We Make Water Burn! K100 Fuel Treatment is the Bio-Based Solution to


We Make Water Burn! K100 Fuel Treatment is the Bio-Based Solution to
We Make Water Burn!
K100 Fuel Treatment is
the Bio-Based Solution to
ALL Water Problems!
Water reduces the heat of combustion which
means more smoke, less power, hard starting,
rough idle, poor mileage, winter freeze-ups and
microbe growth. K100’s unique bio-based chemistry eliminates all free water by encapsulating it
and rendering it burnable as fuel!
All Equipment • All Engines
All Fuels • All Year!
K100 Eliminates free water:
• Improves mileage – saves money
For DieselPowered
Equipment use:
K100-D or
• Makes starting easier, idling smoother
• Increases power & acceleration
• Reduces black smoke & emissions
• Eliminates frozen fuel lines
• Reduces paraffin formation in winter
• Prevents microbe growth
(with enhaced
• Eliminates tank corrosion
K100 has a proven track record in eliminating all
water-related fuel problems, improving miles/
gallons/hour and extending equipment life.
For GasolinePowered
Equipment use:
K100-G or
(with enhaced
Order K100 Online at:
Kinetic Laboratories, 1205 Balmer Rd., Youngstown, NY 14174
Phone: 716-745-1461 • Fax: 716-745-1468
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For Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels
12/14/09 2:21 PM
Diesel Fuels High in Water,
Low in Lubricity
ULSD, bio-diesel & off-road fuels contain high
amounts of dissolved water residual to the
processing. Fuel tanks that are vented to the
atmosphere further increases this moisture
content through condensation, causing water
Water supports microbe growth and multiplying
colonies spread quickly throughout the fuel
system, plugging fuel filters. Clogged filters
can stop an engine and/or cause premature
pump failure. Water can cause a tip to blow off
an injector, or can reduce the lubricity of the
fuel which may cause seizure of close tolerance
assemblies such as plungers.
Processing reduced-sulfur fuels removes much
of the natural lubricity of the fuel. Agents are
added during processing to increase lubricity,
but it’s not enough. High-pressure fuel pumps
and injectors rely on the lubricity of the fuel to
keep them operating. Adding a lubricating agent
is essential year-round maintenance to prevent
premature failure of equipment – especially
older equipment.
Use of K100 as an ongoing treatment keeps
water out of diesel fuel to eliminate all water
problems, and increases lubricity 20-40% to
extend equipment life.
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What Does
K100 Do?
Maximize Performance
Minimize Costs!
Eliminates all
water problems
Improves miles/gallons/hour,
saves money
Increases lubricity
• 20-40% in ULSD, red-dye & K-1 blends
• Reduce friction to extend equipment life
Cleans engines & fuel system
• Won’t harm catalytic converters
or oxygen sensors
Dissolves sludge, varnish & carbons
• Stops fuel line blockage
Improves fuel combustion
• Reduces black smoke, pollutants
& emissions
• Atomizes completely leaving no
ash deposits
Increases power
• Boosts cetane 2 points
Contains no sulfur
• K100-MD extends fuel life & revitalizes old fuel
• K100-MD is essential for fuel that sits more than 90 days
K10 0’s unique organic
chemistry will even “fix”
equipment that has been
sitting a while and doesn’t start — or runs
roughly — by doubling the treatment, turning
the engine over enough times to get the treated
fuel throughout the system and waiting 1/2
hour for the treatment to take effect.
12/14/09 2:21 PM