www.gdliwei.com What is Bluetooth Wireless Technology


www.gdliwei.com What is Bluetooth Wireless Technology
What is Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Bluetooth wireless technology propels you into a
new dimension in connectivity. Bluetooth devices
communicate without wires, using built-in radio
transceivers that operate on a globally available
radio frequency to ensure worldwide compatibility.
Your Bluetooth Wireless Headset can communicate
with other Bluetooth devices within a range of
approximately 10 meters (33 feet).
The Bluetooth Wireless Headset LH-328 can be
connected to any device with Bluetooth wireless
technology that supports the handsfree or headset
profile. This user guide focuses on usage with a
mobile phone.
charging: Red light is on
Status display
Await status: Blue light is glimmering
Charging status: Red light is on
Matching chain: Red light and blue light alternatively
Adding the headset to the phone
Press the calling button for 8s until the headset
in the state of being chained,
Prepare your phone according to the phone-s
user guide on adding a Bluetooth device. The
headset passkey is 1234.
When you add the headset to the list of
devices in the phone, the headset will recognize
the phone automatically when it is turned on.
You only need to add the headset to the
phone.1f you want to use the headset with a
new phone. you need to add it to that phone.
Putting the headset on
Making a call
Re dialling the last dialled number
Upset earhook to 90°
Loop the earhook over you ear
Changing for Wear on the left Ear
Making a call using voice commands
Gently lift and pull the top of the earhook up
and off the upper hinge pin. Then pull it away
to remove it. Flip the headset over. Hook the
bottom of the earhook onto the lower hinge pin,
then lift and pull the top of the earhook over
the upper hinge pin.
Turning the headset on (and off)
Answering a call
Ending a call
Rejecting a call