NetWorld2020 GA 2014: The future of telecommunication networks Agenda



NetWorld2020 GA 2014: The future of telecommunication networks Agenda
NetWorld2020 GA 2014: The future of telecommunication networks
3 December 2014
Bedford Hotel, Rue Du Midi 135, Brussels, 1000, Belgium
8:30: Registration opens
Opening session – plenary I
Welcome and Opening, Werner Mohr, Nokia, NetWorld2020 Chairman
Towards the User-Centric Network, Markus Hoffmann, SVP Bell Labs US,
former chair of IEEE Internet TC
What we should expect with 5G, Alan Hadden, President, Global mobile
Suppliers Association
Requirements on 5G systems - a perspective from Korea, Prof. Han
Youngnam, 5G Forum Korea
Coffee break & networking
Plenary session II
The Future of Satellite Technologies and Networks, Magali Vaissiere,
Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at ESA
NetWorld2020 ETP activity report, Werner Mohr, Nokia, Chairman of
NetWorld2020 ETP
Priorities for the WP 2016-17 – recommendations from the 5G PPP
Association, Giovanni Corazza, Univ. of Bologna
Further evolution – a view from the 5G PPP Vision Working Group, JeanSébastien Bedo, ORANGE, Leader of 5G PPP Vision WG
Lunch break & networking
13:45 – 15:45: Parallel sessions
These sessions are intended to briefly present opinions and to stimulate discussion
Parallel Sessions
Track 1
Track 2
13:45 – 14:45
Session 1a:
Session 2a:
Requirements from vertical sectors Testbeds, experiments,
on 5G systems - experiences gained demonstrations in 5G PPP
from experimentation in the FI-PPP
14:45 – 15:45
Session 1b:
From “Signal Strength” and
unpredictable QoE to “Service
Level” and customer choice
Session 2b:
What do we need to trust the
network and communications?
Coffee break & networking
Closing session – plenary III
Opportunities for SMEs to get involved in NetWorld2020 activities and
projects, Jacques Magen, InterInnov
Future plans for NetWorld2020, opportunities for participation of
members and closing, Werner Mohr, Nokia, NetWorld2020 Chairman
16:45 End of the event

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