In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory
Our Mother Harriet
The day you gave
Time for us
We chatted about
How life is free
But do not worry
For we will always remember you
Everywhere we go
Everywhere we leave
Love your Family
Poet: Jeffery Fosseneuve
I can no longer
See you with my eyes
Touch you with my hands
But I will feel you in my
Heritage Funeral Home
Tisdale Funeral Home
Harriet Fosseneuve
July 4th, 1928 – October 11th, 2014
In Loving Memory of
Harriet Fosseneuve
Born: July 4th, 1928
Died: October 11th, 2014
Age: 86
Funeral Service:
Saturday, October 18th, 2014 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Cumberland House, SK
10:30 am
Officiating: Father George Canto
Pat Settee
Andre Fosseneuve
Trevor McLafferty
William Fosseneuve
Dennis Fosseneuve
Paige Morrison
Tim Fosseneuve
Kathy Fosseneuve
Damon McLafferty
Steve Lambert
Brennon Fosseneuve
Charlene Fiddler
Colton Kingfisher
Beatrish Cheechoo
Keifer McAuley
Bill Thomas
Brianna McAuley
Phoebe Fosseneuve
Eulogy: Dale McAuley
Memorial Book Attendants:
Charlene Fiddler Christa McAuley
Interment: Cumberland House Cemetery
A Special Thanks to all the Staff at Pineview Lodge for looking after Mom so well.
Harriet was born July 4th, 1928 in Cumberland House to Isadore and Sarah Carriere. She
was the fifth of 12 children. Harriet married Charles Fosseneuve and had 12 children.
Harriet was blessed to be surrounded by a loving and caring family.
Our mother loved the independence of being able to make her own money. Our mother
worked as a matron at the RCMP detachment for many years. She was a homemaker and in
her spare time she was a member of the Royal Canadian legion. She did a lot of fundraising
through events and bingos to support the students who went out of town for school with
monetary donations three times a year. She was forever fundraising for community members.
She was a hard working woman always baking, canning and cleaning. She also loved
reading and having tea with her friends.
Harriet loved her grandchildren. She raised Phoebe, Kathy, Andre and Colton along with
looking after Timothy, Brianna, Kiefer, Christa and Beatrisha. She thought about her son
Joseph’s children often, and accepted Ursula has her granddaughter. She took the time to
pass down her knowledge, teaching all her grandchildren how to cook, sew and take care of
one another from an early age. She was delighted to have them visit and cook for her. Our
beloved Gran also extended her love to the friends of her grandchildren and always enjoyed
the company of children and babies.
Harriet was known as a traveller. She was a globe trotter visiting Europe several times
with her daughter Kathy. She went to the United Kingdom with Timothy, Paige, Pam and
Andre to visit her daughter Val. Our mother got to see castles in the UK, but alas she did
not see Camila, wife of Prince Charles. She had a beef with Camila, she did not appreciate
her coming between Charles and Diana. She read every article about the Royal family.
Every summer she enjoyed travelling to Louisiana to visit her daughter Kathy (Darryl) her 3
grandsons and 2 great grandchildren. On several occasions she went to Cochrane, Ontario to
visit her daughter Bev (Bob) and son Dennis. On one of her visits she travelled with her
sister Sylvia to Cochrane and they made their way to Toronto and Niagara Falls. This was
a family outing and we laughed when they were sitting on Yonge Street watching the people
coming and going. A far cry from the streets of Cumberland House…We wonder where she
would have gone if she had her driver’s license. Our mother loved socializing and loved
playing bingo. “Neestan” took her to the casino and tried to show her how to play the
machines but that was the one thing she did not like. She laughed and never went back.
Harriet loved her siblings and had the gift of making each one feel special. She held Mariam,
Sylvia, Melanie, Margaret, Suzette, Philip, Donald, Pierre and William close to her heart.
She maintained that connection and often travelled to see them when they were ill. If she
didn’t see them in person, she could often be seen talking on the phone with one of them.
Harriet was predeceased by her husband, Charles, children Joseph, Katherine and Marcel
along with two grandchildren, Sarah and Skyler. Her parents Isidore and Sarah Carriere,
siblings Donald, Victor, Lionel, Philip, Mariam, Suzette, Margaret, (if more I don’t
remember) and her in-laws, Rod Settee, Norman Lambert, Angus Thomas, Mary Carriere,
Patsy Carriere. She also lost her friend Helen McLeod. She felt all the losses very deeply.