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Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 11-12, 2014
Saturday October 11th
4:00 pm
Anne & Richard Lake ~ Lake Family
Sunday October 12
8:00 am Anna & Walter Halecki & John Burke ~ family
10:00 am Dominick Caruso ~ family
12:00 pm Joseph Nigro ~ Josephine Caggiano
2:00 pm John Dobrowolski ~ David & Karen Seaman
Monday October 13
9:00 am Intentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
Tuesday October 14
8:00 am
Harry & Anne Venezia ~ Jutka
12:05 pm Thomas Larmore ~ wife Vera & family
Wednesday October 15
8:00 am Intentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
12:05 pm
Cary Schaffran ~ Josephine
Thursday Octobe 16
8:00 am Intentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
12:05 pmIntentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
Friday October 17
8:00 am Intentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
12:05 pm Carmella & John Amari ~ VI & Paul Amari
Saturday Octobe 18
12:05 pm Intentions for Raphella Fleurimond ~ Ousnars
Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 18-19, 2014
Saturday October 18
4:00 pm
Intentions of Anne & Richard Lake ~ Paula
Sunday October 19
8:00 am People of The Parish
10:00 am John Karafa ~ wife
12:00 pm Joseph Nigro ~ Barbara Baum
Weekly Memorials
Sanctuary Lamps, Altar Candles, Bread, Wine, Flowers for the
Blessed Virgin Mother, St Joseph, St Ann, Tabernacle or the
Cross are weekly memorials.
Sanctuary Lamp ~ Stephanie Spadora
Alter Candle ~ Penny Ann Riechers
Alter Bread ~ Mary Pristavec
The donation for the sanctuary Lamp and the Altar
Candles are $10.00, the Altar Bread is $15.00, and the Altar
Wine is $25.00. The flowers for Blessed Virgin Mary, St.
Joseph and St Ann are $45.00. The Tabernacle is $60.00
and the Cross is $110.00. Please stop by the Rectory to
reserve any of the above items
This week please use the Gold Envelope (regular Weekly
Collections) ) and White (Heating and Fuel)
Next week please use the Gold Envelope (regular Weekly
Collections) and World Mission Sunday
There is a parishioner that is need of a twin size mattress, If
anyone is able to donate please call the rectory, thank you in
advance for your generosity
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Is 25:6-10a; Phil 4:12-14, 19-20; Mt 22:114 or 22:1-10
Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31—5:1; Lk 11:29-32
Gal 5:1-6; Lk 11:37-41
Wednesday Gal 5:18-25; Lk 11:42-46
Eph 1:1-10; Lk 11:47-54
Eph 1:11-14; Lk 12:1-7
2 Tm 4:10-17b; Lk 10:1-9
First Reading: Isaiah 25:6-10a
This passage describes the new Jerusalem as a heavenly
banquet on the mountain with the Lord God wiping away
all tears.
Second Reading: Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20
In simple, direct words, Paul thanks the Philippians for
alleviating his hardships. He stresses, though, that he is
as accustomed to poverty as to abundance and finds all
his strength in Christ.
Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14
Once more speaking to the chief priests and the elders,
Jesus relates the parable of the wedding banquet. A King,
preparing a wedding banquet for his son, summons all
the invited guests. When, after several invitations, no
guests arrive, the King commands his servants to “go out
into the byroads and invite anyone you come upon.”
Again, Jesus warns the elders, “the invited are many, the
elect are few.”
Welcome to The Family
We welcome new life into our Christian Community
Gabriella Bolivar
Child of Carlos Andres Bolivar and Jeniffer Lozada Perea
Ethan James Opinion
Child of Carlos A opinion Jr. and Leah Opinion
Baptisms are performed on all Sundays except for the
second week of the Month. Please call the Rectory and
make am appointment with a priest and schedule for
baptismal preparation classes
Prayer for those who lost a loved one
We offer our condolences to the families and friends of
Louise Y. Brown, Ludmilla (Millie) Shubiak
May the soul and the souls of the faithfully departed, through the
mercy of God, rest in Peace
Today after the 2PM Filipino Mass therewill
be the blessing and the Inaugurations of the
Divine Child Museum
238 E Blancke st
Bishop Marconi will be here for the
Please remember to put all your envelopes and cash
donations in the single collection basket. God bless you for
your continued generosity.
God’s Plan for Giving
Weekly Collection 09/27-28
$ 6,512.00
Total Giving
$ 115.00
Archdiocesan Assessment
$ 4,610.00
Collected to Date
$ 1,411.00
Still Needed:
$ 3,199.00
2014 Envelopes
If you currently are not using envelopes please call the rectory
and we can easily get you signed up.
“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and
love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other.
You cannot serve both God and money.”. Mathew 6:24
The Giving Tree
Would you like to honor your family’s heritage or have your
parent’s legacy continue at St Elizabeth? The Giving Tree is
available in the back of the church. For $350.00 you can have
your inscription on a Gold leaf. The forms are in the vestibule of
the Church or at the Rectory. What a great way to Remember
your family!
Music Ministry
We are delighted to welcome Juan Pineda as our new
Music Director to St Elizabeth Church. Juan, and his wife
Val, have many years of experience in the music field and
look forward to working with us.
The offer still stands that if there is anyone that would like
to be in the choir please
feel free to call the
Rectory and we will
your name along.
This year we are invited to reach out and help build the
Church in Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic
Church, as well as local churches throughout the
Missions, in the most remote areas across our world.
Through the work of these churches, and their witness to
Christ, the poor receive practical help and experience
God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace. Please keep
the Missions in your daily prayers. Please come prepared
next weekend to give generously in the collection for the
Society for the Propagation of the Faith. For more
information, please
RCIA as restored by Vatican II, is a process in which a
person prepares to become a member of the Roman Catholic
Church. The process is one of inquiry, of evangelization, of
prayers, of study and conversion leading to ones entrance in the
church through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
The RCIA welcomes the unbaptized as well as those who
have been baptized in another Christian tradition. The RCIA
also welcomes those who have been baptized Catholic but who
have not completed their sacraments through the Eucharist and
Confirmation. The RCIA is a step by step journey highlighted
with corresponding rituals celebrated within the Parish
. For more information and applications please call Deacon
John Bejgrowicz at 908-862-3195 or 908-338-5249.
Linden Interfaith Council
During the month of October we are asked
to pray for:
St. George Byzantine Catholic Church
St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church
May these Faith Communities continue to make the Lord
present by their Christian witness
Calling All Seniors!!! To join our
Attention Parents for CCD!!!
Our CCD program started on Sunday the 21
registrationwill remain open until October 26th 2014.
Registration is available on our web site. Please visit or
You will see an icon for Religious Education that is for K
through 6. If your child is preparing for Confirmation
please use Confirmation icon. Thanks for registering your
children and choosing St Elizabeth!!
October 12 No CCD Columbus Day Weekend
October 194 CCD Class, 1 Class for CCD Parents in
the school Family Room
October 265th CCD Class9-9:50 Last Day to register for
CCD 10:00 AM Mass CCD Community Mass Grade 8
Confirmation Candidates Blessing and Bible Presentation
Young at Heart Club
Our First Luncheon meeting was quite a success, thank
you all for coming
Our Next meeting will be on
Wednesday October 22nd
Immediately following the Noon Mass
In the Rectory
Join us for pizza and a sing a long with
Fr Ed!!
Please call and leave a message that you will be coming
and that you will be having lunch Cost will be $5.00
Feel free to invite any of your friends
Thank you for the interest
Archbishop’s Annual Appeal --“When I called, you answered”
Our Parish Goal 2014: $38,631
Parish Stretch Goal 2014: $ 42,494
To date we have received over $20,177.00 in pledges. We
have reached 51.5% of our goal with 152
donors. The average gift is $133.00
Every October, the Catholic Church celebrates Respect Life Month.
Cardinal Sean O’Malley, chairman of the USCCB Committee on ProLife Activities shared that:
“We live in a society of unbelief, where the unborn, the sick, and the
elderly are often unwanted and endangered by acts of violence or
neglect…Since [Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton], over fifty-five
million unborn children's lives have been taken, leaving many millions
of mothers, fathers, and family members wounded and grieving their
loss. Physician-assisted suicide is now legal in three states, allowing
doctors to help end patients' lives rather than provide much-needed
comfort in times of pain and distress… Despite these challenges, Pope
Francis reminds us that we always have hope in Christ. The Holy
Father speaks not only of physical life, but spiritual life as well -- our
life in Christ that has the power to transform us. By opening our
hearts to his love and mercy, we let Christ dwell in us and we see more
deeply the intricate and unique beauty of each person…We must
respond to Pope Francis' call with great urgency. Opening our hearts
to life in Christ empowers us for loving, merciful action toward
others. We must give witness to the Gospel of Life and evangelize
through our lives.”
The Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Newark promotes the
Catholic Church’s teaching on the respect, care and protection of
human life from conception to natural death, and does so with great
urgency. The Respect Life Office works with crisis pregnancy centers
to direct people to proper prenatal care and information when faced
with a crisis pregnancy.
The Respect Life Office provides resources and necessary tools for
parish involvement for Pro-Life activities throughout the entire
Archdiocese. From retreats to special Pro-Life training, they offer
effective opportunities to engage others in the Pro-Life movement. For
example, the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was created to help men and
woman who have had an abortion, find hope and healing. To date
there have been over 65 retreats, healing over 700 men and women.
Thank you for your support of the Annual Appeal, which makes the
Respect Life Office a reality!
The Pro Life Committee
at St. Elizabeth Church
Would like to thank the parishioners of St Elizabeth’s of Hungary
Parish for their kindness and generosity for Raphael’s Life
House. Your donations of numerous baby items, items for
unwed mothers and cash donations of $237.25 will be able to fill
a lot of needs. Everyone at Raphael’s Life House are very
Deacon John, Fred and Ann McMahon
eÉátÜç fÉv|xàç
is hosting a
VÉÅÅâÇ|ÉÇ UÜxt~ytáà
Sunday November 9 after the
10:00 Mass
Cost $10.00 for more information call Joann Badalis
486 6570 or Rich Borowicz at 925 5867
_|yx |Ç à{x fÑ|Ü|à fxÅ|ÇtÜ
Would you like to know God personally and have a deeper
relationship with Him?
Consider this an invitation to meet Jesus more intimately
through a Life in the Spirit Seminar or LSS. This seminar will
take five Friday evenings altogether, starting on Oct. 10 at 7:30
pm. Sessions will be in the Family Room and will start with a
short prayer, a talk and then a personal sharing by someone
who has already encountered God thru a past seminar and
continues to experience Him in his/her day to day life.
Admission is free, however, pre-registration is required. For
more info and/or to register, please call Arnold or Yen at (718)
494-7256 or Teya at (908) 486-5918; visit us at or
email [email protected] Sign-up sheets also available at the church
Family of Faith is on its 21 year and has been based here at
St. E since year 2000. Fr. Ed is our current Spiritual Adviser.
We look forward to seeing you at the LSS.
Center for HOPEHospice & Palliative Care
Woman Auxiliary
Annual Fashion Show Lunch and
Tricky Tray
Sunday October 19 11-4PM
To reserve tickets contact DOT at 732 521 5362
Tickets are $65.00 includes lunch
Knights of Columbus
Is hosting a Karaoke Night with DJ Rambo
October 18 8 -12 PM
Food Beer Wine and Soda Tickets are available at the
bar on KOC 118 N Park Ave. Linden for more Information
call Luke Yanakatis at 908 494 0864
Bring your singing voices!!!
The Friends of the Linden Library will be hosting a
book sale in November, at the Linden Library. Book
donations are needed. Please drop them off at the library
No dictionaries, encyclopedias, or
text books, please
Another way to help the
Friends;You can purchase a
shopping pass for Lord and Taylor Westfield store only. 25% OFF
BONUS COUPON Some exculsions
will apply October 29th, is the only
day that the shopping pass is valid.
Use the drop down box and locate THE FRIENDS OF
100% of your $5 pass purchase is donated to the Friends!
Join others from parishes throughout the Archdiocese of
Newark as we read, study and discuss the important
book: Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to
Knowing and Following Jesus Select Thursdays
October 2 - November 20, 20147:00 pm - 9:00
pmArchdiocesan Center171 Clifton Ave., Newark,
NJCost: $10 Includes study guide
God be with us always!
“...Not to be served by others, but to serve, to give his own life
as a ransom for the many. (Matthew 20:28)
The First Reading from the Book of Isaiah consists of
an allegory, which can be interpreted on several levels.
The literal sense addresses an agricultural scene, in
which loving care is given to a vineyard, only to produce
worthless fruit. Since the passage is introduced as a love
song to a friend, it could be read as an allegory of marital
infidelity. Finally, the verses, understood in the historical
context, address the sins of the Northern Kingdom (Israel)
and the Southern Kingdom (Judah). A vineyard is a
symbol for wealth, but this wealth has not produced
The Second Reading reminds the Philippians to have no
anxiety, offering two paths to peace. Believers should
confidently make requests to God and they are to
continue to do what they have learned, received, heard
and seen in St. Paul.
He closes his letter to the
Philippians with an exhortation – the believers are to
adhere to the virtues of truth, honor, justice, purity,
loveliness, grace, and excellence.
The Gospel Reading today picks up the theme of the
vineyard found in Isaiah, but it is not the produce that is
rotten, but the tenants.
Addressing the religious
leadership in Jerusalem, Jesus presents three parables in
response to their criticism of Him – the parable of the two
sons, the parable of the wicked tenants, and the parable
of the wedding feast. These parables serve as a
response to the criticism from and an indictment of the
religious leadership. In today’s parable, Jesus describes
an absentee landowner who attempts to collect his rent
on three occasions, and each time the tenants beat,
stone, and kill the servants sent. Finally, the landowner
sends his son, expecting that the son will be respected.
Instead, the tenants kill the son, assuming that they will
then inherit the vineyard. In this parable the vine, often a
symbol of Israel, is not unproductive, but the caretakers.
Jesus asks what the landowner should do to the tenants.
The religious leaders respond, unaware that they are
condemning themselves: “He will put those wretched men
to a wretched death.” (Matthew 21:41) The chief priests and
Pharisees recognize that Jesus is addressing them and
wanted to arrest Him.
My dear friends, here we see something familiar about
the senseless actions of the tenants of the vineyard. Do
not we humans sometimes act as if by rejecting God we
will inherit the world? Do we not reject the message of
Jesus in the insane hope of being able to live by our own
rules? The idea that a violent rejection of God can turn
us from servants into masters is perhaps more common
than we might think.
But the fact remains that we are tenants in a vineyard
that belongs to God. All of the fruit that we bear in this life
belongs to God, because ultimately it comes from Him
who is the source of all good gifts. If we give up the
delusion of being our own masters, we will discover a true
God of peace who guards our hearts and minds in Christ.
families of 8th grade students
Wanting to attend Catholic High School in fall 2014. The
Catholic High School entrance exam (COOP) will be given on
November 7, 2014. Students need to register for this exam
ahead of time by going to The site will be
fully operational as of September 1. Additionally the
Archdiocese of Newark is sponsoring Catholic High School
Admissions Fairs called High School Expo at the end of
September. Full details can be found here
If you have any questions, kindly direct them to -Laura Cristiano
St Mary of the Assumption High School
237 South Broad St.Elizabeth, NJ 07202
Will be having Open Houses are the following dates
Saturday September 27, 2014 at 2PM
Tuesday October 14, 2014 at 7PM
Sunday October 26 , 2014 at 2PM
We still have space open for the 2014-2015 school year!
$6400.00 Tuition is the lowest in Union County
For more information Please call 908 352 4350 or visit us at
Online Giving Coming Soon
Online Giving will soon be available for
parishioners, making donating simple, safe, and
secure. Be sure to check the bulletin in the coming
weeks for more information or call the parish
office if you have any questions! 908 486 2514
At St John’s the Apostle
The Mass of the Anointing will be held on
Saturday, October 18, 2014 at
11 a.m. in the Church. Anyone in need of any
special healing is welcome to
attend. Light refreshments will be served
immediately following the Mass.
For further information, please contact Johanna
at 732-499-9730 after 6 p.m.
1805 Penbrooke Ave Linden
Visit our website often at