Hospital Quality at Home Caregiver Facts and


Hospital Quality at Home Caregiver Facts and
Whether treating yourself, or acting as a caregiver
for a loved one, keep the focus on quality care
by using hospital-quality products at home.
Reducing hospital re-admissions is critical
to the health of you or your loved ones.1
35.1 million patients are discharged
from the hospital each year.2
of those patients
are discharged home.3
Each year,
inpatient and outpatient
surgical procedures take place2
so proper post-hospital care
is critical to avoid re-admission.
1 in 5 patients
are re-admitted within
30 days of discharge.3
Caregivers’ responsibilities are increasing
as more adults with chronic conditions and
disabilities are living at home than ever before.4
provide unpaid
care to an adult.5
On average, they provide
In the next few decades, the demand
for family caregivers is
expected to rise by
of care weekly.5
Access to the same quality products used
in hospitals may positively impact quality of life
for you or the loved ones you care for.
of caregivers who provide complex
chronic care perform medical
and nursing tasks.7
When asked which care tasks were most difficult, caregivers said:7
Help with assistive devices
for mobility
(e.g. canes, walkers)
equipment, supplies,
administer enemas
Operate durable
medical equipment
(e.g. wheelchairs,
toilet, or bath chairs)
With rising healthcare costs,8 you and your loved ones
may be looking for effective and cost-efficient ways
to provide quality care at home.
Cardinal Health now offers HOSPITAL QUALITY
AT HOME™ products, a line of hospital-quality products
available for purchase over the counter.
The Cardinal Health Hospital Quality
at HomeTM product line offers a full assortment
of hospital-quality products to consumers,
including Advanced Wound Care,
First Aid, Personal Care, and Home
Healthcare, designed to help provide
comfort and independence, while helping
to promote healing.
Cardinal HealthTM products and services
has nearly 100 years of
experience serving hospitals.
Most U.S. hospitals
use Cardinal Health products and services.
For more information about these products and where to purchase
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