HAWERA HIGH SCHOOL ___________________________________________________ NEWSLETTER NO 16


HAWERA HIGH SCHOOL ___________________________________________________ NEWSLETTER NO 16
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 Principal’s Comments
 2014 Achievement Programme
 Senior Prizegivings
 School Uniform - 2015
 PPTA Meeting
24 October 2014
Staff Only Day
Student Traffic Safety
Whanau Meeting
Blues Awards
Youth to Work Awards
Sports News
Community Notices
Coming Events
Kia Ora
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Mr David Lee Marshall
It was with great sadness that the school learned of Mr Marshall’s passing on Thursday.
Mr Marshall taught at the school for more than thirty years and has been unwell for some
months. He was a good man who made a difference for hundreds of students over the
Rest in peace Lee, you will be missed.
This is the last newsletter before senior students leave for their NZQA examinations. Please
do encourage your students to prepare properly for the external examination. Students
need to be practicing with old examination papers. These can be found at www.nzqa.govt.nz.
It is important that students do a little study regularly rather than trying to cram it all in the
night before the exam.
Also, please do support your student to actually front up and do the exam. Every year we
have students who choose not to sit all their exams because they think they already have
enough credits. Too often they are left a few credits short of NCEA completion.
2014 Achievement Programme
In 2013 we ran a very successful Call Back Programme for senior students. This assisted
some students to complete or gain extra appropriate credits related to their course. The
programme also provided help with revision for students sitting external examinations. This
year we will again identify students who are just at risk of missing their level NCEA and/or
external standards and request them to remain at school to take part in the programme.
Students will receive a formal letter advising them of this requirement.
The programme is not limited to these students and all students are able to return for
revision help for external exams if they wish. There will be an outline of times available for
these students prior to leaving for the NZQA exams.
Senior Prizegivings
Parents, caregivers and members of the community are invited to join us in acknowledging
the successes of our students at the school’s senior prizegivings.
Year 13
Tuesday 4 November
School Hall
Year 11 & 12
Thursday 6 November 10.30 am School Hall
School Uniform
As advised in an earlier newsletter, the Board of Trustees uniform committee has completed
its review. There are to be some changes in uniform. However, the majority of these
changes will not take place until 2016.
 In 2015 Year 12 and Year 13 students will have the option to wear a new senior
uniform or continue to wear the current school uniform as worn by Year 9 to 12
students in 2014. The Year 13 ‘Dress Code’ will not be allowed in 2015.
 The school uniform for all Year 9 – 11 students will be the same in 2015 as it is this
 The Hawera High School Uniform Policy brochure was issued to senior students this
week. The brochure details uniform requirements for both senior and junior
students. This information will be e-mailed to homes with this newsletter.
Copies of the brochure are available at the school office.
 The supplier of our school uniform is Argyle Clothing. The school’s Uniform Shop will
continue to offer a range of new and second-hand uniform items.
Year 12 & 13 senior uniform: can be purchased from either the Hawera High School
Uniform Shop or from December 2014 through the ArgyleOnLine website.
Year 9, 10, 11 uniform: can only be purchased from the HHS Uniform shop. (It will be
available on line later in 2015)
 Uniform Shop hours during the holidays
December 10th (10am – 1pm)
11th, 18th & 19th (11am – 2pm)
January 14th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 22nd & 23rd
(10am – 3pm).
The uniform shop is situated in Dixon Block.
Paid Union (PPTA) Meeting
Monday 17 November
The Post Primary Teachers’ Association have advised that the “executive of the PPTA has
directed members to attend a round of regional paid union meetings”. These meetings are
held under Section 26 of the Employment Relations Act 2000. Staff of Hawera High School
will therefore be attending a meeting on Monday 17 November.
This means that normal classes cannot be held on the afternoon of 17 November and
students will be released at 12.30pm.
A study room will be available for students who wish to work at school. These students
should report to the school office at 12.30pm. Buses will run at the usual time after school.
Staff Only Day
Friday 21 November
Students are not required to attend school on Friday 21 November. We will be holding a
A teacher only day. Staff will be reviewing student achievement in our 2014 courses and
making changes for 2015.
Student Traffic Safety
Students are reminded that they are only to leave school through the bus gates if they are
travelling home on a bus. The gate further down, nearer the Hub, is for general foot traffic.
Te Whanau o te Kura Tei Tei o Hawera
Parents/caregivers are very welcome to attend this term’s meeting which will be held at
Kimihia on Tuesday 28 October at 5pm.
Blues Awards
Sports and Cultural Awards were presented at the end of term three assembly. Well done to
all recipients.
Ashleigh Bennett, Arnold Fage, Grace White
Ethan Jones, Samuel Jones, Jarron Pittams
Pipe Band: Corryn Parry
Jade Taylor
Wrestling: Sean McColl
Ethan Arbuckle
Nik Bartlett, Kate Elgar, Reagan Gould, Danyelle Harrop, Kaleb McEldowney,
Corryn Parry, Grace White.
Basketball: Kasi Abraham, Keani Broughton, Benjamin Foskin, Lilly Mackay, Kaitlyn Mehrtens,
Kecia Timu,
Liam Fowler, Ethan Fraser, Liam Heibner, Fynn Riddick, Michael Tosland,
Tyran Wallace.
Brenna Picot-van Heuven, Ben Walker,
Moto Cross: Ryan Gwynn
Kelly Clarke (Umpire), Taylor Kahui, Lydia Weir.
Isaiah Graham-Hooper, Nicholas Knorth, Jalen Luke, Brendan Mobbs,
Deven Robinson, Joshua Thomson, Hunter Van der Fits, Kieran Wood.
Chanelle Kuklinski, Martin Kuklinski, Kelsey Mackay.
Swimming: Aliena Wallis.
South Taranaki Youth to Work Awards
Congratulations to the following Hawera High School staff, current and ex-students who
received nomination and awards at this week’s 2014 South Taranaki Youth to Work Awards.
Inspiring Person Awards: Don Clement, Mrs Catherine Saysell, Mrs Jenni Brewer,
Chauncey Hepi, Ethan Arbuckle, Arif Ridzuan, Fraser Linn.
Education and Training Provider nomination: Denis Holmes
Young Achievers Award nominations: Amanda Heibner, Mykaile Stewart Scott.
Sports News
Students named below are to be congratulated for their selection to representative teams:
Taranaki Under- 15 Cricket team - Luke Kerehoma
2015 NZ U16 Boys’ Koru Basketball Development team - Chauncey Hepi
Chauncey will be travelling to Albury, Melbourne in January next year for the tournament.
Booth Shield Taranaki Junior Girls’ Golf Team - Jacqui Smith and Esther White
Junior Boys’ Team - Ethan Jones.
U15 Girls’ Rugby 7’s South Team - Brooke Fevre, Breeya Martin, Sonja Taunt, Pypa Meyer
and Destiny Robinson.
U19 Girls’ Rugby 7’s South Team - Claudia Munro and Deven Robinson.
Thank you to Board member Wayne Bigham and his team for their work collecting slink
calves to raise funds for the school. We anticipate their efforts will have brought in over
Community Notices
 The Salvation Army presents Hawera’s Light Party for 2014. All children to be accompanied by
an adult. Friday 31st October, 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Salvation Army, 23 Regent Street, Hawera. $2
per child. Fancy Dress Competition, Games and Activities, Spot Prizes. Refreshments Available
to purchase.
Coming Events
Mon 27
Tue 28
Tue 4
Thur 6
Mon 10
Mon 17
Thur 20
Fri 21
Thur 27/28
Labour Day – no school
Te Whanau o te Kura Teitei o Hawera meeting
Kimihia, 5pm
Year 13 Prizegiving, 7pm School Hall
Year 11 & 12 Prizegiving, 10.30 am School Hall
NZQA Exams begin
PPTA Paid Union Meeting (Students dismissed 12.30
BoT meeting, 6pm
Staff Review Day (Students not required at school)
Year 10 exams
No reira tena koutou katoa.
29 Oct
5 Nov
Sports Events
TSSSSA Junior Volleyball
TSSSA Junior Tennis
9 Nov
TSSSA Junior Touch
McKean Shield Week
J C Konlechner, Principal