How to install CWP (Seismic Unix) in windows



How to install CWP (Seismic Unix) in windows
How to install CWP (Seismic Unix) in windows
1. First, you shoul have install daemontools and cygwin on your
a. To install daemontools, just follow install window(press yes
or next ), when finished instalation a small button will
appeared in left side of the window;
b. To install cygwin you should choose mount image and select the
file named cygwin.iso and then a new cdrom will appear in your
computer, go in and press setup and install it.
There are some figures in below to help you!
Choose install from local Directory
Press the place circled with red chage default
to install !!
Wait until100% , it will take a long time.
2. Then copy fold cwp to your disk driver c:\(must be here otherwise
you have to change the profile by yourself), and copy the file
profile to d:/cygwin/etc/ replace the file with the same name(I
assume you install cygwin in d:).
3. Now everything is ready, click cygwin in desktop, type startx and
another window appeared, then type suplane >data | suxwigb <data
to test if it is successful installed.
If you have any problem, ask me by email: [email protected]
Good luck!!

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