Call for MSc Scholarships at Universities in Denmark


Call for MSc Scholarships at Universities in Denmark
Call for MSc Scholarships at Universities in Denmark
Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) on behalf of Danida, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark,
calls for applications for MSc Scholarships under the Building Stronger Universities
The Programme offers 38 two-year full-time scholarships available for commencement
in September 2015.
Bachelor graduates from the following universities are eligible to apply:
 Ghana: University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
 Tanzania: Sokoine University of Agriculture, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College,
and State University of Zanzibar
 Uganda: Gulu University
 Nepal: Kathmandu University.
The aim of the MSc Scholarship Programme is to provide talented students from South
partner universities with the opportunity to obtain a master's degree from a Danish
university in order to contribute to the development of their countries. In addition to their
professional studies, it is expected that the students will obtain good knowledge of the
Danish society, culture and values as well as the opportunity to networking with Danish
students, companies and organisations.
The following English-taught master studies are included in the Programme:
Deadline for applications: 1 March 2015
Business, Language and Culture, Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business
Social Sciences in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business
Deadline for applications: 15 March 2015
International Business/Marketing Economics, Aalborg University
Development and International Relations, Aalborg University
Innovative Communication Technologies – Entrepreneurship, Aalborg University
Agro-environmental Management, Aarhus University
Anthropology of Education and Globalisation, Aarhus University
Human Security, Aarhus University
Environmental Risk Assessment, Roskilde University
International Development Studies/global studies, Roskilde University
Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
Aquatic Science and Technology, Technical University of Denmark
Global Health, University of Copenhagen
Disaster Management, University of Copenhagen (one year programme)
Agricultural Development, University of Copenhagen
Agricultural Economics, University of Copenhagen
Economics - Macroeconomics: Growth and Fluctuations, University of Southern Denmark
Public Health, University of Southern Denmark
Application process:
The applicants must apply directly to the relevant Danish university by
following the links provided above, indicating clearly in the application portal that
he/she is applying for a BSU Scholarship.
Please note that some of the Danish universities may require an application fee to be
paid before the application is processed
The applications will be processed by the study administration at the relevant Danish
university and will be assessed on the same criteria as any other application to the
Please note that an IELTS or TOEFL language test may be required as part of the
admission requirement. In order to be awarded a Scholarship from DFC, the test has
to be received by the University no later than 1 June 2015 (even if the deadline is
at a later date at the university).
Any questions regarding the admission requirements and programme must be
addressed directly to the study administration at the specific university.
Award of a scholarship:
Please note that even if you are accepted by the Danish university, there is no guarantee
that you will be granted a BSU scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded on a strictly
competitive basis with focus on grades and level of English.
The award of scholarships is carried out according to the following criteria:
The grants are awarded according to the best possible allocation among BSU countries,
BSU universities and gender.
Students under the age of 30 are given priority.
Grants will be allocated, if possible, between the participating Danish universities in
proportion to their size and with a minimum of 2 candidates in each of the provincial
Applicants who do not already have a master degree will be given priority.
The successful applicants will be offered a scholarship which will cover tuition fee, travel
costs, field work cost in home country, accommodation and allowances during the study
Please take note that accommodation and allowance for spouse and children are not
included in the Programme.
DFC will cover the expenses in connection with language test and application fee, if the
applicant is awarded a scholarship.
DFC will be responsible for the residence permit application process, travel arrangements,
and accommodation while in Denmark, payment of allowances, insurances, etc.
Study start will be 1 September 2015, but most programmes will include one to two
weeks introductory course, which will take place in August 2015.