Bunker Hill Christian Church


Bunker Hill Christian Church
Bunker Hill Christian Church
October, 2014
11499 E. State Road 160 ~ Salem, IN 47167 ~ 812-967-2341
Suicide Awareness Banquet
Pray for these concerns:
When: Saturday, October 11th from 5 - 7 pm
What: Helping to raise money for suicide awareness
Speaker: Dan Caldwell
Music by: The Dowel Brothers
Come and enjoy a free dinner and very enlightening
A free will offering will be taken up and all proceeds will
go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Bunker Hill Fall Festival
October 25, 2014
5:00 pm —7:00 pm
Bring the Whole Family!
Free Food & Drinks
Featured Activities:
Hay Rides
Trunk or Treat
Carnival Games
Face Painting
Zach Bottorff/6 yr old-inoperable
brain tumor
MaKayla Shianne/Crohn’s disease
Lois Cloyd/many serious medical
Betty Rood/advanced Alzheimer’s
Joe & Stann/she has severe
Emma Hawkins/Alzheimer’s & other
medical issues
Anna Kaelin/5 yr old/heart
Jr. (Ira) Miller/lung cancer
Nancy Taylor/lung cancer
Janet Cross/bladder cancer
Travis Phillips/cancer surgery
Carolyn Shaffer/medical test
Frank Anderson/cancer has spread
Charles Jackson/lung cancer
Dick Doebler/many medical issues
Travis Peters/high blood pressure &
Jim Roll/many medical issuespneumonia
Carl Moser/serious auto accident
Karen Mull/lung cancer
Morgan Carter/brain tumor surgery
** Family & Friends of Gilbert Smith
** Family & Friends of Nora Bye
** Family & Friends of Roger Hobson
** Family & Friends of Randy Swayze
** Family & Friends of Mary Ann Burger
** Family & Friends of Michael Elliott
Bounce Houses
Our Country,
& Government Leaders
What If Jesus Lived Next Door
by Ron Baker
Have you ever asked yourself, “What kind
of neighbor am I?” Have you ever
wondered, “What would it be like if Jesus
lived next door?”
Neighbors often see each other washing
cars, sweeping sidewalks, or raking leaves.
But if Jesus lived next door, would I need to
clean up my language or my attitude as
well? Would I treat my wife and children with more
kindness? Would I drive more patiently or greet others more
cheerfully? When I put out the trash each week, would I
also think about some spiritual garbage I need to discard?
If Jesus moved in next door, would you visit Him and say
“Welcome?” In today’s mind-your-own-business kind of
world, with our locked doors, security systems, and privacy
fences, would you even bother to learn His name? Would
you invite Him into your house and trust Him with the key
to every room? Would I like for Him to see firsthand how I
spend my money and use my time?
Keeping up with Jesus is quite different than keeping up
with the Joneses. Somehow I don’t think He’d be
impressed by the cars in my driveway, the size of my TV
screen, or the clothes hanging in my closet. Jesus’ presence
would make my neighborhood a different place and make
me a different person.
I pray that God will open up doors for us to learn the names,
needs and hurts of people who live down the block, or of coworkers down the hall.
In Jesus’ grip,
Wednesday Night Connect
Sermon Series:
Oct, 5th - Keeping the Past Out of
Your Future
Oct. 12th - What Was I Thinking
Oct. 19th - Making the Chaos Stop
Sermon Series:
Oct. 26th - Is The Bible Reliable #1
Tune In
If you can’t make the service, we are
now broadcasting on the radio! Tune in
to 87.9 FM and catch our Sunday
morning services starting at 10:00 a.m.
Time Change
Daylight Savings ends at
2am on November 2nd
Don’t forget to set your clocks back
one hour Saturday, November 1st.
Resuming after Fall Festival and 6
weeks of small groups
Connect is an evening service where the church family
& friends gather for a meal and Bible studies.
The Wednesday night activities have been postponed
until after the fall festival.
Watch the newsletters and bulletins for updates.
God is everywhere…
Even at your wit’s end.
Coming in
Mark your calendar!!!
This year the middle school and high school students
will have an opportunity to attend the GLOW retreat,
which is a group effort put together by multiple
Southern Indiana churches. It will be taking place at
Scenic Hills Christian Camp and will be a great
opportunity for our youth group to get away together for
a few days. The theme this year is Radiance Abounds.
The idea behind this is that almost every one of our
students flicker for Christ. Any of them can give an
example or two of good things, but few of them can say
that light is shining all the time. It is a spark of flame
put out by the wind around them. The retreat’s goal is
to ignite a flame that is stronger, to withstand the world
around them. The goal is for them to become Radiant
with the light.
-Brad Bishop
October Schedule:
October 11th - Brad & the youth will be
covering the children’s activities during the
Suicide Awareness Banquet.
October 5th & 19th - Lunch after the worship
service - Destination unknown
October 25th - Games & help where needed at
the Fall Festival
2nd - Tom Farnsley
4th - Peyton Cook
5th - Christina Saylor
Alex Raley
6 - Keith Spaulding
Rusty Powell
8 - Karol Tomes
9th - Ben Hayes
Gerald Gray
10 - Cathy Spaulding
Ruthanne Harbeson
14 - Tim Brown
15th - Joann Doebler
Derrick Lewellen
18 - Eden Stanton
Sabastian Harbeson
20 - Jessica Hurst
21st - Deanna Lanham
23rd - Stacy Hayes
24th - Gina Hill
26th - Mathew Calloway
27th - Havannah Balentine
Robbie Taylor
28 - Addison Raley
Peyton Cooke
Jason Stone
Jazzmine Maudlin
29th - Greg Poehlein
Debbie Flaugher
Tara McKinley
30th - Kelsey Lee
8th - Mark & Melissa Cooke
8th - Warren & Becky Calloway
16th - Byron & Morgan Little