Measuring Mobile User Experience Real Device Metrics Required



Measuring Mobile User Experience Real Device Metrics Required
Measuring Mobile User Experience
Real Device Metrics Required
Today so much emphasis is placed on user experience, particularly when it comes to performance. This is
especially true with mobile - users expect a better level of performance from mobile apps as they do from
web apps. Furthermore, the mobile user experience is highly impacted by device characteristics and network
quality, making it difficult for performance testers to accurately replicate bugs in production conditions with
conventional testing tools and approaches.
NeoLoad + Real Device Testing
Neotys’ NeoLoad integrates with Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud to provide end to end mobile application
performance testing using real mobile devices to baseline and optimize the complete user experience.
In the real world, many users will access applications simultaneously, each using different devices under
various network conditions. In order to visualize and understand an application’s complete mobile user
experience, testers must be able to replicate a realistic load on the back end of an application while measuring
the performance of the application’s front end via real mobile devices.
Performance testers can create test
scenarios and automate high value
transactions using Perfecto Mobile’s
wide array of test automation methods
and frameworks. They then select real
devices needed for testing applications
and configure NeoLoad to create virtual
users with specific device profiles.
With NeoLoad testers can vary network
conditions for the virtual users that will
be generated during the test. When ready
to kick off a load test with NeoLoad,
custom actions can be configured for
Perfecto Mobile to simultaneously trigger
the test scenarios.
Gathering Real Device Metrics
While a load test is running, Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud sends device-side metrics to NeoLoad through
a REST API. Testers can see exactly how long it takes for a request to go from the device to the application
server and back, with the added rendering time on the device enabling a true measure of the user experience.
To take it a step further, testers can also get device-specific metrics like CPU, memory and battery usage. This
data is captured in reports that include screenshots, videos, availability and load time measurements.
Having all of these KPIs automatically correlated during a load test means that testers will be able to pinpoint
performance issues with the application’s front end, back end or infrastructure in one test. In addition to single
test reporting, analysis of cross test results is also supported. The solution provides interactive charting of all
metrics in comparison to another metric (ex: mobile page load time vs. mobile CPU load vs. web load time).
Improving Performance Through
Real Device Metrics
• Measures end-to-end user experience across
full content delivery chain using real devices
• Performs cloud based load testing on real
mobile devices
• Completes testing across varying network
• Issues comprehensive mobile test report
including UI elements, device vitals, traffic
analysis etc.
• Reports interactive analysis of KPIs across
multiple test runs
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