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Flag Day June 14th
Chartered Feb 12, 1923 ∙ 89th Year ∙ Issue 35 ∙ June 11, 2012 ∙ Editor Greg Landers
Kiwanis Club of San Jose: 2011-2012 Club Achievement Award Winner
Scientists Discover How To Convert
Christmas Trees, Hot Dogs and Popcorn
“What’s the big
deal?” says Kiwanis
Club of San Jose
President John
Pfahnl, Jr. “At
Kiwanis, we’ve been doing this for years! In fact,
just last Monday we awarded multiple TurnAround
Scholarships from our club and the Leo M. Shortino
Family Foundation. In addition, the club presented
annual Key Club scholarships to graduating seniors.
In many cases, these scholarships make the
difference between attending college and
working at WalMart. Granted, we do ask a
lot from our members – especially in
December, but this the result! Next fall,
when you are asked to sign up for a few shifts
in the food booth or tree lot, remember that
this is where our profits end up. Our future
doctors and attorneys may owe their start to
a cold day selling Christmas trees or popping
another tub-o-corn! Thank You Kiwanians!!
June 12 this month
Soil Stability Construction, Inc.
Foundations, Construction and Engineering
408-929-SOIL (7645)
Cell: 408-640-5614 Fax: 408-258-0456
Email: [email protected]
(Guests Welcomed)
June 11th
12 Noon
The Untold Story
of Mary Winchester
Mary Jo Ignoffo
Author: Captive of the Labrinth
June 18th
: Mike Chisholm - Spartan Athletics
June 25th: Membership Mixer
July 2nd:
July 9th: <Open>
(See the Portal for details)
 June 11th: Board of
Directors Meeting –
Flames Eatery 6:30PM.
Open to all members.
 June 14th: Flag Day
 June 17th: Fathers Day
 June 20th: Division
Council Meeting (DCM)–
Home Church, Campbell.
Open to all members.
6PM dinner. 630PM
 June 25th: Kiwanis Mixer
– Our evening meeting will
be a casual mixer to have
fun and bring guests. No
hard sell – show off our
club and enjoy “heavy
Hors d'oeuvres.”
 July 6-8: VMC Children’s’
Exam Rooms Painting –
This is an ongoing, and
outstanding program
painting the plain white
walls of the exam rooms
with beautiful kids’ murals.
Phase 3 is July 6-8. For
info click here: KIDZ.
 July 19th: Kiwanis night
Out - at Music in the
Glen, in Willow Glen.
Presented by the Kiwanis
Club of Willow Glen (Free)
 Aug. 16-18 - District Convention – Right here in Santa
Clara! Register by June 24th
and Save $20.00! Info and
registration here: DCON
 Sept 28th (29th?) Club
 Oct 1st: Division 12 Lt
Governor Installation.
GUESS which former Key Club member
his week we laid to rest two great
supporters of Kiwanis.
As Les Yeffa
mentioned in his email, Alice Krings, widow
of our long-time Club Secretary and
Treasurer, and Past President Milt Krings,
passed away at age 92. Anyone who served
in our club from the 1960-1990’s knew Milt
and Alice. Before we were blessed with the
insight of female membership, Alice was a
“Kiwanianne.” In addition to enlightening
our social gatherings Alice was very active in
publishing our weekly newsletter – the hard
way. They had been married 62 years when
Milt died in 2004. Now, they are together
On Wednesday many
members of our club
attended a memorial
service for Tom Rigler, a
member of the Cambrian
Park club and a Past Lt
Governor of our Division
12. Tom was a crooner, a
joker, a gentleman, and a role model for
hundreds of Kiwanians. You know that you
love and respect a friend when you can
laugh at his funeral – and laugh we did. A
self-made businessman who shared his
blessings and his treasures with the
community, Tom was best described as,
“He was just a good guy to be around.” A
neighbor shared a story about building a
house on a lot next to Tom in the 1960’s,
complete with a real outhouse.
Unfortunately, he left the outhouse in
place even after the sewer was connected.
One day Tom invited them over for drinks.
As they sat on Tom’s veranda they took in
the view of Tom’s beautiful backyard, his
gardens, the swimming pool … and the
outhouse. Tom never mentioned the
eyesore, but the message was loud and
clear. He delivered it with cocktails,
friendship and his disarming smile. The
neighbor took down the outhouse
immediately. Our community is a better
place thanks to Tom Rigler, and the angels
in heaven have a new piano player.
(Gardena High School, 1965) and South Bay
Bureau Chief for KTVU is retiring this week after 36
years of broadcast journalism? Our own South
Bay celebrity reporter Lloyd LaCuesta is finally
hanging up the microphone. “I have spent half of
my life at KTVU, which
makes it all the more
difficult to say goodbye,”
LaCuesta said in a
statement. “But it is time …
I need to slow down
and truly enjoy life.”
We ran into Lloyd
outside the Registrar of Voters last
Tuesday. Instead of our waving at Lloyd to get
his attention, he waved and shouted at us after
recognizing several Kiwanis members from
previous news stories. We tried tempting him
with some “Flames” chocolate brownies that we
were delivering to ROV staff. Lloyd thanked us but
laughed that he would probably end up with
chocolate on his teeth when he went on the air.
His cameraman however, insisted that we open
the box so he could record a shot of the brownies!
How’s that for publicity? Lloyd has been invited to
speak to us after he settles into retirement.
Maybe we can ask the former key Clubber,
Our best wishes go out to Nancy Yeffa
who is recuperating
from shoulder surgery
and some subsequent
complications. You can
send her a card at
6057 Thurber Lane
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
DRE #00938018
June 11 :
June 13th:
Happy Birthday Friends!
Direct: 408-491-1672
Mobile: 408-839-7923
Fax: 408-280-1233
Email: [email protected]