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Document 6592605
John Brooks (767-1218) Don Heyen (733-6116) Chris Pipes (704-2538)
David Darter (781-5962) Max Macon (766-1994) Tommy Pipes (322-2724)
Dick Findley (767-0280) Gil Peters (586-1182)) Ross Roberts (631-9828)
Edgeme re Ch urch of Chris t
Nov. 9
Acts 7-9
Nov. 10 Acts 10-14
Nov. 11 Acts 15-17
Nov. 12 Acts 18-20
Nov. 13 Acts 21-23
Nov. 14 Acts 24-26
Nov. 15 Acts 27-28; Romans 1
Worship & Fellowship
A Look at our Records
Sunday Mornings
Bible Class
AM Worship
9:30 -- Bible Study
10:15 – Fellowship
10:30 – Worship
Sunday Evenings
5:30 – Bible Study
Wednesday Evenings 7 :00 – Bible Study
Called to Serve this Week
Sunday Morning
Opening Prayer
Communion Prayer
Offering Prayer
Closing Prayer
At the Table:
Korey Chandler
Dawson Carter
Logan Carter
Uniforms for the Children
in Honduras and
Children in these
countries are not allowed
to go to school unless
they have a uniform.
All $5 bills in the
collection plate go
towards uniforms for the
children of the
congregations we support
in Honduras and
Our goal is $12,000.
Jimmy McDaniel
Barry Nichols
Bobby Smith
Tommy Pipes
Trent Mays
Brysen Skipworth
Scott Skipworth
Lance Segers
Sound Room
Steve Van Kirk
Ken & Paula Holsberry
Daniel & Kristen Carpenter
Rose Cotton
Children’s Church
November 9,
Church of Christ
Weekly Budget
$ 8,048.00
YTD Budget Difference $ (6,134.78)
Nic/Hon School Uniforms $ 9,730.20
Please report to the Sound Room
10 minutes prior to worship.
If you cannot serve,
please contact Tim Sawyer,
Sawyer 636-5536
or [email protected]
Boys to pick up cards
Jack Long
Lane McCabe
the Lord
Davis Mays
Kaden Vasquez
Psalm 100:2
Deacon of the Week
Deacon of the Month
Elder of the Month
Scott Harnden
Scott Harnden
Tommy Pipes
Mission News - Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
Ken Holsberry
Tyler Cope
Miguel Lechuga
4728 Neta Lane
Wichita Falls,
TX 76302
Roberto Suarez, the preacher in Santa Teresa,
baptizes Indira Joneyling Aguirre Cháves; and the
angels in heaven rejoice!
Phone: 940-766-0107
Sermon Series
For Our Guests . . .
We are so glad you are here today and pray that it will be a spiritual
blessing to you. Children’s Church is for ages 2-6. The children are
dismissed during the greeting time.
Journey Groups are weekly small groups that meet in homes. If you’d
like more information on participating in a group, please see Ken
♦ Deacon’s
With sympathy… We extend our sympathy to Susan and
David Darter at the death of their brother-in-law, Jorl Reed,
November 1.
Meeting this Sunday at
8:00 a.m.
♦S o n s h i n e
November 11, is Edgemere’s day to
work the food and clothing.
♦ Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Saturday,
November 15, 7:30 a.m. in the
Fellowship Hall.
♦ Prison Hospitality at the Allred Unit,
Sunday, November 16. 40 dozen
cookies are needed. Cookies must
be purchased and in their original
We also extend our sympathy to Linda Shanks and her
family at the passing of Linda’s mother, Leta Hitt. The
funeral will be Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the First Baptist
Church in Zachary, Louisiana.
♦ Sonshine Sunday,
Sunday November 23.
This is the annual Edgemere
Thanksgiving Dinner. We ask for a
donation of $10 per family to benefit
the Sonshine House.
Cooks needed! We need 8 volunteers to cook turkeys
and 3 volunteers to warm up the hams for the
Thanksgiving Dinner on Sonshine Sunday. They can be
picked up on Wednesday, November 19. There will be a
sign-up sheet on the round table in the foyer.
Sonshine House needs blankets and men’s winter jackets.
Help needed! Would you come help us this Tuesday from 1:00—4:00 at
the Sonshine House? We need help filling food sacks and handing them
• Hulse Wagner, Carol’s husband, had eye surgery Monday.
• Bob Williams fell and broke his ankle.
• Brian Stuart will see a neurologist in Denton.
• Dorthy Morgan’s sister-in-law, Barbara Wright.
• Steve Wolf will be having shoulder surgery.
• We continue praying for Lance Segers,
Karen Wolf’s
Segers Brian Tweedie (Karen
brother), Dale Havins, Dick Leach, Brian Stuart, and Philip Aragon.
November Events Calendar is in the Teen Room on the Information
November: We will be meeting as a Teen Journey Group on Sunday
Nov. 8th and 9th: Fall Retreat at Camp Lu-Jo. More information is in the
Teen Room on the Information Wall.
Nov. 16th: Serving at Faith Mission.
Nov. 23rd: Youth Lead Worship Service. Sign-up with Tyler.
Winterfest is Jan. 16th-18th. Forms are in the Teen Room!
Birthdays & Anniversaries this week:
9 l Ken Holsberry
10 l Kallie Quintero
13 l Gloria Guillén
l Darla Tackett
15 l Riley Pipes

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