Let’s Change That. When Groundwater Is Stressed, So Are Your Customers


Let’s Change That. When Groundwater Is Stressed, So Are Your Customers
When Groundwater Is Stressed, So Are Your
Let’s Change That.
Our goal is put useful groundwater and well information
into the hands of the people that need it: you and your water
well customers. Together, you can use the information to
diagnose and troubleshoot, send alerts, show trends and
correlations, and take action, if necessary. Since available
groundwater measurement technologies are either complex
and expensive to use or the data hard to access and trend,
we invented a new way.
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4230 N Oakland Ave #202
Milwaukee, WI 53211
The first groundwater information system for well water owners
What is it?
Wellntel is an easy to use, verifiably accurate groundwater
information system that monitors static water level, pumping level,
recovery rates, and set alerts for low water, pump risk, recovery time
and low battery. It is a simple sensor, a gateway and a website/app
that combines regional water and weather trends so that users can
learn about what is happening with their groundwater and their
water well.
How does it work?
Wellntel doesn’t touch water, and doesn’t need power or special
computers. And unlike acoustic sonar, which is analog and prone to
error, Wellntel sends a harmless but powerful digital signal into the
well to paint a picture of important well characteristics:
• Water level while both pumping and at rest
• Infrastructure like pipe, wire and screens
• Pumping operations, characteristics and timing
• Changes in the well, like when water begins to cascade
How is it different?
• Since Wellntel is cloud-based and understands the details of the
well and changes in well performance, it knows if it has made a
mistake, and re-calibrates automatically to continue to deliver
readings you can trust. Of course, it also calls for new batteries
when needed.
• Wellntel is expandable to include flow sensing, weather feeds
and water quality sensors.
What can you do with Wellntel? Improve your service:
• Understand pump duty and well productivity and propose improvements
• Keep tabs on groundwater levels relative to region, history, and pumping and suggest upgrades
• Dispatch someone to a problem before a situation becomes an emergency
• Regain and retain customer loyalty
• Be the go-to water expert in your region
Seeking selected dealers now. Contact Marian Singer at 414-416-6281 or
Nicholas Hayes at 414-416-6276 or email [email protected]

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