GV60 Gas Combination Control 2010 Handset


GV60 Gas Combination Control 2010 Handset
GV60 Gas Combination Control
2010 Handset
Remote Handset 2008
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New features with 2010 electronics
▪ New display for the Timer / Thermostat and Display handsets
with larger temperature digits, a more detailed battery status
icon, and fan and light icons when applicable.
▪ Designated Low Fire and High Fire for Timer / Thermostat, Display and Standard (from Jan. 2013) handsets:
- Double-click small flame button: Flame goes to low fire.
- Double-click large flame button: Flame goes to high fire.
▪ New default setting for Programmable Timer: P2 is deactivated.
▪ Receiver battery power is used more efficiently and monitored
more accurately, resulting in longer battery life.
▪ Automatic battery back-up function when using mains power or
mains adapter.
▪ 5-Day Shut Off: System shuts off the fire completely if there is no
change in flame height for 5 days. (CSA version).
▪ Increased ambient temperature for RF receiver without batteries (when using external battery box): 80 °C, 176 °F
▪ 6-Hour No Motor Movement (CSA version): The valve will turn
to pilot flame if there is no change in flame height for a 6 hour
▪ Low battery indicator: a series of beeps for 3 seconds while motor turns.
▪ Default mode is “Manual” for all versions.
▪ Press and release SET button to change mode of operation. To
change Timer or TEMP, the SET button must be held until time
or temperature flashes. LIGHT and FAN flash upon entering
mode and can be adjusted immediately.
Remote Handset 2010
2008 handsets are compatible with 2010 receivers, and 2010
handsets are compatible with 2008 receivers manufactured
since March 2010 [date code CE: 09/10; CSA: 1009]. Please
note that with the above combinations the functions “1-Hour
Turndown”, “5-Day Shut Off”, and “6-Hour No Motor Movement” are not available.
New options
▪ 2nd Thermocouple.
▪ Power vent connection.
▪ Relay function / AUX.
▪ Circulating fan control (four speed levels).
▪ Light / dimmer control.
▪ Variable voltage box: overheating turndown.
▪ 1-Hour Turndown: special receiver (CSA version).
New handset design 2012
The redesigned GV60 handset (G6R-H...FB,
G6R-H...FW) operates exactly the same as the
previous handset (G6R-H...). Only the symbols on the buttons have been changed.
New handset batteries: 3 x AAA batteries.
Quality Alkaline recommended.
Design 2012
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