which was the inside of a rat infested garbage can; and
an intricate device which moved “emails” across 8’ using a mouse
trap trigger, a door bolt, a drawer slide, a falling paint can, a large
spinning spool, a conveyor belt motored by a fan, a catapult and a
souped-up skate board.
To view this performance, go to
Fort Couch Technical Team A: Ethan Bowman,
Jagadeesh Gummadi, Laura Lapham,
Neale Misquitta, Shebl Rosati, Emily Walsh.
Coaches: Susan Rosati, Jim Walsh
4th Place - Honorable Mention
Technical Prob, Div 2: The Email Must Go Through
This team’s solution included: CDs shards on beard, staff,
clock, watches and cloak, muslin bark on tree costume
and handmade headdress, WWW Guy - costume with key
board, a chrOMe "Brain" and face painted circuit board, hand
carved 3-d blueprint cubes placed in computer projection device, internet server with a trap door mailbox leading to a seFort Couch Technical Team B: Chase Banton, Liam Carse, ries of tubes, a weight-dependent "spam" filter activating a
Tyler Clark, Arushi Kewalramani, Allie Ryave, CJ Stott, Vicki lever to divert an e-mail, viruses that moved/squirted and eWang. Coach: Debbie Carse
mails converted to ASCii on Ping-Pong balls and then converted
back to mail. To view this performance, go to