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Document 6520786
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Wednesday March 2.7, 2013
ans"the sharpening place".IU by concept is an institution that sharpens pe4i)1)11
knowledge, attitude and ski s,
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Why study at Inoorero University
I. Enterprise Philosophy; IU is "The ~te rprise University" leveraging on technology to drive: Creativity,
Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
IU alms to:
Develop job creators rather than job seekers by nurturing the entrep reneurial mindset
Address the current state of youth unemployment cont ribut ing to creat ing 500,000 jobs and
Turning Kenya into a knowledge economy in line with Vision 2030.
The IU Value addition;
ICT skills in every programme
Practical Entrepreneurship Training (PET) skills in every program
Problem-based Learning (PBL) methodology in teach ing and learning
II. Market -driven courses;
IU's academic programmes and content have been
developed to align our graduate skills with the
indust ry and market needs. Inoorero University
offers market oriented programmes in Information
Communication Technology (ICT). Law and
Business. IU also offers professional courses that
are unique and market driven such as:
The Professional Diploma in Financial and Stock
Market Trading,
Diploma in Intellectual Property,
Post-Graduate 'Certificat e in Micro, Small
and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Business
Diploma in 3D Animation and Digital Media..
• ICT-based
Info rmation
Management (IBTM) for teachers.
III. Convenience
V. ICT driven;
IU is an ICT driven University in touch with modern
times. ICT is taught in all our programmes. We have
continued to distinguish ourselves as a leading
Information Communications and Technology
training center in both Kenya and currently
extending to the region through the many ICT
Awards we have won such as the Best Cisco
Academy and the HP Innovation Award.
• The University has well equipped and modern
computer labs and facilities for students.
• IU through organizing boot camps on mobile and
digital technology strives to provide practical skills
in the use of current platforms, frameworks and
tools used for development of mobile applications.
• Leveraging on ICT, we offer our academic and
professional ' programmes and courses online
through e-Iearning.
and Flexibllity- IU Virtual
Beth Waithaka 2011
E-Learning Graduate
Through the IU virtual
campus, ~ deliver all
our progar mmes online
by e learning.
E-Iearning breaks all
barriers of distance, age,
locat ion
and time. The flexibility
of th is mode is that
learners can register for
courses year round at
any given time.
IV. The IU Alumni
IU has a vibrant Alumni
enables our students
to continue to be at par
with the IU fraternity.
network and maintain
vital linkages for career
Bachelor of Education
Mr. Charles Mutua,
(Arts) Degree from the
Records Management University of Nairobi
Officer at Kenya
in 2000, my employer
National Audit Office could not find a suitable
and IU Alumni
placement within the
existing structures of
the organization based on my qualifications t hen.
This challenge trigge red my decision to join
Inoorero University fo r a Diploma in Arc hives and
Records Management. I scored a Distinction at t he
end of the course and emerged t he best student
in the University. The knowledge and skills gained
over the years have enabled my career progression
and growth and the sky seems to be the limit .
The Inoorero Centre Campus in Parklands
IX. Free Career Counseling;
IU has competent and experienced career
counselors to help one make the right choice of
the most suitable and marketable course to pursue
based on ones grades and passion.
X. Sport & Student Life;
IU offers a rich student experience through social
and recreat ional act ivit ies such as sports and
students by:
• Providing conducive classrooms and computer
• Providing ample spaces for individual study
• Well stocked library and e-resources.
• Access to internet and library resources through
Wi-Fi hotspots around the University.
XV. A great community; Faculty, Staff and
We all come together to create an environment t hat
promotes student-centered learning, celebrates
success, empowers individuals and enhances the
quality of life of our commu nities.
An ICT class In progress
VI. Clear progressive study path;
At IU, one can enroll at Certificate level, move to
Diploma, then move to Degree at year two, progress
to Masters Degree to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
VII. Exemptions and Credit Transfer;
IU provides exemptions for subjects and courses
covered from other universities and colleges. The
exemptions can also be given for professional
courses and certifications such as KNEC, MSK.
1M15, ABE, CPA ABMA, and ICM.
_ _ _..1
VIII. Partnership with Industry;
IU has close links with Indust ry for networking
students '
employment. This enables IU to eliminate the gap
between the skills that IU graduates have and what
the employer needs making securing jobs much
XI. The Faculty;
The University has well experienced local and
international faculty led by the Vice Chancellor
Professor Henry Thairu . This top flight faculty
has vast knowledge and experience to deliver the
quality education that IU offers.
XII. Accommodation;
At Inoorero University we understand the
importance of find ing the right living environment
to help students study effectively. We facilitate
accommodation th rough; partnering with a
number of vetted hostels which meet required
quality standards and provide a home away from
home. Our admissions office once will readily give
info rmation on our partner hostels.
XIII. DIT registered;
IU is registered w ith Directorate of Industrial
Training (D.I.T.) fo r purposes of reimbursement
of training fees for companies. Our DIT number is
. I am proud to be associated with the Enterpr ise
University and advise other people to . choose a
programme of the ir own choice for success in their
career paths will be guarantee d."
MOU slgnlng with Meridian Medical Centre
XIV. Conducive Learning Environment;
We are committed to making the learning
experience enjoyable and successful for our
Staff and students pulling together
XVI. IU working with you to achieve your goals;
Inoorero University is synonymous with developing
qualified professionals and we make it easier to
choose a university by providing the following:
a. Free career councelling;
Through Inoorero University's admissions office,
current or future students and their families can
seek advice on programmes of study, enrolment or
career opportunities. The Admissions Office helps
students experiencing challenges with choosing the
right career, admission to the University, financial
aid and scholarships.
b. Financial Aid:
• Scholarships
IU annually set aside Ksh 14 million to provide
education scholarship to needy students who
have demo nstrated responsibility, leadership
and excelled in their academics. The IU Ksh 14 m
scholarship fund is open to all current, prospective

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