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Sandy Creek (N.Y.) News - Page 5
^ .JViE^raday^July'^'iiitei-;,
Firemen's Softball
Gtoi6 J u l y 17th
from The Elms
The Sandy Creek Sports
Booster Club will sponsor its
Second Annual Firemen's
Softball Game oh Sunday,
vJiily/47 ^at thei Sandy Creek
Fairgrounds, t h e first game
will be Orwell vs! Redfield
and is scheduled for 10 a.m.
The second game will have
Sandy Creek playing against
Lacpna and is scheduled for
12 noon.
The third and final; gahle at 2:00 p.hi. with the
winners of the' first two
games vying for
Come and enjoy a day full
of fun and support the Sandy
Creek Booster Club.
I seem to be receiving an increasing amount of press
i releases from every thing from fishing tackle companies to
The donation at the gate is
; anyone with something to promote or bring before the public,
only $.25 and refreshments
'Undoubtedly, tte reason for this is because of my-active
will be available.
V membership in both the New York State and New England
«» Outdoor writers associations. Many of these releases Have
to do with this region, so I will include them in niy
monthly publications, but the ones which concern usdirectly*
you will hear about. I have just been notified by Luhr Jensen
that I have been put on their technical Reports List. These
40 In Junior Golf Clinic
are really worth having, they are little pamphlets on each
Forty boys and girls ages 7 to 17 participated in The Elms separate type of lure or fishing device. For example, thereis
Junior Golf Clinic June 27 through July 1st.. The school was one on J Plugs, Trolling thin bladed spoons for trout; the Hot
directed this year by Frank Pizzuto, Jr. and the instructional Shot Side planer, etc. They have 34 of them scheduled so far
Terri Haynes, Lacona, a competing in the sport of
staff included Ed Nicholson, Les Hastings, Barb Sellis, Paul and more to come. I got 7 in the first pack. These educational silver medalist in last year's basketball. The Empire State
Wilson, Bob Tully, Emil Kozak, Tom Blount, Dave Sellis, reports represent decades of research, lure development, Empire State Games has
Mark Sellis and Ted Prescott. Participants had one hour of and thousands of hours of accumulated information from the qualified for the 1983 Empire Games are the largest
instruction in small groups for four days and the program finest fishing experts in the industry. For a complete set of State Games to be held in amateur sporting event in the
concluded on Friday with contests for longest drive, best long Tech Reports now available send a self-addressed envelope Syracuse, from August 10-14, nation and each year host
approach shot, best chip, best sand"shot and best putting. to Tech Reports. Luhr Jensen & Sons, Inc., P.O. Box 297; 1983.
over 5,800 athletes for finals
Contestants were divided into seven groups according to sex, Hood River, OR - 97031. As I looked thru these I could see
Haynes, a member of the competitions in Syracuse in
age and golfing experience with a 1st place winner earning many salmonoid fishing methods and data which I would
Central Region Team, will be 23 Olympic Sports.
five points, 2nd three points and 3rd one point in each event. have giVen anything to have known ten years ago, instead of
The winning players, by groups were as follows:
having to troll hundreds of unproductive hours while we were
still in the process of learning.
Advanced Group A
The ESLO King Salmon Derby is August 27th - Sept. 5,1983.
Andy Howard (14), Jeff Woolson (10), Jeff Gasperini (8) This is a $109,000 derby this year, plus a possible $105,000
over David Nicholson (8) in a putt-off for the tie.
Kidney Foundation tagged fish hunt. These tagged fish are
Advanced Girls
being looked on as an extremely long shot but just recently,
Tracy GUI (15), Stephanie Snow (11), Jill Eddy (11).
there were one of the ESLO tagged fish caught off Sodus, so it
Advanced Group B
is possible to catch them, and one of these days someone will
Chris Keefer (15), Matt Hitchcock (14), Matt Howard (10). do it at the right time. There are 20 prizes in the Chinook
Girls 13-17
Division this year and three in each of the other divisions,
Karen Quartz (12), Chris Johnson (11), Jennifer Wagner although there is also a fully equipped 17' Grumann Boat for
The 15th Annual Duck is $25.00. Reservations must
the CoHo Division this year.
and Wildlife Art Show,
Boys 12-15
While we are on the subject of salmon, the season is going sponsored by the 1000 Islands be made before July 10.
Ron Haas (11), DanHebbelthwaite (9), Rob Jones (7).
Challengers will judge their
to be on us before we know it, and the.predictions by both Museum, will be held at the
Boys and Girls 10-12
DEC and Sea Grant are really rosy for this year. From what Clayton Arena, Clayton, New opponents' work, as well as
Trevor Stowell (11), J:R. Victor (10), Jeff Wagner (7).
I've been involved in the stocking for the last ten years, this York, July 15-17. Decoy and their own, on Saturday.
Boys and Girls 7-9
Ribbons will be awarded for
year I am inclined to agree with them. Our major return this
DavidFowler (16), Jeff Sellis (6), Bfent Pierce (6).
year should be from surviving three and a half year old fish wildlife carvers, painters, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and
from a Chinook stocking in 1980 of 788,000 and two and a half taxidermists and collectors Best Marsh Duck and Best
After the contests were completed the contestants had a year old recruits from 1,468,000 fish in 1981, plus we will are invited to exhibit as well Diving Duck winners will
hot dog lunch and $25 worth of prizes were awarded to the undoubtedly have some precocious jacks weighing from 3-10 as participate in a miniature receive $100.00. The first
winners. A junior tournament was played July 7th and will be lbs. from a 1.8 million stocking in 1982. Nor should we forget decoy challenge, decoy place decoy and first place
reported next week.
entirely that there will be a few monsters left over from the painting contest and head painting or drawing will be
1979 plan. As for CoHo, we know we are going to have a whittling contest.
put on permanent display at
Each contest is open to the Old Town Hall Museum
record return from the fish we caught this spring.
amateur, professional and HaU of Fame.
The T-Shirt Classic
I haven't heard too much lately on new developments on
Bill and Wini Hoag hosted the couples' league July 1st and the fish ladders at the two dams in Mexico on the Little * novice carvers and painters.
For more exhibit and
T-ShirtsJwere the order of the day. Thirty nattily attired Salmon River, but I did hear that the DEC had no objections Only exhibitors attending the registration information,
couples toured the front nine playing with handicaps and to salmonoids running all the way to Parish. For the show may enter. The- entry write
prizes were awarded for low net scores for the ladies, the information of people between Mexico and Parish, naturally fee will be $5.00 for the first Chairman of the Duck. Decoy
men and the.couples, and for the lowest humor on the T- with steelhead running Little Salmon River, there will be decoy and $2.00 for all and Wildlife Art Show, P.O.
shirts. Leon Bognacki and Dot Wolner were individual more sport fishermen than there are now. The area must additional entries. The fee for Box 292, Clayton, New York
winners, and Dot and Leon Delaney were low couple. Low T- remember that this won't necessarily be a repetition of an exhibit space at the show 13624.
Shirters were Ann Jones and Ted Prescott. After dinner there Pulaski, plus all its problems, as the new laws now under
was dancing to the music of The Elms Beatles with an assist print put an end to allsnagging on all of Little Salmon River.
from Bob Gleason and everyone seemed happy. ,
Mexico.xoidd,, very ,.we]l,,-be known, for its sport fishery
natipn^idg,,.and^nisxQuid]r!e^Ily pe som^ngld^pr^oudof,.
t» r> c m * '
not to mention the added economic advantages to the whole
• ,*> More.Fun,Coming f^ ,v
j i f e j a a f l -hmj 'tr I' WtsT jovfi-fTT «»f «tl n-»"a
T»3B'3r,fi -am
' On Saturday, July l^lht^6tt#tdurhament planners have
The Lake water hasn't warmed up enough yet this year, so
scheduled.a Captain ahdPirates Treasure Hunt for guys arid that one day of off-shore wind will cool it down to 54 degrees.
dolls - a mixed golf tourriey that may offer some weird It usually takes 3-5 days to bring the trout back in When this
alternatives to the usual game.
happens, but this year, look for the trout close to^hore in 2-3
And on both Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16,jihembers
Immortals abound
soon-to-be retired Oklahoman
and guests will have another opportunity to see The Willie days as the cold water plus the spawning alewives may very
in Modern Age
hit more homers than any
Show by ventriloquist Peggy Miller, professional entertainer
Expansion is a dirty word other catcher in Major
from Henderson, starring Willie, who made such a big hit at schools of fish right now in 60-80 ft. of water, so off Nine mile, in professional sports circles League history.
The Elms last summer. Advance dinner reservations are they aren't too far out. The big Walleyes generally celebrate these days, unless you work
Rod Carew is a shoo-in. The
the 4th of July by running up Oswego River, usually minnows for the USFL that is, but at Panamanian bat magician is
and brown bucktail jigs are deadly lures.. Check with Keith at least one of baseball's hitting over .400 at 37, and
Twilight League
institutions is going to have to about .330 for his long career.
Harry's Bait Shop, on how and where to go.
In the 9th week, Dashnau and Barbeau hold a one-point
enlarge its premises.
Steve Garvey will be there,
Good fishing and I'll see you on the water.
lead over Bosak-Sanderson, 42 to 41, and FrenyeaThe Hall of Fame in too. Mr. Clean has been a
Westerlund are only two back at 39. The final round of the
Cooperstown, NY, will have constant for 10 years, and,
first half was July 6th and will be reported next week.
to add a new wing if the contrary to Dodger opinion, is
curators expect to be able to still going strong.
Pulaski Fuel League
handle the'wave of current
Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and
This league is also staging a photo finish for the first halfstars, who'will be voted in Mike Schmidt may not be
Ken Barbeau and Fran Dashnau scored 35 points June 27th to
during the next 10 years.
doing. an awful lot for the
City "families along1',' Mr. Porter
pull within five points of the leaders, Vic Moyers and Terry
Count 'em. Right now there Phillies now, but who can
h a v e believes. "They start rolling are 18 bona fide candidates deny they belong in the Hall?
Wilson (242). In third at 226 points is the team of Bill Godfrey M u z z l e l o a d e r s
and Chuck Woolson. FranDashnau shot a scratch round of 35 announced the dates for their in on Friday, some with and four or five other Rose and Morgan are real
Fourth Annual Black Powder modern camping equipment possibles who are in the winners who have compiled
to take top individual honors for the week.
and other with primitive twilight,! or at least late excellent stats over two
According to club president equipment in keeping with afternoons, of their careers. decades. Schmidt, a power
Ladies' 18 Hole League
Helen Hastings finally broke Rosemary Ciocca's string of Roy Porter, the weekend of the primitive contests' And, this is not even about the hitter who fields with elan,
wins June 29th with a net 66 and Val Nicholson was runner-up July 23rd and 24th will once theme. The two day event is future prospects like Robin may have some doubters but
very colorful and sociable. Yount, Cecil Cooper, Eddie he has put together 10 superb
with 69 after a card-matching tie-breaker with Rosemary. again find blackpowder
shooters from all:over New Visitors and spectators are Murray, Jim Rice, Andre seasons.
Dot Cross was hostess for the day and 11 girls played.
York and Canada encamped welcomed at no charge at Dawson, Gary Carter, Lance George Brett? Yes. The
•at the Gouverneur Rod and anytime during the two day Parr ish, Freddy Lynn* Dave charismatic hot-sacker is a
Tuesday League
Midge Tully and Thelma Vokes were 1st and 2nd in the A Gun Club's grounds. "The period. This is a very relaxed, Winfield and others who, if player. Brett's .390 season
Division of this 9-hole League, while Pearl Bontomase and free use of the club's camping low-keyed shoot; an excellent they can keep it up, may will always keep him in the
Mae Shoudy led the B Division players. Ethel Johnson, Midge area and the spectacular opportunity for beginners to someday be enshrined there. conversations about the great
setting on the river encourges get a start.
Tully and Ella Hoag tied for low putts.
No. this is about the hitters, but is it his firey onparticipants to bring their
There will be nineteen greatest gathering of true field demeanor that sets him
paper targets events. These superstars to play the game apart from many others?
"''11 include matches for at the same time since the who will not vote for
muskets, caplbck rifles, 1930's. Think of it, in the Reggie Jackson? Somebody
flintlock rifles, cap & ball National League, two great won't, even Willie Mays
pistols, percussion pistols, pitchers, Nolan Ryan and didn't garner all the possible
juniors. Steve Carlton, battle each votes. Mr. October's World
Contestants buy their targets other on a game-by-game Series heroics will keep him
for whichever events they basis for the all-time baseball lore long after his
wish to participate in and strikeout leadership. Not for regular-season exploits are
then they have two days to the season honors, but of all forgotten. Jackson m a y be
shoot at them.
obnoxious to some, but he is a
There will also be a special
And, Gaylord Perry with tremendous baseball player/
muzzleloading shotgun trap his 310 victories is not far The last, but certainly not
shoot on Sunday morning and behind in Ks. All three will be the least of these players, is
an auction on Saturday night. in the Hall someday. And, if Carl Yastremski. The Boston
be you don't think the Express hero has done it all since he
available both days with a will be there, think again, replaced Ted Williams as the
special pancake breakfast on With five no-hitters and all Red Sox' left fielder in 1961.
Sunday morning.
those one-hitters, no voter is Although he played on
A favorite spectator sport going to care about his terrible teams for the first
is the primitive events which undeserved .500 pitcher label. quarter of his career, Yaz has
will take place on Saturday.
Do any of those three always been top echelon
The contestants, many in luminaries have anything on player. He is one of just four,
period costumes, shoot a t Jim Palmer? Or, Tom players, Mays, Hank Aaron
specialty targets like a Seaver? No. Add the names and Stan Musial are the other
mechanical device which of Fe'rgie Jenkins, Don Sutton three, to hit 400 homers and
simulates a turkey's head (yes, Sutton and his quiet 260- rap 3,000 hits in a career.
moving behind a log. plus wins), Rollie, Fingers That's elite company.:
Trophies and prizes will be and Rich Gossage and you Some othefyjeterahs will be
awarded at 3 p.m. on Sunday. have one extraordinary consideredlB/uce Sutter, Bill
Madlock", A r ^ l % r j . fiave
For additional information pitching staff.
write to Roy Porter, Rt 1,
Could Johnny Bench handle Conception/Phil Niekro and
COOb FISHING-On Tu.»^jy ( Juno 28th, fourflsh«rrntn eUscovorod that It w s wall worth Box 273, Gouverneur, New
this staff? What staff couldn't Tommy John have fashioned
th* trip to R.dfl.ld to do some ••riout fishing. T h . roward wai fourtosn notfv. brook trout York, 13642 or Tim Bennett,
handle is a better question. fine careers, among ot*jiefs.
a n a l from 9 to 13'/, Inch.. long, Th. fishing party Includad A l.n L.stor Sr. of Orw.ll
The feats of these players
may forget how
and hl?son Art Loitor, of Blnghamton. Proudly displaying thslr fin* "catch" in th* picturs
will live on as long; as
S b t . a " Arf,' „ „ 7 k . n (W? • who caught A . largest rt a * » ) . « j f fl'vlng K.n « hand call the St. Lawrence County amazing the big cat was_
withall thosofish, Allen Utter, Jr. Ar. thore any other photogonic flshormen out thoro? Chamber of Commerce a t behind the plate. Not to Americans play baseball.
386-4000. Area Code 315.
And, that's my opinion.
mention the fact that the
We'd like to sso how you're doing.
Haynes to*Compete
in- Empire State Games
Decoy and Wildlife
. A r t Show
Black Powder Shoot
1 '
„ ^u»rf wv^*j»*^rp* J'*'*.*"'"^/"
§ 11 M» a m m 1111 urn HI 11 m i u •• • r.rtfW
2 - 5 PULASKI;
VFC Griff Jones
appropriate for the water you
IS NO ACCIDENT' ,- are on.
About 60 million Americans 5. Be A Weather-Watcher.
will climb aboard a "fleet'' of Check the weather forecasts
eleven • million befbreyour outing and carry
recreational small craft this' a radio. Don't be stubborn in
year. And in doing so, the the face of foul weather. Take
odds are accidents will shelter and "live to sail
happen on the nation's lakes, another day',',
6. Carry Emergency Tools,.
rivers and oceans.
to Parts and Adequate Fuel.
specialists at the New York Without the means to move, a
Extension stranded boat is a "sitting
Program, boaters can avoid duck" for an accident. Take
accidents on .the water if some tools, some vital small
safety rules and common parts, spark plugs, for'
example, and enough fuel to
sense are followed.
During National Safe make the. round trip to' and
Boating Week in June, many from your destination.
sponsoring groups and 7. Know Your Water. If
agencies carry the message, unfamiliar
local .
"Safe Boating is No w a t e r s . . . a n d
Accident" to boaters. They danger...take precautions.
remind these
pleasure Ask other boaters, carry a
seekers that learning and navigation chart, and don't
carrying out water safety is assume unobstructed'waters
an important
personal lie ahead. Go slow!
Sea Grant, a research and 8. Water Ski in Appropriate
educational program on Areas Only. Water skiing
coastal and water issues, also envelopes large areas of the
makes a point each year to water surface and requires at
remind the owners and users least six feet of obstacle-free
of New York's 500,000 water depth for the skier's
pleasure craft to keep these protection. Keep at least 1,000
10 boating safety tips in mind feet from other ski boats and
think of your boat as being 200
when on the water:
1. Wear A Life Jacket. One feet wide whenever you're <
PFD (personal flotation towing a skier.
device) is required by law for 9. Know the Boating Laws.
every person in a boat that is Federal and state laws
underway. It's the best require
protection against
the equipment aboard particular
number=one cause of death in vessels. Check to be sure that
you have met the legal
2. Position
Yourself requirements for PFD's, fire
Securely. About 70 percent of extinguishers, flares and.
boating fatalities result from lighting.
capsizing, sinking and falling
overboard from small,
10. Avoid Alcohol, Drugs
unstable boats. StayJ"~low, and Exhaustion. Statistics
avoid standing or sitting too show that impairing your
near the edge of any boat. reflexes and judgment while,
Sudden movements on small on the water invites disaster.
boats are risky!
Alcoholic beverages, drugs
3. Don't Overload. 'Don't and prolonged activity in the
exceed the maximum safe outdoors can lead to illbehavior
loading weight for your advised
particular boat. Check the mistakes in judgment. Take
boat's capacity plate and it easy, realize your
position people and gear capabilities and go slow.
equally onboard the • vessel. According to one Sea Grant
' * 4.¥e A Safe tiriver. L&rri•' expert,, "recaMmg>nyiis* 6?"
the "rules-of-the-road". Steer , do's and don't's is never easy,
clear of obstructions and but tips for safe boating
heavy traffic, give non- shouldn't be difficult to
powered craft the right-of- remember - they're based on
at respect for the law, courtesy,
c o n t r o l l a b l e s p e e d s , and good old common sense."
How To Tow
A Disabled Boat
Active boaters sooner or chafing wherever they
later need to give or receive a contact your boat, so care
tow. Without proper care, should be taken by the use of
more trouble than you can chafing gear or cushioning
imagine might arise. If the material.
situation should ever occur,
In attaching the towline to
are you ready to help yourself the disabled craft, care
or someone else out of such should be taken to inspect the
potentially life threatening bow fitting. If there is doubt
about the strength of the
Selection of a proper tow fitting, select something else
line is of utmost importance. you can trust. The towline
Manila makes a good tow length will vary with
line. "Poly" ropes have an weather. Generally, the
added advantage because of calmer the weather, the
their floatability. Nylon is shorter the line.
excellent because of its
Never allow anyone to hold
strength and ability to lessen the tow line. This could result
shock. However, caution in torn tendons, muscles, or
should be taken to avoid being dragged overboard.
breaking nylon rope as it can Never allow people on deck to
act like a hugh rubber band. fend off boats with hands or.
Tow lines should be made fast feet.
so that it can be easily
As you start the tow, start
released or cut.
off easy! Don't dig up the
Positioning the "resuce" whole lake or ocean With your
boats is also important. A screw causing nothing more
craft in relatively calm water than a lot of vibration. A
can tie up along a disabled,, steady pull at a reasonable
craft's side for an alongside] speed will produce the best
tow. However, a smaller results. As yod maneuver into
craft should tie up at a larger the dock, approach slowly
disabled craft's quarter and have a crew member
rather than straight abeam. step off your boat with the
In this case the boats will act slacked towline.
as one during handling;
towing can be a dangerous)
When the craft ,is simply undertaking, as well as an
pulling the other, a towing expensive one, if not properly
bridle may be best. A line done'. Never hesitate to refuse
three or four times the width a tow if you are not equipped •
of the rescue boat's transom to do it. Instead you may wish
is used. Rig the bridle or tow to stand by the disabled boat
line a$ far forward as and
possible on the yessd ;being[ experienced or capable
:^^'to.:9U6w:f<K''fjree^$wji^g' a s sis taiice,
Al t h o u g h
r4''tn^''stert.LA)^'cih:^\'t6W' camaraderie among boaters
. line with a carabiner or loop is desirable; a'good piiater
• io; ^ajlp^tiP, to*'- sy$tig -a;hdi will 'knovv\ ttieir capabilities
.pedjil&^ear. L i n ^ ^ l i c a y s e • and act accordingly.
In parti of Panama, one can see the sun rile in the Pacific
Ocean and Mt in the Atlantic