What is the Shared Procurement Services Pilot?
It is a collaboration among partners comprising Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), 30
VWO community healthcare institutions (i.e. charities) and SingHealth Group
Procurement Office (SingHealth GPO) to bulk purchase medical supplies.
The Pilot aims to achieve significant savings for participating charities by aggregating
demand and consolidating purchases to enjoy volume discounts. More than that, VWOs
will also be able to achieve better efficiencies through improvements to their own
procurement processes through this joint initiative.
This initiative was first mooted in February 2009. A key feature of this Pilot is that it has
been largely a ground-up effort, with AIC and SingHealth GPO providing the necessary
support and infrastructure to seed it.
Participating VWOs got together for several
discussions and agreed on the main components of the Pilot. By September 2009,
participating VWOs formed a Committee which they have elected and mandated to
make decisions as well as evaluations on behalf of the larger group. The Committee
has also charted a 2-year growth roadmap for the Pilot where bulk purchasing will be
extend to more items. The project will also be collecting valuable data for analyses and
use in future initiatives.
Who are the healthcare charities participating in the pilot?
They are:
4 Community hospitals
25 Nursing homes
1 Hospice
Total – 30
What is the percentage of this participation compared to all the organisations that are eligible to
The Shared Procurement Services Pilot is targeted at VWOs providing residential
services and in total there are 39 of them1. So, the participation rate is 77% percent.
Who are not participating and why?
For this round, there are 8 charities who have decided to give this Pilot a miss. Some of
these homes have their own procurement arrangements that they are satisfied with.
However, some did indicated that they would like to explore the option again when they
are more ready to participate.
How will this Pilot benefit VWOs?
By aggregating demand and consolidating purchases, the participating charities would
be able to enjoy volume discounts.
Through this initiative, participating charities can reduce their time on administrative
matters such as the request for quotations, evaluation and negotiation processes with
the vendors. Once the contracts are established, the charities can contact the appointed
vendors directly to place their orders, reducing the need to repeat the whole process
Via this collaboration with SingHealth, the charities will be able to tap on the best
procurement practices such as product sourcing and evaluation, negotiations with
vendors and contract management.
What are the items to be bulk purchased?
For a start, diapers & milk feed will be the first two items to be included as an initial
analysis of participating charities’ expenditure on medical supplies showed these to be
two of the highest annual expenditure items.
Comprises of community hospitals, VWO nursing homes and hospices.
What are the processes?
The group of participating charities elected a Committee to represent the group’s interest
and oversee the Pilot.
This Committee comprises representatives of some of the
participating charities, AIC and two independent members nominated by the participating
charities. The Committee has a sub-unit called the Evaluation Panel, which is tasked to
source and evaluate products relevant to healthcare charities.
The Committee will manage the Pilot on behalf of and for participating charities,
including making decisions on: items to be included under the Pilot; award of tenders,
product evaluation recommendations of the Evaluation Panel. The Committee will also
manage and monitor the performance of vendors and act in the best interest of
participating charities.
Both the Committee and the Evaluation Panel are supported by SingHealth Group
Procurement Office who will provide procurement expertise relating to the product
evaluation, vendor negotiation and contractual terms and conditions.
AIC will provide secretariat support to the Committee. AIC will constantly engage the
charities to obtain their feedback of the Pilot – including services and product satisfaction
by the charities, cost savings and other benefits or inconveniences as a result of the
Pilot; etc. AIC will constantly seek to act in the best interest of these charities and
provide a channel for the charities to voice their opinions.
Milestones of the Pilot
Apr 2010
Apr – Jun 2010
Jun 2010
Dec 2010
Jan 2011
May 2011
Jun 2011
Dec 2011
End Dec 2011
Contract for 1st batch of 2 items (diapers & milkfeed) to be established
GPO to commence a detailed study of the spend and consumption
patterns of the charities, with the aim of identifying the crucial items that
can be included in the Pilot
2nd batch of items to be recommended for bulk purchase
Establish contracts for 2nd batch of items
Review of Pilot after one year, including users’ satisfaction survey
3rd batch of items to be recommended
Strategic review of Pilot and future plans
Establish contracts for 3rd batch of items
Establish contracts for 4th batch of items
End of Pilot
End Dec 2011: Report of Pilot
Participating Healthcare Charities
Community Hospitals
Bright Vision Hospital (Community Hospital)
Ren Ci Community Hospital
St Andrew's Community Hospital
St Luke's Hospital Ltd
Nursing Homes
All Saints Home (Hougang)
All Saints Home (Tampines)
Apex Harmony Lodge
Bethany Methodist Nursing Home
Bright Hill Evergreen Home
Bright Vision Hospital (Nursing Home)
Dover Park Hospice
Grace Lodge
Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa)
Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens
Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens
Lions Home for the Elders (Bedok)
Lions Home for the Elders (Toa Payoh)
Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
Moral Home for the Aged Sick
Peacehaven Nursing Home
Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre (Nursing Home)
Singapore Christian Home for the Aged
Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged
St. Joseph’s Home
St. Theresa’s Home
Villa Francis Home for the Aged
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home
Tai Pei Social Service
Thian Leng Old Folks’ Home
Assisi Hospice
Write-up of Participating Organisations
1. All Saints Home (Hougang)
2. All Saints Home (Tampines)
All Saints Home was founded by All Saints Memorial Chapel in 1986 to provide residential
nursing care in a Christian environment for the elderly sick of all races and religions in the
community. All Saints Home is registered as an IPC under Ministry of Health.
Today, All Saints Home offers 323 beds, at two locations: 11 Tampines Street 44 and 5 Poh
Huat Road, offering both residential care and day rehabilitation services:
The Tampines Home was built with 90% Government subsidy and opened in 2001. It
has 179 beds and a Day Rehabilitation Centre.
The Hougang Home was rebuilt in 2004 and re-opened in September 04. It has 144
beds. The rebuilding cost $7.5 million. This was funded entirely by All Saints
Memorial Chapel.
3. Apex Harmony Lodge
The Apex Harmony Lodge is purpose-built to cater to the special needs of dementia patients
and provides both residential care and day care for patients diagnosed to be suffering from
dementia. It offers sufficient facilities to cater for 210 residential and 20 day-care patients &
contains small self-enclosed units to minimize the extent to which the patients will need to
identify as their normal dwelling. This also enables them to walk around independently with
minimum supervision, without the danger of them wandering off the premises. Apex Harmony
Lodge is registered as an IPC under Ministry of Health.
4. Bethany Methodist Nursing Home
Bethany Methodist Nursing Home is a community outreach of Methodist Welfare Services. The
Home is an oasis for up to 293 sick and frail patients. It provides a well-rounded programme,
including dental care, physio and speech therapy, recreational and social activities. Bethany
Methodist Nursing Home is registered as a NCSS IPC.
5. Bright Hill Evergreen Home
Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a voluntary welfare home providing healthcare services –
including residential day care, rehabilitation and social service/ counseling for the aged sick
regardless of race, language or religion. It offers up to 180 beds and is registered as a NCSS
6. Bright Vision Hospital (Community Hospital)
7. Bright Vision Hospital (Nursing Home)
8. Grace Lodge
Bright Vision Hospital is a voluntary community hospital, offering a total of 302 beds & services
for sub-acute & rehabilitative, palliative, chronic sick and nursing home. It is a fully integrated
step-down care hospital offering a seamless continuum of holistic and quality care, especially to
the needy, the sick, and the elderly regardless of race and religion.
Grace Lodge is a residential nursing home and provides accommodation, nursing care, medical
check-ups, physiotherapy, games and recreation for female destitutes and aged sick.
Bright Vision Hospital & Grace Lodge are both supported by the Singapore Buddhist Welfare
Services and operate as NCSS IPC.
9. Dover Park Hospice
Dover Park Hospice was the first purpose-built inpatient hospice and is the largest in Singapore
with a capacity of 40 beds. The hospice aims to provide comfort, relief of symptoms and
palliative care for patients with advanced disease, regardless of age, race or religion. This
includes support for their distressed families. It also supports and facilitates the education and
training of healthcare professionals with an interest in palliative care and to foster high quality
research which will lead to improvements in the areas of palliative care. Dover Park Hospice is
registered as a MOH IPC.
10. Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa)
The Jamiyah Nursing Home, with 156 bed capacity, provides nursing and rehabilitative care
facility to patients who need long term nursing care.
The Home has facilities such as a
physiotherapy unit a social and recreation centre. The Nursing Home also runs a day care
centre facility to meet the rehabilitation needs of the elderly in the neighbourhood. The Jamiyah
Nursing Home is a community service project of Jamiyah Singapore. The Home is registered
as a NCSS IPC.
11. Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens
Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens currently caters for up to 320 beds for full residential care. The
Home is equipped with modern facilities and organised activities for the physical, emotional and
spiritual well-being of the elderly. In addition, Ju Eng Home also provides rehabilitative services
for residents, reinforced by maintenance therapy to prevent deterioration.
The Home is
registered as a MOH IPC.
12. Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens
Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens is a Christian nursing home which a capacity of up to 350
elderly residents. In addition to residential care, it also provides Day Rehabilitative Centre, Day
Care Services, respite care for the elderly & their families living within the vicinity. Ling Kwang
Home for Senior Citizens is registered as a NCSS IPC.
13. Lions Home for the Elders (Bedok)
14. Lions Home for the Elders (Toa Payoh)
Lions Home for the Elders has a total of 354 nursing home beds under its 2 wings – 154 for
Bedok & 200 for Toa Payoh. At Toa Poyah, there is also a 42-bedded dementia wing. In
addition to providing residential care, Lions Home also provides short-term and long-term
rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, management and care of dementia and
scheduled respite care. Lion Home is registered as a MOH IPC.
15. Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
Man Fut Tong Nursing Home has a capacity of 232 beds. In additional to residential with
medical & nursing as part of the care, it also provides rehabilitative, psychological, social and
recreational services for easy integration of the individual into the community. It is registered as
16. Moral Home for the Aged Sick
Moral Home for the Aged Sick provides up-to-date facilities such as call-bell emergency system
for every resident, physiotherapy services, counselling services, day to day living requirements
and full nursing care services. The Home has a capacity of 120 full-time residents and 5 day
care residents. The Home is registered as a MOH IPC.
17. Peacehaven Nursing Home for the Aged (under the Salvation Army)
Peacehaven is a 388-bed Nursing Home run by The Salvation Army with a full range of services
aimed at providing “Professional Care in a Christian Environment”. The Home has 13 separate
Resident Living Areas (RLAs), each designed as an individual home-like environment.
Residents in each RLA are provided with the services such as clinical care, therapy by fullytrained and qualified physical, occupational and recreational therapists, services from a general
practitioner, geriatrician, psycho-geriatrician, podiatrist, speech therapist, pharmacist and
dietician. Peacehaven is registered as NCSS IPC.
18. Ren Ci Community Hospital
19. Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre
Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre provides medical, nursing, allied health, psychosocial
support and counselling to patients, regardless of race, religion or background.
The spectrum of care to-date encompasses the Ren Ci Community Hospital, Ren Ci Long-Term
Care (chronic sick), Ren Ci Nursing Home and Ren Ci Community Services (comprising Home
Medical, Home Nursing & Home Physiotherapy), and 2 Day Rehabilitation Centres (Ren Ci Day
Care for the Elderly and Ren Ci Wan Qing Lodge). Ren Ci is registered as a MOH IPC.
20. Singapore Christian Home for the Aged
Singapore Christian Home (SCH) was founded by three elderly Christian ladies, who started the
operations of the nursing home located at Upper Thomson Road in 1960. Currently, the Home
operates as a 33-bedded all-female nursing home at Jalan Tan Tock Seng. The Home is an
IPC (Institute of a Public Character) under the purview of Ministry of Health.
21. Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged
Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged is established in 1979 for the residential and
institutional care for the elderly destitutes. It also provides rehabilitative care for the elderly to
enable to restore and improve their physical health at its day care centre.
Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged is registered as a NCSS IPC.
22. St. Joseph’s Home
23. St. Theresa’s Home
24. Villa Francis Home for the Aged
St. Joseph’s Home, St. Theresa’s Home and Villa Francis Home for the Aged are affiliated with
the Roman Catholic Church of Singapore and under the purview of Catholic Welfare Services.
St. Joseph’s Home believes in providing a holistic care to their residents & familiesrendering residents with the necessary nursing and medical care, and their families
with the emotional and spiritual support.
St. Theresa's Home is an institution for the disadvantaged, destitute and aged sick in
the community while it continually improves the care of its residents through a
spectrum of comprehensive nursing, a pleasant environment and well-balanced
Villa Francis Home provides a continuum of holistic care with love, care and
compassion, through a spectrum of comprehensive, well-balanced programme in
nursing and spiritual care, hence enhancing the quality of life. It offers a total bed
capacity of 139 with the majority of residents suffering from conditions such as
dementia and other psychiatric conditions.
25. Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home
SWAMI provides residential nursing care facilities for the aged and the aged sick. Services
provided are medical, nursing care and rehabilitation through physio and occupational therapy
in a homely environment.
The residents enjoy quality of life by being as independent as
possible. SWAMI has professional staff who are experienced in working with the elderly. To
ensure the quality of service, SWAMI is ISO certified and the staff regularly attend training
courses to upgrade and improve their nursing skills.
26. Tai Pei Social Service (TPSS)
Tai Pei Social Service is a 192-bedded step-down care residential home for long staying
patients from Institute of Mental Health. In addition to providing residential care, rehabilitative
services are also carried out for resident, reinforced by maintenance therapy to prevent their
The Home is equipped with modern facilities and activities for the physical,
emotional and spiritual well-being of the residents.
27. Thian Leng Old Folks’ Home
Thian Leng Old Folk’s Home is a 70-bedded nursing home who takes in patients with nursing
needs, including dementia and psychiatric patients. Located in a residential area near Telok
Kurau, it provides a conducive and quiet environment for the patients to live in.
28. Assisi Hospice
The Assisi Hospice is a Catholic Charity providing integrated, high quality palliative care to
inpatient, home care and day care adult and paediatric cancer patients as well as to other
patients with palliative care needs.
Assisi Hospice, an outreach service of Mount Alvernia
Hospital and is registered as a MOH IPC.
29. St Andrew's Community Hospital
St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH) is a community service of St. Andrew’s Mission
In April 2005, it moved to a purpose-built 11-storey, 200-bed hospital in Simei. It is
the first community hospital to be located next to an acute-care general hospital – Changi
General Hospital. This close proximity with CGH helps to facilitate better coordinated and
integrated care for SACH patients, and the sharing of services.
SACH provide round-the-clock medical and nursing care. The care team, helmed by a
rehabilitation medicine specialist, comprises of dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists and other
allied health professionals.
30. St Luke's Hospital Ltd
St Luke’s Hospital is a community hospital which provides professional medical, nursing and
rehabilitative care for the needy elderly, regardless of race or religion. The hospital provides an
integrated healthcare programme that serves the patients’ physical, psychological, spiritual and
social well-being.