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Panther Post
Volume 1, Issue 13
November 7, 2014
Upcoming Events:
From the Principal:
Thursday brought about
the 60 day of school. It is
amazing to me that we are
Coats for Cold: Nov. 11
already 1/3 of the way
Spelling Bee: Nov. 17
through the school year!
The statewide
Tag Day for Turkey’s: Nov. 18
accountability grades were
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 27released to the public on
Wednesday. St. Lawrence,
for the second consecutive
year, received a B for it’s
letter grade. There is a lot of data that goes into
determining the letter grade. I assure you that our
overall ISTEP scores were not the main factor. Our
students scored higher than every other school in
Lawrenceburg and again were among the highest in
Southeast Indiana. Where St. Lawrence was dinged
was in the growth matrix. What is clear is that our
focus on higher-order thinking, and breaking down
student data will help raise our letter grade. I
promise that while the staff is proud of our students’
performances on the ISTEP, we will not settle for a B.
We are working tremendously hard on getting that
academic growth that is necessary for all students.
Oldenburg Open House: Nov. 9
1-3 PM
Please remember to bring in a coat on Tuesday for
our Coats for the Cold program. If your student
brings in a coat to donate on Tuesday, they will be
allowed to be out of uniform for that day. This is
another good cause that we can all get behind to
help our community!
A big congratulation needs to go out to our St.
Lawrence Speech Team. Mrs. King, Mrs. Noel, Ms.
Mangold all worked hard with our team. The kids
brought in a number of blue and red ribbons for
their performance! Congratulations go out to our 5
and 6 graders that participated: Mackenzie
Bennett, Carly Cromer, Katie Cullen, Hannah Fulton,
Andrew Heinsman, Sydney Hemme, Kalana Kent,
Tori Mapes, Jenna Martini, and Bella Schmid!
-Michael Odar
At our faculty meeting yesterday, we had a guest
speaker come and meet with our staff to discuss
idea mapping. These are organizational/note taking
strategies that help breed both creativity and higherorder thinking. I thought it would tie right in to what
we are working on as a staff. Be on the look-out for
some examples of these idea maps in the upcoming
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Panther Post
Vol. 1, Issue 13
Athletic News
November 9 Bingo
Team 5:
Operators: Beth Murphy
Caller: Tony Bagshaw
Mark or Sharon McAndrew
Tim or Rachel Powell
Gary or Nina Rolfsen
Chris or Nichole Steffen
Boys Basketball:
November 7, 2014
Nov. 10- Gr 5 @ St.
Nov. 11- Gr. 5&6 @ St.
Nov. 15- Gr. 7&8 @
Oldenburg Classic
PTO News:
Spirit Wear ordering is just
around the corner. Please be on
the lookout for order forms and
some fun new Spirit Wear.
Week of November 10:
Lunch Volunteers: M- M. Walden, J. Stoecklin, P.
Karsteter; T-M. Morley, A. Golden, R. Whitelock;
W- A. Harrison, S. McAndrew C. May; R- K.
Johnson, S. Allgeier; F- V. Sinkhorn, S. Ledesma
Recess Volunteers: M- R.Banta; T- C. Fulton; WJ. Hafner; R- R. Banta; F- M. Cromer
Tweets from the Pope:
Pope FrancisVerified [email protected]
Being humble helps us share the burdens of others
11/4/14, 4:00 AM
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