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Document 6494776
 John Lowe
John is an experienced and
successful presentations and
message coach, author and
lecturer. He helps professionals
from many industries to
develop and deliver value
messages that differentiate from
competitors and get results.
John is a Certified Vistage
Speaker, a TEDx presentations
coach, and member of the
Raleigh Business Alliance
Thoughts to consider…
Do you know the 3 ways to ensure people will “get”
your message?
Are you completely sure you and your people are
delivering a compelling message every time?
Are you winning the % of deals you believe you
Do you have a competitive advantage over your
Do you utilize stories to make your point?
Do you find yourself simply giving information too
Is your value message engaging, impressive,
powerful and inspiring?
Be Compelling Now
4704 White Chapel Way
Raleigh, NC 27615 919-264-4591
“Your workshop was one of the best I have ever attended, in
terms of content and delivery. Future attendees are in for a
real treat.”
Lee Heinrich, Chairwoman, Raleigh Business Alliance
Be Compelling Now Presents
How to Stand Out in a
Commodity Market
October 29, 2013 @ The Cardinal Club 150
Fayetteville St. 28th Floor
Raleigh, NC 27601
Workshop Details
Where and When
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
The Cardinal Club @ 150 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, NC 27601
What do we know? We know that:
It is a commodity-driven world
People are overwhelmed with information
Most sales pitches sound the same
1 PM to 5 Pm
Surveyed execs say 9 of 10 sales presentations are a waste
of time
How and How Much
The most popular buying decision is to do nothing
Register by calling 919-264-4591 or go to
$149/ 2 or more from same company
$149/member of Downtown Clubs or Business Alliance
Who should attend?
Small business owners
Sales leaders
Sales people
Marketing managers
Business development leaders
Franchise owners/operators
If you are not completely satisfied that you learned
valuable information that will help you succeed, we will
gladly refund your registration fee.
This workshop will teach you proven strategies to present your
value proposition in a compelling, differentiated way, and in the
process, create engagement, build advisory relationships and win
more business!
Attendees will learn:
How to give a personal commercial
How to instantly engage prospects
How to answer, “Why should I listen?”
How to get the attention of the “old brain” which
drives decisions
How to use storytelling in your presentation
How to communicate value
“You have a profound
understanding of how to present a
compelling message. You have
given me many great fundamentals
and concepts today.”
Kyle Wrightenberry, CEO, HFC
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