How to Order “Earn College Credit For What You... Fourth Edition, by Janet Colvin


How to Order “Earn College Credit For What You... Fourth Edition, by Janet Colvin
How to Order “Earn College Credit For What You Know,”
Fourth Edition, by Janet Colvin
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1. Call Customer Service at Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 800-338-8290,
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2. Request the book titled, “Earn College Credit For What You Know,” Fourth
Edition, by Janet Colvin. The ISBN number is 0-7575-2750-7.
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7. To request a reimbursement, complete the bottom portion of the Book
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10. Your reimbursement request will be processed by EdLink soon after receipt and
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What do you know?
by Janet Colvin
2006/ISBN: 0-7575-2750-7/Price: $24.95
“Thousands of adult learners have successfully used a variety of
assessment methods to earn college credit for what they know.”
—Janet Colvin, author
Earn College Credit for What You Know, Fourth Edition
Earn College Credit for What You Know is written to help adult students prepare to
earn college credit for their lifelong learning through the Prior Learning Assessment
(PLA) process. Colleges and universities use the terms Prior Learning Assessment
(PLA) or the Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) to describe the process of earning
college credit from learning acquired through work, training, volunteer experiences,
and personal life. PLA helps students determine what they already know and what
they still need to learn through classes; it recognizes that adults bring their personal
and professional experiences to the classroom and that learning is a lifelong activity.
This book, a publication of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL),, provides stories about adults who have returned to college and used
their rich learning experiences to earn college credits toward their degrees.
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Fourth Edition
Table of Contents
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
The Prior Learning
Assessment Process
Introduction to Prior Learning
Adult Learner Profiles
Determining Your Educational Goals
Prior Learning Assessment and
Coursework Planning
CAEL Standards for the Assessment
of Credit
Transcripts and Testing
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Evaluation of Transcripts and Training
Credit by Examination
Part III
Portfolio Development
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Learning Theory and Application
Portfolio Contents, Assessment, Planning,
and Learning Chronology
Research, Organization, and Prewriting
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10: Writing about Learning
Chapter 11: Compiling Supporting Documentation
and Submitting the Portfolio
Appendix 1: Finding Institutions That Offer Prior
Learning Assessment
Appendix 2: Prior Learning Inventory
Appendix 3: U.S. and International Accreditation
Appendix 4: Military Transcripts and Resources
Appendix 5: Sample Table of Contents for a Portfolio
of Prior Learning Assessment
Appendix 6: Sample Cover Sheet and Narrative
Appendix 7: Sample Three-Part Competencies
Appendix 8: Sample Letter of Verification
Appendix 9: Sample Faculty Evaluation
Glossary of Terms
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