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Document 6563544
Bulletin of the Central Church of Christ
2722 Oakland Avenue • Johnson City, TN • 37601-1844 • Phone (423) 282-1571 or 283-HOPE
October 12, 2014
Tim Hall
Greg Ryan
Dustin Humphreys
Gene Arrowood
Gene Chapman
L.A. Hamilton
Steve Ingram
John McKinnis
Dennis Russell
Mike Sheridan
Doug Booton
Dan Bowman
Randy Brewer
Jim Carden
David Crockett
Ben Crossman
John Doyle
Andrew Easterling
David Erickson
Jim Fillers
David Frakes
Ken Gilliam
Phil Gilliam
Chig Gunter
Mike Higginbotham
Danny Kellum
Ren Rice
Trey Robertson
Sherrell Shepard
Dave Torgerson
Ron Whitson
Worship Times
10 am and 6 pm;
Classes: 9 am
Worship, Class,
7:00 pm
Some Thoughts I’d Like to Share…by Tim Hall
Will Your Children Go To Heaven?
(This article appeared in Central’s bulletin for July 20, 1986; someone suggested that we
run it again. As you’ll quickly see, the message is still vital. If you care about children,
please read!)
Elders all over the nation are concerned about the dropout rate of our young people. And
well they ought to be. It is a tragic thing to see these precious boys and girls, who are so
thrilled with Bible study as little people, grow cold and uninterested in the Lord’s work as
they grow older.
Lately, several congregations have made in-depth studies of all the factors available
concerning all their young people, with an eye to learning what might be done to help solve
this problem. What
do they
More youth
More rallies? Special teachers?
– “The
of Christ”
From the material that has been published on these studies it seems to me that one great
central truth has begun to emerge. Faithfulness of the young person to Jesus doesn’t have
anything to do with special programs or teachers. It is not dependent on whether they are
members of a large congregation or a small one. The single most important value is their
own immediate family.
One congregation found that where both parents were faithful to the Lord (and that includes
active interest in the local congregation’s programs), 93% of the kids remained faithful. On
the other hand, if only one of the parents was faithful, that figure dropped to 73%. Where
the parents were only what we would call reasonably active in the Lord’s work, only 53% of
the young people maintained their faith.
Now here comes the shocker: In those cases where both parents attended only infrequently,
the percentage of their children who remained faithful to the Lord dropped to 6%. Want
your children to go to heaven? Then make certain you are leading them. The likelihood is
they’ll go no other way.
- Ron Readhimer
This article has been often used in church bulletins and other publications. While the
statistics may be 30 years old, would anyone question the thesis of the article – that the
probability of children remaining interested in the church increases if the parents show great
interest? There are many important responsibilities parents have toward their children, but
none is greater than training them in the nurture and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians
6:4). – Tim Hall
October 12: Let’s pray for: Nell Phillips, hospitalized Monday night with a broken sternum from a fall, home now; Jay
Stevens, home following back surgery; Sue Honeycutt, awaiting surgery; Sue Neeley; Megan Ryan; Jennifer Easterling; Buddy
Barefield; Ray Markland; Harold Napier; Joyce Hall; Margaret Sams; Elayne Trent; Becky Smith; Mary Nell Lilly; Arlene
Kellum; Troy Wright; Ken Lutterman; Isaac Vance; Caroline Faddis; Frank Chapo; Kerry Hutchinson; Allen Jackson; Robin
Wishon; Glenn Blacklidge; Doug Grindstaff; Lorene Arrowood; Teresa Guinn; Betty Hamilton; Mike Lyons; Gay Enkema;
Karen Stevens. Skilled nursing/assisted living/homebound: Calvin Ursury; Grace Muse; Harold Napier; Delora Tidwell;
James Carden, Sr.; Sherry McCulley; Mildred Hall; Theresa Whiddon; Louise Welch; Velma Stables; Lola Johnson; Jesse
Crabtree; Johnny & Elayne Trent; Lon & Mildred Shuler. CHANGES/UPDATES UNDERLINED
FRIENDS AND RELATIVES: Tripp Davis, son of Lee and Carla Davis, hospitalized from injuries suffered in a rock climbing
accident; Janice Baines, lady in the community, health problems; Mae Humphrey, mother of Elizabeth McConnell,
hospitalized Tuesday night for chest pains but released Wednesday; Sean Hogan, friend of several of our members, serious
stomach surgery; Valerie Merkel, Jenny Usher’s sister, hospitalized last weekend for complications from her MS and recent
strokes; Mildred Murphy, neighbor of Lee and Carla Davis, recent surgery; Neel Frakes, David Frakes’s cousin, recent heart
surgery. Continuing problems: Patty Mitchell; Ray Rice; Betty and Harold Justice; Sherrill Wilson; Gary Wallace; Kimberly
Holtsclaw; Luke Story; Jeff Grindstaff; John Clark; Philip Guinn; Dana Kelly; Dana Kelly’s husband’s sister; Christopher
Leonard; Jeane Frizzell; Frankie Rogers; Holden Doebler; Jesse Phillips; Bobby Redd; Christy Ingram; Azona Blevins; Greg
Ryan’s father; Joe Doane; Amy Fair; Denise Reilley; Sandra Ryan; Greta Copas; John Buchanan; Kristine Jenkins; Marilyn
Frye Hardin; Jill Fair’s mother; David Spiece; Hunter Edwards; Mary Ellen Greer; Diane Carter; Lucy Burgess; Lucy Hagerty’s
friend Doris; Mike Mathes; Kenneth Hall; Hugh Honeycutt; Rita Veselak; Doris Kessinger; Cornail Proffitt.
MILITARY: Robbie Glenn, Eli Mitchell,
Jordan Heatly, Air Force; Nicole
Stephens, Brittany Lobos,
Brennan McCain, Marines; Joshua
Wyant, Afghanistan.
shower for Kay Chintaleka here on
10/26 from 2:30 – 4 p.m.! They are
expecting a girl and they are registered
at Target and Babies R Us.
SUNDAY A.M. on WEMT: TV Sunday
School, 7:00; In Search of the Lord’s
Way, 7:30; Biblical Viewpoints, 8:00.
PUT A CROSS over your name in the
Friendship Register if you read the
Bible at least 5 days. Last week:
have helped children and teens (and for
a brief time, young women with special
needs) through many years. If you
would like to help this organization,
backed by churches of Christ including
Central, pick up a coin box and collect
your spare change for a few weeks in it.
We will bring them back on 11/9.
be an all-church fellowship lunch on
Sunday, 11/2. There will NOT be one on
the 5th Sunday of that month.
PANTRY NEEDS: Chunky soups.
tomorrow at 6 p.m.
BIBLE STORYTIME tonight, 3’s-1st
55+ POTLUCK this Thursday at 6.
Please sign up what you will bring.
REMEMBER the baby shower for Teta
and Joe Williams from 5–10 p.m. on
10/18 at Keystone Recreation Center.
They are registered at Babies R Us.
Tuesday at 9. Please sign up.
at noon at Jason’s Deli. All ladies age
50 and up are welcome; no special red
and purple clothing required!
GOSPEL MEETING, Cherokee, 10/1216, Michael Jordan, speaker.
THERE ARE 20 new board books for
our youngest library patrons in the
Family Legacy Library.
OUR SYMPATHY to Georgie Roten on
the passing of her 30 year old great nice
from bacterial meningitis. Also, we are
saddened to learn of the passing of
Wanda Lewis’s sister, Beatrice Tapp,
last Thursday. This is the third sister
Wanda has lost in the past ten months.
And L.A. Hamilton lost his uncle last
week; our sympathy to him and family.
Hope Camper on the birth of Carson
Tyler Camper on Wednesday! He
weighed 8 lb. 11 oz. Congratulations
also to proud grandparents Allen and
Kacey Jackson and greatgrandparents
Sam and Joyce Kaylor!
IF YOU HAVE BOOKS you enjoyed but
don’t care to give away, there’s room in
the old library set aside as a Lending
Library. We won’t be cataloging these
or checking them out; just pop in to find
a good read and return when finished.
CENTRAL CELEB: Sarah (Whitted)
Jennings was on one of the daytime
local news shows last week promoting a
JC Parks & Rec fall party for kids!
SINGLE? Check the bulletin board for
info about the East Tennessee Christian
Singles Conference 10/24-26 in Pigeon
Forge, TN.
BIRTHDAYS: Pam Billingsby, Mark
Simerly, Ginger Whitson (today); D.B.
Honeycutt, Cheryl Whitted, Michael
Boggs, Kyle Higginbotham (Mon.);
Kenlee Whitson, Violet Yates (Tues.);
Matt Sorrow (Wed.); Frank Chapo
(Thu.); Betty Markland, Alyssa Cox
(Fri.); Jana Hollins, Stephanie Vance
Andrea Crosby (Wed.).
Tonight’s Devotional: Devotional tonight at the Church’s building at
5:00 before worship. See you then!
Dinner Date: Will be at Chick-Fil-A with the Kellums and Wisecarvers
joining us at 5:30 on Wednesday. See you then!
New Classes: New classes have started! This Wednesday, both parents
and youth will meet in the old auditorium as we discuss the basics of
our faith. Next Sunday, the 7th-9th graders will continue through the Old
Testament while the 10th-12th graders will study Romans.
Room design: Can you believe it has been 2 years since the last room
design? We are looking to do this on November 1st. Let me know you
are coming so we can prepare.
Phone Numbers and E-Mail: If you need to update your phone number
or e-mail so that you can receive the texts that are sent out for the
youth, please let me know the updated information ASAP. You can
either e-mail me ([email protected]) or call me (540-664-7257).
Fender’s Farm: We are looking to go to Fender’s Farm again this year.
If this is something you are interested in leading, youth or parent, let
me know and let’s come up with a way of pushing this event.
Four Square: At Pathfinders, they had a really fun game of Four
Square In the Air that everyone loved playing. If you are interested in
wanting to build this, let me know and let’s run it by the elders to see
about getting this thing built.
What is the Church?
Some people call the Church the
building that people meet in for
worship. That’s not Biblical.
What does the Bible say the
Church is?
The Bible is very clear on what the
Church is, and that is those that
are believers in Christ. In 1 Cor.
3:16, Paul tells those Christians at
Corinth that they are the temple
of God.
It is not the meeting place that
matters (John 4), but rather who
is meeting there. Are you the
Church? Do you have the Spirit of
God in you?
October 12, 2014
Contact Doug Booton if unable to serve
Sunday Morning:
Welcome: L.A. Hamilton
Song Leader: Danny Kellum
Next Week: Phil Gilliam
Prayer: Brian Crabtree
Next Week: Charles Russell
Scripture: John Jarrett
Next Week: Marshall Stables
Sermon: Tim Hall
Topic: “Choosing to Assemble”
Dismissal: L.A. Hamilton
Next Week: Gene Chapman
Lord's Supper:
Presiding: Steve Trent
Next Week: Greg Ryan
Serving: Alex Doyle, Andrew Easterling,
Cary Vantine, Earl Johnson, James Hunt,
Jerry Bacon, Jim Pierce, Josh Bacon, Larry
Reece, Luke Whitted, Michael Rasnake
Rick Farmer, Ron Elliott, Sherrell Shepard,
Tom Hudnall, W.C. Ausborn
Children's Training Class: the Gilliams
Nursery: Elizabeth Peare, Kay Chintaleka,
Amber Witherspoon
Wednesday Evening:
Song Leader: David Crockett
Devotional: D.B. Honeycutt
Dismissal: Ron Elliott
Central Church of Christ
P.O. Box 4021
Johnson City, TN 37602-3961
(423) 282-1571 or 283-HOPE
Sunday Evening:
Song Leader: Steve Williams
Prayer: Charles Hartman
Scripture: Bill Usher
Sermon: Tim Hall
Topic: “Non-Human Rights?!”
Dismissal: Chig Gunter
Lord's Supper: David Erickson, Brandon
Nursery & Toddler: Stacy Rice
Building Security: Paul Hamilton, Ron
Next Week: Paul Elliott, Bill Usher
Opening, Closing building: Greg Ryan
Next Week: Steve Williams
For October:
Communion Prep: Gay Clark
Contact Sherrell Shepard, 477-2278, if
unable to prepare
Cup & Bulletin Pick-up: 3rd graders
Baptistery: Sheila Frakes
Registry Data Entry: Debbie Ingram
Communion Delivery: Torgerson
Report from last week
Classes: 156; A.M. 353; P.M. 133 Wed. 176
Offering: $10,785.03
Weekly Budget: $12,500.00