Details - Gimaex


Details - Gimaex
Mobile Firefighting
Supporting Machine LUF
The Mobile Firefighting Supporting Machine (LUF) is
a radio controlled tracked vehicle that can be send
as advance guard equipment up to 300 metres in
front of firefighting forces. A water-spraying system
that can spray up to 400 l per minute under high
pressure is mounted on the vehicle.
The myriads of smallest water drops lower the temperature very fast to a temperature that is tolerable
for fire fighters. Soot, dust and dirt particles will be
bound immediately and the sight will be improved
At a fire test in an Austrian tunnel, the temperature
beneath the tunnel’s ceiling had been lowered
from more than 1,000°C to 150°C within approx. 5
minutes by using the LUF60!
Even if there is a threat that the building may
collapse, the LUF60 can be brought to the seat of
fire without endangering rescue squads. The sight
that is improved by the LUF60 and the lowered
temperature enables an extinguishing of the fire
by the fire fighters and therefore a fast moving of
Product information - LUF- 60 - 20060815 - EN
rescue squads.
Technical data/scope of supply:
• Dimensions: 2,30 x 1,35 x 2,00 m
• Weight : 2,000 kg
• Undercarriage with crawler track, hydr. drive on
both sides and multiple disk brakes, infinitely
variable 0 – 6 km/h, gradeability 30°
• Superstructure with Deutz-Turbo-diesel engine
78 kW (105 HP), 4 cylinders, air cooled with
additional, patented cooling
• Air cooling system for the hydraulic system with
additional water cooling that can be activated
• Stainless steel – diesel tank, 50 litres
• Stainless steel – hydraulic oil tank, 80 litres
• Conical fan tube with nozzle rings with 360
nozzles 15 - 25 bar, fan 35 kW with hydr. drive,
hydr. adjustable in height 0-30°, air flow:
90,000 m³/h
• Water pump 400 l/min at 12 bar with manometer,
hydr. driven
• Water supply with 2 C-couplings, alternating
check valve
• Water outlet for connecting a hand line, with
• Water filter, rustproof, 120 mic.
Electrical equipment:
• Dynamo 24 V / 35 A
• 2x battery 12 V / 95 Ah
Mobile Firefighting
Supporting Machine LUF
• all installations IP54
• 2x Xenon-headlights 300 W
• Remote-control unit (range approx. 300 m) with
the functions:
- Right chain forward, left chain forward
- Right chain backward, left chain backward
- Incline ventilator +30°/0°
- Emergency stop for remote control
- Transmitting frequency: 433,075 – 434,775 MHz
• Colour: RAL 3000 flamered
(could be adjusted individually if required by the
• Robust tarpaulin
• Reserve storage battery for remote-control unit
• Charger for storage battery integrated into the
• Magnetic contact-charging socket 24 V with plug
• Lateral control panel with instrument display and
manual control
• Manual control chassis rear-sided
Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH
Essener Straße 8
57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 0
• Tool box with standard tools
Fax +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 99
• Manual (German or English)
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