Biohydrometallurgy: eco -friendly technologies for FIRST BROCHURE 21



Biohydrometallurgy: eco -friendly technologies for FIRST BROCHURE 21
21st IBS 2015
eco-friendly technologies
sustainable development
Biohydrometallurgy: eco
-friendly technologies for
sustainable development
The IBS is an international
symposium on biohydrometallurgy,
held biannually since 1977, and the
IBS 2015 will be the first time that
this conference is held in Indonesia.
Sanur, Bali, INDONESIA
5-9 October 2015
Areas of interest
 Fundamentals and Applications
of Bioleaching
 Geomicrobiology and
Biogeochemical Cycles
 Microbe-Mineral Interaction
 Genetics and Molecular Biology
 Mining Impacts on the
The IBS 2015 is an exciting
international forum that will address
the many challenges facing
i m p o r t an t
a r ea s
biohydrometallurgy, (bio)-metallurgy
environments and (bio)-remediation.
Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel
environmentalists and others.
Application of biohydrometallurgy
in the mining industry was
highlighted by Scientific American
as one of ”10 World Changing
Research over many years has
shown that biohydrometallurgy,
which uses biological processes to
extract and recover metals, is
regarded as an eco -f riendly
biotechnology for producing precious
and base metals, and is considered
likely by many scientists to become
more extensive in application in
future years. Moreover as metal ore
grades continue to decline and the
need to less accessible ore bodies,
to reprocess wastes and to recycle
metals from electronic and other
materials becomes more
Also, using biohydrometallurgical
processes to remediate mine waters
(acid mine drainage etc.) is seen as
an important area of development
IBS 2015 is an international forum for
exchange, discussion and
communication between experts,
academics, students, researchers,
practitioners, government institutions
and professionals from industries in
order to:
(1) facilitate and encourage the
exchange of recent
developments, innovations,
technical and commercial
challenges of implementing
biohydrometallurgy in a
technology as well as future
biohydrometallurgy for both
production and metals
remediation technologies, and
(2) to promote intercommunion and
international collaboration
between participants in the field
of biohydrometallurgy and related
 Bioremediation of Metals and
Mine Wastes
 Bioflotation and Biobeneficiation
 Biosorption and
 Microbial Corrosion
Symposium Days
5-9 October, 2015
Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel,
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel View
 M. Zaki Mubarok (ITB)
 Siti Khodijah Chaerun (ITB)
 Edy Sanwani (ITB)
 Ismi Handayani (ITB)
 Muhammad Hanafi
 Wahyudin Prawira
 Intan Nurul Rizki
 Fikri Irsyad
 Mariekie Gericke (South Africa)
 D. Barrie Johnson (UK)
 Chris du Plessis (Australia)
 Susan T.L. Harrison (South Africa)
 Dean of FTTM-ITB
 Head of Association of Metallurgy
and Materials Indonesia
5-9 October 2015
Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Bali, INDONESIA
Abstract Submission
5 December 2014
Notification to Authors
26 January 2015
Full Paper Submission
23 February 2015
M. Zaki Mubarok
Comments to Authors
23 March 2015
Metallurgical Engineering Department
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Jl. Ganesha No. 10
Bandung, INDONESIA 40132
Phone: +62-22-250-22-39
Fax: +62-22-250-42-09
E-mail: [email protected]
Final Paper Submission
30 April 2015
Call for Papers & Abstract Submission
Colleagues from universities, government institutions, research
institutes, industries and NGOs are invited to participate in the IBS
2015 and to submit a 300-word abstract of their paper in English by
5 December 2014 to [email protected]
The abstract must be in MS Word format and include a title and the
author’s contact information. If accepted, a 4-page extended
abstract must be submitted by 23 February 2015.
Organized by:
Join with colleagues from around the world in Sanur, Bali, INDONESIA,
Metallurgical Engineering Department
Institut Teknologi Bandung
October 5-9, 2015 and help advance the field of biohydrometallurgy.
Association of Metallurgy and
Materials Indonesia